5 Unique Countries You Never Thought to Travel

5 Unique Countries You Never Thought to Travel

5 Unique Countries You Never Thought to Travel

How often do you travel? The statistics say that most people have never moved outside their region, not to mention the country. It is quite sad because such an experience is a wonderful chance to look at your life from a different perspective, find inspiration, charge yourself with powerful energy, and maybe even turn your routine upside down. If you believe that you have neither time nor possibility, it is far from the case.

Suppose you study in college. In this case, you can find a credible paper writer who will help you clear up your schedule to find an aside job or go on a trip right away. Don’t limit yourself if you dream big. The world is too big and too beautiful to stay home all the time.

It is always a good idea to change scenery and try out new destinations. You don’t have to choose cliched gateways if you want to stand out from the crowd. The world has something special to offer you. We have gathered five incredible destinations you might have never thought to visit, but they are worth a try.


You can come across this tiny piece of heaven in the southeastern Caribbean Sea. Despite all its picturesque spots, it doesn’t often become a full-fledged gateway. In most cases, people visit it if it is included in their cruise ship program. However, suppose you feel exhausted because of the hustle and bustle of a megapolis life. In that case, it can become a perfect destination to select, thanks to its white sands, beautiful palm trees, and total calmness. You will turn off your restless mind here, immersing yourself in a completely different atmosphere.

If you are fond of hiking, you can explore the island’s mountainous interior that involves huge spice plantations (especially nutmeg) and scenic rainforests with hidden waterfalls. However, if hiking is not your cup of tea, you can get the best out of windy coastal roads and gorgeous harbors. Thus, if you want to visit a top-notch Caribbean beach, it is worth coming to Grenada’s southeastern coast, where you can find Morne Rouge Bay.


Thanks to the self-named cartoon, many people have heard about it, but only a few choose it as their next holiday destination. However, if you are interested in a picturesque but quiet secluded spot, pay attention to Madagascar. It is the perfect option for people who adore nature and want to get a chance to meet unique wildlife. Nonetheless, it can do well also for adventurers and people who dream of a beach vacation. It can boast some of the most scenic beaches in the Indian Ocean, for instance, Nosy Be. If you plan a honeymoon and want some privacy, you can go straight to Miavana that can boast of 15 private villas that offer luxurious views.


It seems no places have remained unexplored by crowds of tourists nowadays, but the Himalayan Kingdom of Ladakh is a wonderful exception to the rule. It is crisscrossed by four mountain ridges and can boast breathtaking views at every step, so whether you want to take stunning photos or just escape from your metropolis, it is a great option. Travel enthusiasts claim that this destination is one of India’s secret gems.

If you want to charge yourself with fresh mountain air, find inspiration, or plunge into self-searching, you should necessarily come here. This place has incredible Buddhist heritage, so if you search for answers to some complicated or ambiguous questions, maybe this spot will help you find them. Even though this gateway is not as popular as Rome, you can find great accommodation to stay in.

Faroe Islands, Denmark

Even though many people go to Scotland and Denmark yearly, most of them turn a blind eye to one of the most stunning places globally. Well, the chances are high that most of them don’t even know about its existence. If your soul needs a real retreat, you should go to the Faroe Islands because it is the best option. You will fall in love with its dramatic landscapes, rugged coastlines, and scenic views at every corner of the islands. Nowadays, people have already started adding “modern” features to this secluded place, but you still have a chance to enjoy its authentic beauty. One of the most important things to consider is the right season, depending on your preferences and resistance to a windy and cold climate.

Guacalito De La Isla, Nicaragua

You will find this one-of-the-kind place on the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua. It can boast more than 20 miles of outstanding authentic beaches and panoramic views, so if you want to find yourself in a unique spot, you should come here. The Mukul Resort is considered one of the best places to stay since its owners cherish the atmosphere of the region and do their best to keep it alive and share with like-minded people. Thus, you will get a chance to enjoy marvelous Pacific sunsets, try your hand at surfing and hiking, getting the best out of your vacation.

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5 Unique Countries You Never Thought to Travel

5 Unique Countries You Never Thought to Travel

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