11 Best Natural Body Washes Organic Clean 2021

11 Best Natural Body Washes Organic Clean 2021

If you’re looking to ‘clean’ or ‘green’ your beauty routine, an easy place to start is with one of the personal care products you use daily, i.e. body wash.

There are more organic options of the shower staple than ever before, free from potentially harmful and questionable chemicals, artificial fragrances, synthetic dyes (you get the picture), yet still with the same cleansing prowess, sumptuous lather, and pleasant scent that you want from a body wash.

Whether you want something basic that the whole family can use, an ultra-hydrating option to quench dry skin, or a luxurious treat that makes you feel like you’re at the spa, there’s an organic body wash for that.

Here, a handful of our go-to organic Best Natural Body Washes.

9 Organic & Best Natural Body Washes That Actually Smell Amazing 2021

If you’re looking to ‘clean’ or ‘green’ your beauty routine, an easy place to start is with one of the personal care products you use daily, i.e. body wash. There are more organic options of the shower staple than ever before, free from potentially harmful and questionable chemicals, artificial fragrances, synthetic dyes (you get the picture), yet still with the same cleansing prowess, sumptuous lather, and pleasant scent that you want from a body wash.

Whether you want something basic that the whole family can use, an ultra-hydrating option to quench dry skin, or a luxurious treat that makes you feel like you’re at the spa, there’s an organic body wash for that.

Here, a handful of our go-to organic Best Natural Body Washes.

1. Best Overall: Dr. Bronner’s Organic Sugar Soap

This USDA-organic formula is definitely not the new kid on the block—it was first invented in 1948—but its cult-like status is certainly well deserved. (Case in point: It’s the top-selling soap in the U.S. natural marketplace.) Not only is the formula squeaky clean, without any synthetic preservative, foaming agents, or detergents, there’s also no shortage of different ways to use it. As a body wash sure, but also as a hand soap, face wash, shampoo, even on your pets. There are a variety of different scents (all-natural, of course) available, so there’s something for every preference.

2. Best Budget: Avalon Organics Revitalizing Peppermint Bath & Shower Gel

Free of sulfates, GMOs, parabens, and synthetic fragrances, just to name a few, this is also NSF/ANSI 305 certified, the American national standard for personal care products containing organic ingredients. Botanical cleansers do the heavy lifting, while peppermint essential oil makes it refreshing and invigorating-ideal for helping you wake up on sleepy mornings. And let’s not forget to mention the ultra-affordable price tag.

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3. Best Luxe: Rahua Body Shower Gel

It may not necessarily seem like a body wash made with USDA-certified organic ingredients could feel like a totally indulgent product, but trust us, it can. While we love how this lathers and rinses clean, we’ll credit the incredible scent—a blend of eucalyptus, lavender, vanilla, and Palo Santo—that smells, well, expensive and sophisticated for making this feel like the utmost indulgence. Reviewers agree, raving about how it feels and how well it works, even on sensitive skin.https://9bd84a528b9d72bd1e25a61c3f832b10.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

4. Best for Dry Skin: PLANT Apothecary Get Happy Bodywash

Jojoba oil is natural oil produced from the seed of the Chinensis plant, a drought-resistant shrub native to southern Arizona, California, and Mexico. It mimics natural sebum and conditions and seals moisture in the skin without clogging pores or exacerbating acne.

There are only eight ingredients in this gel-like cleanser, the first three being heavy-hitting Hydrators: organic coconut, olive, and jojoba oil soaps. Rosemary and peppermint oils give it its refreshing scent, and it also works well as a bubble bath. FYI, because the formula is so natural, don’t be alarmed if it turns slightly cloudy; just give it a good shake or stick the bottle in some hot water. The 13 Best Hydrating Best Natural Body Washes to Revive Dry Skin

5. Best for All Skin Types: Nurture My Body Fragrance-Free Organic Body Wash

Seaweed is a very powerful concentration of seawater and is able to uptake minerals by absorption and active transport from seawater. Because of these processes, some seaweeds have a dense concentration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, and lipids, which all pose benefits for the skin.

This uses nine certified organic ingredients (think coconut cream and seaweed extract) and is so pure that the Environmental Working Group gave it a toxicity score of zero—you’d be hard-pressed to find a formula that’s squeakier clean than that. It’s safe to use even if you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, and is so gentle that it works well for kids, too. Stash a bottle in your shower and let the whole family go to town.

6. Best for Sensitive Skin: Desert Essence Organics Body Wash

Aloe vera is a naturally derived ingredient known for its soothing and moisturizing properties. The aloe plant’s inner gel mucilage (the part that’s used in skin care products) is made up of 99.5% water.

Certified organic aloe vera and green tea are the first two ingredients in this cleanser; the former soothes irritated skin, the second packs a heavy hit of protective antioxidants. Coconut-derived surfactants (read: detergents) gently cleanse skin without stripping it of its natural oils, and the formula is also gluten-free and contains no synthetic fragrances or colors, all common irritants, particularly for those with sensitive skin.

7. Best for Acne-Prone Skin: Sky Organics Liquid Organic African Black Soap

The namesake ingredient in this wash—which is sourced directly from organic artisanal farmers in Ghana—delivers a laundry list of skin benefits. We’re talking, improving skin tone, reducing inflammation, and healing irritation; it also has antibacterial properties, all qualities that make it a great pick for anyone prone to body breakouts. Because let’s face it, acne is a real thing. These Are the 12 Best Acne-Healing Best Natural Body Washes

8. Best Simple: Carina Organics Unscented Daily Moisturizing Body Wash

Purists will appreciate the straightforward ingredient list, free of all kinds of nasties and filled with certified organic plant and other natural extracts instead. There’s no scent, just a basic and simple formula that gets the cleansing job done, no-frills (or harsh chemicals) required. Even better, it’s totally biodegradable, so it won’t have a negative impact on the environment after it gets washed down the drain.

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9. Best Scrub: SkinButtr Strawberry Coconut Scrub

What better way to get your skin extra squeaky clean than with a scrub? One hundred percent of the ingredients in this body buffer are of natural origin, and it boasts a refreshing strawberry scent. Clean ingredients like coconut, fresh strawberry, and sugar simultaneously hydrate and exfoliate, leaving your skin clean, smooth, and utterly glowing from head to toe. Yes, please.

10. 100% PURE Shower Gel – Best Natural Body Washes

Natural & Organic | Certified USDA Organic ingredients, natural unrefined ingredients
Ethics | Cruelty-free, vegetarian, fragrance & dye-free, nontoxic
Best For | Normal/combo skin
Price | $20 for 8 oz.

Indulge in a luxurious bath with 100% PURE’s Vanilla Bean Shower Gel. This nontoxic and 100 percent natural gel is made with organic aloe, vanilla absolute, lavender honey, and Japanese honeysuckle for a sweet, aromatic scent. No matter your skin type, you’ll feel refreshed and soothed with this body gel.

11. Based Body Care Body Wash

Natural & Organic | Organic & natural ingredients
Ethics | Cruelty-free, made in USA & Canada, gluten-free, vegan
Best For | Intoxicating plant-based scents
Price | $16 for 15.2 oz.

Why rinse off with chemical-based products when we can opt for something natural? Enter Based, a plant-based body care brand with natural and organic best Natural Body Washes we love. Made with organic aloe juice and green tea, your skin will feel soothed without irritation. Between the creme brûlée, sandalwood, and mint scents, you’ll look and smell your cleanest. Plus, Based is proudly Canada- and USA-made.

12. Alaffia Shea Body Wash – Best Natural Body Washes

Natural & Organic | Organic & natural ingredients
Ethics | Fair Trade Certified, non-GMO, nontoxic, cruelty-free
Best For | Very dry skin
Price | $9.99 for 32 oz.

Calm your mind—and your skin—with Alaffia’s Shea Body Wash in lavender. Ethically made via West African women’s co-ops, this body wash blends unrefined shea butter, virgin coconut oil, neem extract, and lavender to heal and nourish your skin, no matter how dry it is. Know that your dollars will support women, Fair Trade practices, and eco-friendly packaging—and you’ll get a long-lasting and effective body wash.

13. Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

Natural & Organic | Organic ingredients
Ethics | Fair Trade, vegan, eco-friendly, cruelty-free
Best For | Sensitive skin
Price | $12.99 for 32 oz.

Looking for something versatile? What about an 18-in-1 Pure-Castile soap from Dr. Bronner’s? Made with organic hemp, peppermint, coconut, palm kernel, olive, and jojoba oils, your skin will soak in the highest quality ingredients around. It’s safe to use even on sensitive skin. Plus, this organic and certified Fair Trade soap can be used on your hands, face, body, and even around your home. Talk about multitasking.

14. Puracy Natural Body Wash – Best Natural Body Washes

Natural & Organic | 99.95 percent natural ingredients
Ethics | Cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, give back, nontoxic, hypoallergenic
Best For | Babies & pets
Price | $10.99 for 16 oz.

Hydrate and exfoliate naturally with Puracy’s Natural Body Wash, a pH-balanced formula that brings together coconut cleansers and Himalayan pink sea salt for a deep clean. Developed by Ph.D. chemists, this bottle will last you nearly two months with everyday use, and you’ll be left with smooth, supple skin. With more than 4,000 reviews, it’s beloved and beneficial to everyone, including babies and pets.

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15. True Botanicals Nourishing Body Wash

Natural & Organic | Natural, sustainable ingredients
Ethics | Cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO
Best For | Children & families
Price | $28 for 8 oz.

True Botanicals knows you shouldn’t have to decide between effective, luxurious, or safe body care products. That’s why it makes all three happen. The nourishing body wash is packed with green and white tea, aloe leaf, and olive fruit extract for a plant-based formula that keeps you spick-and-span without stripping your body’s natural oils. Best of all, it soothes the skin of all ages, so you can stock up for the whole family. And with its enticing woods and citrus scent, we have a feeling everyone will be a fan.

16. Ursa Major Citrus Riot Body Wash

Natural & Organic | Natural ingredients
Ethics | Cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, fragrance-free
Best For | Foam & foaming gel
Price | $24 for 8 oz.

No sulfates and all the lather: meet Ursa Major’s Citrus Riot Body Wash. If you’re a fan of suds and a deep clean, you’ll love this natural formula bringing together aloe, frankincense, lime peel, and more. With a bright citrus scent, you’ll be left with a zing and zest to take you through the day. (And if it turns out it’s not for you, Ursa Major offers a 30-day guarantee for exchanges or returns.)

17. Burt’s Bees Citrus & Ginger Body Wash

Natural & Organic | Natural ingredients
Ethics | Cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free
Best For | Energizing morning showers
Price | $8.99 for 12 oz.

If you’re a morning shower person, you can awaken your senses with Burt’s Bees’ Citrus & Ginger Body Wash. According to raves and reviews, think of the scent as a Moscow Mule meets a bowl of fresh grapefruit… yum. With 98.7 percent natural and plant-based ingredients, you’ll feel fresh and oh-so-clean. Plus, you can use it for shaving even in the most sensitive areas.

18. Annmarie Gianni Body Wash

Natural & Organic | Certified organic & natural ingredients
Ethics | Cruelty-free, non-GMO, eco-friendly, made in USA
Best For | Post-workout
Price | $34 for 8 oz.

Say goodbye to irritated and dull skin and hello to reinvigorated and energized skin, thanks to Annmarie Gianni’s Rosemary Peppermint Body Wash. With rosemary, lemon balm, and peppermint essential oil, we love using it in the shower for a refreshing, cool wash after an intense workout. Made lovingly in the USA over several weeks, you’ll feel more confident than ever with this Made Safe- and Leaping Bunny-certified natural body wash.

19. Nourishing Body Best Natural Body Washes

Is there anything more luxurious than a nice hot shower or a long restful bath? We think not. It’s even better when you indulge with a natural body wash that leaves your skin feeling nourished and healthy, without stripping it of its natural oils. Instead of using harsh chemical formulas, try using products sourced from organic ingredients.

We’ve rounded up nine body care brands with Best Natural Body Washes that leave us cleaner than ever. Made with organic and natural ingredients, these are often cruelty-free, vegan, and non-toxic to boot. So whether you’re a gel, foam, and loofah, or simple washcloth fan, there’s something for everyone.

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What are the Best Natural Body Washes?

Check out our guide to organic hair care brands, too, so you can spruce up your whole shower situation.

  1. 100% PURE Shower Gel. …
  2. Based Body Care Body Wash. …
  3. Alaffia Shea Body Wash. …
  4. Dr. …
  5. Puracy Natural Body Wash. …
  6. True Botanicals Nourishing Body Wash. …
  7. Ursa Major Citrus Riot Body Wash. …
  8. Burt’s Bees Citrus & Ginger Body Wash.

What is the safest body wash to use?

Here are ten of our top picks for the best non-toxic body Best Natural Body Washes.

  • Attitude Super Leaves Body Wash.
  • Baja Baby Body Wash.
  • Shea Moisture African Black Soap Body Wash.
  • Everyone 3-in-1 Soap.
  • Earth Mama Morning Wellness Body Wash.
  • Nurture My Body Body Wash.
  • Dr. …
  • Puracy Natural Body Wash.

What body wash do dermatologists recommend?

swivel recliner chairs with ottoman 2021

Key features: Dermatologist-recommended CeraVe Hydrating Body Wash is our top pick for the best moisturizing body wash. It’s also a favorite of Friedler’s since it’s packed full of ceramides, which help repair the skin’s protective barrier and hyaluronic acid to help retain your skin’s natural moisture.

What is the best natural baby wash? – Best Natural Body Washes

Seven Natural + Organic Baby Shampoos & Best Natural Body Washes You Can Trust.

  • A CASTILE SOAP. Dr. Bronner’s. …
  • MADE ON AN ORGANIC FARM. Babo Botanicals. …
  • NON-SCENTED CHOICE. Earth Mama Angel Baby. …
  • AN EASY-TO-FIND CHOICE. California Baby. …
  • BASIC INGREDIENTS. Nature’s Paradise. …
  • A 99.5% NATURAL OPTION. Privacy. …

What shouldn’t you wash your body?

The preservatives that are the most widely used and get the most attention are the parabens. Like some foods, parabens are phytoestrogens that can mimic estrogen by binding to estrogen receptors on cells. … Either way, Parabens can definitely still cause skin irritation and I still wouldn’t want them in my body wash.

What’s the best smelling body wash?

10 Fragrant Body Washes

  • Dove Go Fresh Revive Body Wash. …
  • Olay Total Effects Body Wash Deep Penetrating Moisture. …
  • Nivea Touch of Honeydew Hydrating Shower Gel. …
  • Fruits & Passion Foaming Body Wash Grapefruit Guava. …
  • Thymes Agave Nectar Body Wash. …
  • L’Occitane Olive Organic Shower Cream. …
  • MOR Snow Gardenia Hand & Body Wash.

Best Natural Body Washes

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