5 Cosplay Tips for Beginners

5 Cosplay Tips for Beginners

5 Cosplay Tips for Beginners

Do you want to try cosplay? If so, you may want not to watch a TV show or read a good comic book for ideas for a good costume. Aside from this, you can get suggestions from your friend. Given below are some tips for beginners that may help you get ready for the event.

5. Don’t get intimidated

You may get intimidated when checking out the pictures of good cosplayers on websites, such as Cosplay and Deviant Art. You can find people who turned this fun activity into a serious game. If you visit a convention, you will find various costumes. Some costumes are homemade, while others are store-bought.

To avoid being intimidated, we suggest that you consider this a fun activity. Actually, this is a fun activity, not something that should be afraid of.

5 Cosplay Tips for Beginners

4. Use lightweight material

Your costume may be incomplete without props. Usually, conventions have guidelines for the type of prop. Make sure that the prop is not on the list of weapons, as you are not allowed to use real weapons on the site.

Make sure that the props material is lightweight. For instance, we suggest that you go for materials like plastics, woods and foam. Since foam is soft, people around you won’t get hurt.

5 Cosplay Tips for Beginners
5 Cosplay Tips for Beginners

3. Pack in an efficient manner

Once you have prepared the costume, make sure you take it to the convention in one piece. For this, we suggest that you pack your stuff properly. It’s a good idea to pack down large pieces for easy packing. For safety reasons, it’s better to pack things with bubble wrap.

2. Get ready to deal with the problems

If you want to put a costume, we suggest that you get ready for the problems that you may come across. It’s a good idea to bring a sewing kit in case the costume needs a little bit of repair.

Make sure you get the right type of undergarments for cosplay. For instance, if the bra strip doesn’t look good, make sure you do something to hide it.

1. Learn to take criticism

If you put on a great costume, you will be able to stand out from the crowd at the convention. At times, the costume works for you and you become the center of attention at the event. Sometimes, the costume doesn’t work and you end up being the center of criticism.

At the event, you will get stares, and bad comments. Some of the remarks may be hurtful or uncomfortable. So, we suggest that you ignore these remarks and grow a thick skin. Usually, people who attend these festivals for the first time lose heart when they get negative comments. With time, you will get used to negativity and everything will be fine.

So, if you have been looking for some good cosplay costume tips, we suggest that you check out the 5 tips given in this article. Hopefully, these tips will help you choose the best costume and have a lot of fun at the event.

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5 Cosplay Tips for Beginners

  1. Never mind the critics and creepers.

Wearing a great costume at a convention will make you stand out from the crowd, even if the crowd is also dressed in their geekiest finery.

Sometimes the attention is good, like when people want to pose for photos with you. Sometimes the attention is not so good, like when that photo ends up the butt of some bad joke that travels across the Internet.

“You are going to get comments, stares, etc., and some of them may be uncomfortable or hurtful,” Dukes says. “My best advice is to learn to ignore it, grow a thick skin. Don’t feed into any taunting, because that’s what they want.”

“I try to remember, they’re not one of us,” says Quinn of naysayers, “and if there’s anything we know about humanity, it’s that they fear what is different.”

Sometimes, though, those nasty comments can come from people within the fan communities. “If it comes from someone in the community, it’s sad,” Quinn says. “I’ve come to realize that those people are in this hobby for the wrong reasons and aren’t worth my effort.”

On the other hand, some people are a little too interested in cosplayers. Convention attendees have often, and loudly, complained about people covertly photographing girls from behind and making lewd comments. If someone says or does something that makes you uncomfortable, speak up about it.

“If someone is being a creeper, tell them to back off and get to a public area if you’re not in one,” Dukes says. “Never be afraid to call security if you need to. They’re there to help you.”

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5 Cosplay Tips for Beginners

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