7 best organic laundry detergent for sensitive skin 2021

7 best organic laundry detergent for sensitive skin 2021

The 8 Best Green Laundry Detergents 2021

When it comes to clean, green products for your house, Mrs. Meyers knows what she’s doing. This liquid laundry detergent is safe for your family and the environment. It contains no phthalates, chlorine, formaldehyde, artificial colors or other unnecessary ingredients, but it does provide everything it needs to clean your clothing and linens.

Not to mention it comes in an array of amazing scents like basil, rosemary, lavender and geranium, to leave them smelling naturally divine. It can be used in HE or conventional machines and is safe for septic systems. It’s also 4x concentrated, and you only need one tablespoon of it to wash an entire load of laundry. Just note this is designed to be low sudsing so just because you don’t have a lot of bubbles doesn’t mean it isn’t working. 

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Method 4x Concentrated Laundry Detergent in Beach Sage

For a simple, green clean, this laundry detergent from Method is hard to beat. Method has the natural cleaning game down from its pleasant-smelling products to their sleek, modern packaging, and this laundry detergent is no exception. The plant-based formula is biodegradable and hypoallergenic, but also tough on dirt and stains.

It can be used in both high efficiency (HE) and standard machines and in cold or warm water. It also promises brighter colors and whiter whites with just one-fourth of the amount you have to use with other leading brands of laundry detergent.

This bottle will get you 66 loads done By using a concentrated formula you use less detergent which means less waste and shipping of unnecessary water. We love the beach sage scent but this also comes in more familiar scents like lavender or a fruity ginger mango. 

Best Free & Clear: Seventh Generation Natural 4X Concentrated Laundry Detergent 2021

Less is more when it comes to a good, natural laundry detergent like this one from Seventh Generation. This ultra-concentrated formula will clean 53 loads of laundry with one, 40-ounce container and promises to knock out tough stains like grass, tomato sauce and chocolate.

All that power doesn’t come at the price of the environment or your family’s health though. It’s made from renewable, plant-based ingredients with no dyes, synthetic fragrances or optical brighteners included. It’s made of 96% plant-based ingredients and since it is free and clear of fragrance it is a smart option for households with children or those with allergies. It’s also not tested on animals. 

Best Pods: Grab Green Natural 3-in-1 Laundry Detergent Pods

If you don’t want to mess with measuring and pouring in a liquid or powder detergent, these Grab Green pods are an easy alternative. Each one contains a dose of detergent, stain remover and fabric brightener. You just toss one in, and you’re done.

They work in regular or HE machines, and can be used in all water temperatures. The biodegradable formula doesn’t have any phosphates, chlorine or dyes, and the delicious lavender and vanilla scent is made with essential oils.

Users love the natural smell and the effective clean they get after use. They also note there is no need to use fabric softener or dryer sheets with this because the clothes feel soft without them. 

What is natural detergent?

Soapnut (right) and soap pod (Shikakai) are natural detergents in common use. ii. They contain a chemical named saponin. iii. The use of soap nut and soap pod does not have any harmful effect on human skin or on silk and woolen threads and clothes.

Best Smelling: Indigo Wild Zum Clean Laundry Soap Frankincense Myrrh

Yum. This natural laundry detergent from Zum Clean contains pure essential oils that deliver a dose of aromatherapy along with clean laundry. It comes in scents like frankincense and myrrh, sea salt and sweet orange, but it doesn’t contain any parabens, phosphates, petrochemicals or sulfates. Instead, it’s made natural ingredients, including coconut oil, baking soda, vegetable glycerin, and borax.

It can be used in top-loading or HE machines. Just add it to your machine as you would any other laundry detergent for clean, terrific-smelling laundry. Reviewer’s not that it leaves their clothes feeling soft from the coconut oil and has a strong pleasant smell, so scent-folks need not apply. 

Best for Babies: The Honest Company Baby Laundry Detergent

When it comes to babies’ sensitive skin, you can’t be too careful. This hypoallergenic laundry detergent from the Honest Company promises to get out all of the stains that come along with kids but without all the harsh chemicals that can harm their skin. It’s specially designed for sensitive skin and is tested by dermatologists.

You can use it for the whole family’s laundry too in a regular or HE machine, or even to hand wash delicate items. From baby formula to coffee and even red wine, this detergent is designed to get stains out without leaving any kind of chemical residue.

For busy households, we suggest ordering this on a subscribe and save basis so you never have to worry about not having detergent again. 

Best Powder: Charlie’s Soap Fragrance Free Laundry Powder

Some households prefer a powder detergent and they are often more green (no wasted water like with liquid) and are easy on the wallet. This fan-favorite Charlie’s Soap can clean a load of laundry for pennies. Just add a tablespoon of powder to your washing machine and you’ll be left with odor and stain free clothing that is non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for the environment. 

Users have noted that their clothing has last longer than with traditional soaps and clothing is left soft and stain free for a bargain price. 

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What is the healthiest laundry detergent?

11 Of The Safest Laundry Detergents On The Market

  1. Tangie Laundry Paste Concentrate. Tangie’s laundry paste concentrate comes as a stick that you dilute in water in a reusable container of your own choosing. …
  2. Sun and Earth Laundry Detergent, Light Citrus. Sunandearthus. …
  3. Seventh Generationseventh generation. …
  4. Planet Ultra. …
  5. Molly’s Suds. …
  6. Meliora. …
  7. Lion Bear Naked Soap Co. …
  8. Dr.

Best for Hard Water: Bubble Bandit Water Boy Liquid Laundry Detergent- Hard Water Concentrate

If you have hard water, this natural laundry detergent from Water Boy can make doing your laundry a little easier. Specially formulated for hard water, customers say it leaves clothes soft and clean.

This formula doesn’t contain any perfumes or dyes, and it’s phosphate free. While it’s made for hard ward water, it will work with any type of water and can be used in a standard or HE washing machine. The formula uses three enzymes to attack stains and dirt leaving you with clean and bright clothing even in the hardest of water conditions. 


It used to be that green laundry detergents featured little to no scent, but today’s varieties include some pleasing natural essences. However, unscented formulas are still widely available, and maybe the best option for people with especially sensitive skin or allergies.

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Choose from laundry detergent available in powder, liquid, or pod form. With powder or liquid detergent, you’ll need to measure the output each time you wash, but you can adjust the size and soil level of the load more easily. However, you may prefer the convenience of ready-to-go laundry pods.


Not all laundry detergents are created equal, and the same is true for eco-friendly formulas. While some substances are almost universally omitted—including phthalates, phosphates, and non-biodegradable surfactants—other questionable ingredients may or may not be present in a certain formula.

If you have specific allergies or avoidances, read labels carefully to make sure that unwanted additives aren’t included.

Is organic laundry detergent better?

Organic laundry detergents are made with natural ingredients, instead of pesticides and chemicals, that still do the hard work of removing tough stains. We’ve found three laundry detergent options that are more than just natural/organic—they’re eco-friendly, too, with biodegradable formulas and recyclable packaging.

What is Laundry Detergent?

Wearing a clean T-shirt after a cool bath gives a fresh start to your day and this is all thanks to your laundry detergent that keeps your clothes neat and clean.

Laundry detergent- washing powder as it is known in simple terms is a type of cleaning agent that is used for cleaning your laundry.

Laundry is undoubtedly one of the ongoing chores of every household as the washing of sheets and clothes becomes necessary due to dirt, sweat, and shed skin cells, contact with food, and various other types of particles every day.

There are various ingredients that are used in making a laundry detergent among which surfactants are the crucial ones that keep your clothes clean.

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Since commercial laundry detergents contain various chemicals that are harmful to humans as well as the environment, people have started using organic laundry detergent.

Know more about Organic Detergents:

Organic laundry detergents are those detergents that do not contain phosphates, chlorines, or any other chemical that may pose risk or danger to the health of humans and to the environment.

These types of detergents also do not contain any perfumes or synthetic dyes and thus prove to be safe for people with allergies or sensitive skin. Thus one can say that organic laundry detergent recipe comprises safe and natural ingredients.

Why organic detergents:

Will you consider getting dirt free and clean clothes at the cost of your family member’s health? The answer will be obvious no and thus the use of organic detergents is increasing with time.

Besides health, the carbon cost of production and the toxicities of the chemical ingredients in the commercial detergent pose danger to the environment.

Some of the major threats posed by the chemical ingredients used in these commercial detergents include toxicity to the algae and other aquatic organisms, health problems in people like skin irritation, cancer, and others, freshwater Eutrophication, persistence in the environment, acidic wash water, and others.

As more and more people are getting aware of the risks related to commercial detergents, the greener options for these are made available to present-day consumers.

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A variety of greener and safe products like Gojo soap and others are used by health and environment-conscious people.

Make your own Organic Detergent:

One can find an organic detergent at a grocery store or can even order them online. But still, if you find them to be expensive or could not find one then there can be nothing best than an organic homemade laundry detergent.

Making your own homemade organic laundry detergent will not only help the environment but your wallet as well.

Moreover while making these organic detergents at home you can keep a tab on the quantity and the type of ingredients that you are using and can also keep your family members protected from any type of ingredients to which they are sensitive.

How to make organic detergent at home:

In order to make the best organic laundry detergent at home you would need to, first of all, collect the following things:

  • A large pot and a medium-size bowl
  • Water
  • A measuring cup
  • A large spoon
  • 1 Bar of organic soap
  • ½ cup of borax
  • 1 cup of washing soda
  • A bucket of 5-gallon capacity
  • Box grater

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. First of all, take a large pot and pour 4 cups of water in it and place the pot on the stove on high heat till the water boils.
  2. Next, while the water is boiling, take the organic soap bar and grate it against the box grater. Then take a medium-size bowl and place the box grater over it so as to catch the shavings of the soap.
  3. Next, the shavings of the soap are placed in the boiling water and then the heat is lowered so that water simmers.
  4. Now take a large spoon, stir the mixture of the soap and water so that the soap is dissolved.
  5. Next 3 gallons of water are taken in a bucket and to this ½ cup of borax and 1 cup of washing soda are added.
  6. Next, the solution of water and soap is added to the bucket and all the ingredients are stirred together.
  7. Finally, the bucket is covered with a lid and the mixture is allowed to sit for around 24 hours. Now when the lid is opened the mixture would appear in a gel consistency and per laundry load, use 1 cup of detergent after stirring.

7 best organic laundry detergent for sensitive skin 2021

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