10 Questions To Evaluate Customer Service 2022

10 Questions To Evaluate Customer Service 2022

10 Questions To Evaluate Customer Service 2022

This article will give you the best questions to evaluate customer service in your organization. After reading it, you will have no excuse to start collecting customer feedback and making the necessary improvements to increase your brand loyalty. 

Customer satisfaction plays a critical role in sustaining and growing an organization. The clients’ happiness is the living testimony that you market good products and services. It has a lasting effect on the company’s sales and brand.

Dissatisfied customers tend to talk more about their bad experiences than their good ones. People are often inclined to share how a product or service has disappointed them. 

Dissatisfied customers often comment on social media or review sites about why people shouldn’t waste their money on a product or service. 

How do you know if a customer is satisfied?

Ask them. Take online surveys with a series of questions to evaluate customer service. These will help you decide if you should make any changes. 

We recommend you create a list of questions that help you conclude that your products and services meet the customer’s expectations.

If your company has thousands of customers, we recommend using online survey software, as it will allow you to create questions, distribute them and perform practical data analysis. 

You can choose from different types of questions to collect customer experience data. It all depends on the objective of your research. 

If you’re not sure what the best customer service questions are, you can use one of our expertly-prepared survey templates and customize them to suit your needs.

You can ask different questions to collect the information needed to measure customer satisfaction and achieve your organization’s goals.

Ten questions to evaluate customer service

You must never forget that the questions to evaluate customer service are the most important in your survey.

When evaluating satisfaction items, use specific and detailed questions at the beginning of your survey. Next, we have an example of the questions that you should not miss in your customer satisfaction surveys : 

  1. How would you rate your overall experience with our product?

This question is used to calculate the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT). To sum it up, divide the number of satisfied customers by the number of respondents and multiply it by 100. 

By collecting this information, organizations can get a basic idea of ​​how customers’ overall experience was and whether or not they were satisfied.

To what extent did our products and services exceed your expectations?

It is one of the most critical questions to evaluate customer service, as it allows you to check if the products and services meet their needs. Again, this is a broad question, but it can be used to gather actionable information. 

Providing a product or service meets customer requirements is the primary condition for high customer satisfaction. If customers are not satisfied with the products, they will go to the competition.

It isn’t easy to win new customers compared to retaining existing customers. Therefore, companies must do everything possible to satisfy customers.

Learn more about managing the customer experience and exceeding their expectations appropriately.

  1. Considering your experience with our products and services, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or family member?

This type of question is known as a Net Promoter Score (NPS). It lets you find out how satisfied your customers are and how likely they are to recommend your brand to others.

Based on the score given by customers, it is classified into three categories:

  • Promoters: Customers who qualify with a score of 8 and above are happy with your products and services and will most likely continue to do so.
  • Passive: Customers who rate 6 or 7; have a neutral position and are likely to go with the competition.
  • Detractors: Customers who rate five or less; are not happy and are likely to stop buying your product and share their bad reviews with others.

How would you describe our products?

This question is another way to discover what people think of your products and how they would describe them to their friends and family. 

The adjectives your customers will associate with your products and services will highlight whether they had positive or negative experiences. 

Open questions can be an alternative to evaluating customer service. Analyze the positive or negative words used to describe the product. It can also help you find out more about what they are looking for in your product. 

Another use of this feedback can target customers for marketing campaigns based on their responses.

How would you rate our products in the following areas?

It is a question where a company can ask for detailed feedback. If the respondent has gotten to it, they are likely to complete the satisfaction survey. Therefore, you can ask for feedback on many parameters that affect your overall experience.

It is a type of closed question that asks respondents to select one or more rows using the same set of answer choices from the column.

Respondents select only one answer option in the column with the questions to evaluate customer service. 

Many survey software tools offer a multi-select checkbox, dropdown list, slider, and text box.

What are the three characteristics that you like the most about our product?

Companies can delve into the customer experience and understand what they like most about their products in this question. It helps them prioritize their new developments and research to improve their offerings.

For example, consider a phone company that wants to know what its customers like best about their mobile devices. Your feedback can help us optimize your pricing, development, and marketing strategy.

The other feature of this question is that it allows respondents to answer the options not mentioned as the “Other” option.

We have for you these examples of customer satisfaction surveys that can also guide you to know which questions to apply.

  1. Please mark which of these three areas you would like to improve (1 is the most important and three is the least important)

The next question to evaluate customer service is the one that allows you to collect high-value information from customers. Companies can learn what their customers want to improve and gain insight into the order of importance.

If companies act on the feedback given through this question, they can significantly improve satisfaction levels and lead to increased customer loyalty and eventually more sales.

With a multiple-choice question, respondents can select more than one option, but it would be challenging to determine what is most important to them. However, the rank order question is used in those scenarios when you need to rank the answer choices.

How responsive has our customer service team been to your questions and concerns?

To evaluate customer service, these kinds of questions can be asked to get information about the support team. 

You can ask questions to evaluate the service after interaction with the support staff. They indicate how well the team listens and addresses their concerns and whether they are happy with the support.

Here are more details that you should consider measuring customer satisfaction.

What are the chances that you will repurchase our products?

This question helps businesses find out how satisfied customers are. Sometimes, it can happen that even though they are, they choose the competition. 

Companies can find out whether customers are loyal or not from the answers to this question. In addition, it allows them to predict sales, plan inventory and create marketing strategies. 

When the answer to this question is coupled with demographics, it gives a more detailed look at what group of people are planning to buy again.

Learn how to overcome a failure in customer service

  1. Do you have any other comments or suggestions for us?

The last of the customer service questions is an open-text question that asks consumers to elaborate on their comments. Respondents can mention the reasons for their ratings and give suggestions or new ideas in the text box.

Open-ended answers to customer service questions allow analysis differently than multiple-choice questions. Advanced data processing algorithms are used to process data efficiently to generate survey reports. 

Online survey tools can generate reports such as word cloud that analyze the text and discover the most used words in the response. Based on the frequency and type of words, it can be concluded whether the customer is satisfied or not. You can also tag the text and categorize responses into themes and patterns. 

Once you ask the questions to evaluate customer service, you need to choose the correct distribution method to send your survey. 

While an email survey is the most common method, you can send them via SMS message or QR code and embed them on your website or social media. It all depends on where your customers are most likely to reply.

Learn more about the most popular survey distribution methods.

Once you’ve created and submitted your survey, it’s time to visualize the data. QuestionPro’s survey software allows you to generate reports from survey data and get a quick overview in a dashboard.

Best Practices for Conducting Customer Feedback Analysis

After you ask the questions to evaluate customer service and distribute your survey, you must perform practical data analysis. Here we tell you how to achieve it: 

To get the correct data from the customer satisfaction survey it is essential to design it well. Measure the exemplary customer service KPIs and give them the appropriate follow-up to get the most out of it.

  1. Give answers a score: Add score values ​​to responses to quickly analyze survey results. These values ​​​​have a relative weight for each option, facilitating the calculations.
  2. Create reports: Create charts and diagrams from the survey results. The type of graph to be generated depends on the needed knowledge. For example, a line chart is suitable for showing trends, while a pie chart is used to understand how an entire entity is divided between groups, and a bar chart is used to make relative comparisons.
  3. Make sense of the data: There is no point in creating fancy charts and graphs that don’t help you. Make sure your survey reports tell a story. As you share the words, highlight the following points.
  • What was learned from this survey?
  • What knowledge was obtained?
  • What are the recommendations?
  • What are the areas for improvement?
  • What is the action plan?

10 Questions To Evaluate Customer Service 2022

Make sure none of the survey answers skew the data and be biased.

Discover how to make a survey report easily and get a better visualization of the results of your study.

  1. Organize Surveys – Organize your surveys into folders to make searching easy to find. Learn how to organize surveys with QuestionPro.
  2. Set the correct filters – Create data filters based on demographic information, questions, device type, location, etc. When generating reports, use data filters to see whether responses fit specific criteria.
  3. Analyze the responses – Responses to open-ended questions can provide valuable insights into top areas of concern and customer satisfaction. However, they can also be more challenging to analyze than multiple-choice questions. 

Survey software allows you to convert qualitative data to quantitative data and generate text analysis reports. 

The sentiment analysis tool analyzes the verbatim responses to the survey and finds out if the customer had a positive experience or not.

  1. Identify trends – Identify recurring patterns in survey results and use them to make effective business strategies. 

Compare how ratings change after significant events. For example, a company should conduct a customer satisfaction survey after launching a new product feature previously requested by users. 

Ideally, they should see a spike in their ratings as they’ve acted on feedback from your customers. To effectively track trends, make sure the questions and rating scales remain consistent over time.

Now that you know the best customer service questions and how to apply them to get the data you need. Create your survey today and evaluate any types of customer service you offer!

Contact us, and we will help you achieve it. 

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10 Questions To Evaluate Customer Service 2022

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