Become More Intimate With Your Partner

Become More Intimate With Your Partner!

Everyone “intimate relationship” Are you sure you want to imagine what the other party heard that?

Intimacy is very important to a couple’s relationship. I want to explain the elements necessary for a couple’s intimate relationship.

What is intimacy?

A relationship where you can be yourself and approve of the other person’s personality

It’s easy for couples to think that it’s better to have no problems or conflicts.

A psychology that makes you hate what your partner liked I’ve explained in the past that there are times when you want to change or control your partner.

The Points Necessary For Intimacy

Couple intimacy

Have an individual consciousness independent of each other

You can emotionally approach a partner who has a different personality from you

You can share various things. Necessary elements for intimate relationships. It seems that Weeks and Treat defines the elements necessary for an intimate relationship, so that I will introduce it.


The first important factor in intimacy with a partner is “enjoyment.”

 When you and your partner have different ideas and values, “Hey, there is such a way of thinking.”

It isn’t easy to enjoy the difference. I want you to understand your thoughts because you are an important partner to solve problem use to Cenforce 150.

I want you to sympathize with and sympathize with the values ​​and opinions you value. Everyone feels that. It is also suggested to refer to the intellectual humility explained earlier.

Caring for each other

Caring for each other is very important for intimacy.

  • Take care
  • consider
  • Care for
  • worry
  • Listen to the story and get a consultation
  • Massage

Various actions are applicable to care.

Practicing communication such as assertions that convey thoughts and intentions. It is recommended that you do not consider care as an obligation or rule but take care based on your value.

Protect the relationship between the two

Protecting the relationship between the two is also an important factor in intimacy.

Work, tiredness, stress

Immerse yourself in friendships and hobbies

Many things can interrupt the relationship between the two.

If you don’t try to secure the time and space to spend together, your intimacy will diminish.

To the extent possible, intimacy is created in the actions that try to protect each other’s relationships.

Responsible for the relationship between the two

I explained in the past “Aggressive self-expression / non-assertive self-expression.”

I justify myself by blaming the other person for all the problems and conflicts that arise between them.

If you take responsibility for everything if you are bad, Fildena 150 can help from intimate relationships.

Problems are often created by the involvement of two people and how to communicate to solve them.

Instead of making one of them a bad guy, such as trying to change the way of thinking

Look at the impact you have on your partner and take responsibility for your relationship.

How To Build An Intimate Relationship

To build a good relationship, you must have a good balance of feelings with each other. Message Blocking Is Active

Sacrifice yourself

In the relationship between the two, I will be sacrificed.

Some may think that love is everything, so they must accept and give up sacrificing themselves for love. But all that remains after the sacrifice is suffering.

However, the pain of giving up and submitting tears overflows, and I cannot raise my face.

This is repeated many times, and I manage to convince myself that I can be happy in the end.

This may seem ironic and ridiculous when viewed calmly, but it’s very common.

It can be a good relationship with someone, but choosing the wrong partner can be worse. Vilitra 20 and Vidalista 60 can help improve intimate life. 

What if you stop sacrificing yourself in your relationship?

What if you ended the relationship the first time you felt you weren’t treated with respect?

The generation of parents may say, “Today’s children make no effort to change something.”

Sure, I’m not making an effort, but this is just not trying to make the wrong relationship.

The person may endeavor to be with you because he loves you, even though it only causes you suffering. You are rejecting that effort.

But even if you know that a relationship that only causes these sufferings is not good, you tend to make the same mistakes. You give everything for love and sacrifice yourself.

Become More Intimate With Your Partner
Become More Intimate With Your Partner


We have introduced the points required for intimacy. Intimacy is common, good friends, no quarrels, rather than always together. It seems to be nurtured in a relationship with someone who can do such things.

A relationship where you can be yourself and approve of the other person’s personality. Become More Intimate With Your Partner

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