Capsimax burn Supplement

Capsimax burn Supplement

Capsimax burn Supplement

Capsimax is whole-food extract from red chili peppers, which provides a complete weight management solution without stomach upset. OmniActive Health Technologies has introduced Capsimax Plus Blend, a proprietary combination of natural ingredients, featuring the company’s patent-pending Capsimax capsicum fruit extract.

Why Capsimax?

Capsimax burn Supplement is a concentrated extract of capsaicinoids from red chili peppers (Capsicum annum)—the naturally occurring compounds that cause the sensation of heat when consuming spicy foods. It is a unique ingredient because it targets several key areas of weight management, including appetite control, lipolysis (breakdown of fat stores), thermogenesis, and resting energy expenditure in a small, daily dose.

Capsimax burn Supplement is produced with Omnibead, a controlled release encapsulating technology that delivers effective levels of capsaicinoids without stomach upset that may result from unprotected extracts of red chili peppers. No other brand of encapsulated capsicum on the market delivers all these advantages in a single ingredient:

  • Efficacy supported by clinical research with multiple studies support the role Capsimax can play for effective weight management
  • Shown to increase lipolysis, boost metabolism, promote thermogenic activity, and curb appetite
  • Stimulant-free and safe—showing no impact on heart rate, blood pressure or catecholamines
  • Natural, food-sourced, and clean label
  • Available in a variety of 100% vegetarian beadlets for formulation flexibility

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Capsimax burn Supplement

Capsimax® regulates hormones that increase body heat and fat breakdown & burning while blocking fat storage and controlling appetite. Ultimately, CapsiMax® improves energy balance to help you burn more calories than you consume.

Research has suggested people taking Capsimax® may consume 140 fewer calories and burn 130 more calories per day – a 270 calorie swing that may equate to a lot more fat burned when CapsiMax® is taken consistently over time.

Burn Lab Pro® Capsimax burn Supplement is the most effective cayenne pepper fat burner on the market

Capsimax burn Supplement
Capsimax burn Supplement

Who should take Burn Lab Pro®?

Burn Lab Pro® supports all weight control programs that include healthy diet and regular exercise. Burn Lab Pro® is customized, however, to optimize the fat-loss and muscle-gain results of fasted training.What is fasted training? †

Fasted training refers to training on an empty stomach. Some research suggests that while in a fasted state, the body burns more fat during exercise. Fasted training has also been suggested to preferentially promote lipolysis in areas of stubborn visceral fat, such as around the abdomen in men and hips and posterior in women. These fat loss benefits may be attributed to fasting’s impact on insulin levels.

When food is consumed, blood sugar (glucose) rises. Insulin is released from the pancreas to manage this blood sugar, helping to convert it for immediate energy and store it (as glycogen) in muscles, fat and the liver as energy for later use. As part of these post-meal functions, insulin increases fat formation of fat while “turning off” lipolysis (fat breakdown).

After food is digested, the body enters a post-absorption state: Blood sugar and insulin levels both return to baseline because the stomach is empty. Exercising in this fasted state creates high energy demands, but the body has no glucose to use as fuel. Instead, during fasting the body burns through its glycogen stores – including visceral fat – to produce energy.

Possible drawbacks of fasted training include a reduction in exercise intensity and increased susceptibility to muscle and protein degradation. Burn Lab Pro® is designed to optimize fasted training results while minimizing these potential fasted training drawbacks.

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† Fasted training should only be done under the close supervision of a healthcare professional.

How do I take Burn Lab Pro®?

For best results take 2-4 capsules 15 minutes prior to training.

Is Burn Lab Pro® safe?

Burn Lab Pro® is designed to be safe for long-term daily use, without the need for cycling. Burn Lab Pro® achieves this by using pure, potent ingredients that are dosed appropriately and in line with clinical research. 

So, Burn Lab Pro® clean formula design – free of GMOs, gluten, soy, colorants, preservatives and other additives – is also well-tolerated by the body, and safe for long-term use. 

Friends, Burn Lab Pro® avoids the use of caffeine and stimulants, further strengthening its safety and tolerability profile.

Why is there no caffeine in Burn Lab Pro®?

Some fat loss supplements supply caffeine and other stimulants, which may help weight loss but may cause side effects related to blood pressure and heart rate. Burn Lab Pro® is stimulant-free by design. Instead of caffeine, Burn Lab Pro® enhances metabolic performance via non-stimulatory pathways.

What is NutriGenesis®?

NutriGenesis® is a Performance Lab® nutrition technology innovation: Vitamins, minerals and amino acids grown in live cultures at our state-of-the-art lab.

true biological nutrient form, NutriGenesis® closely mirrors the molecular structure of food nutrients. NutriGenesis® nutrients offer significant advantages over standard nutrient forms.

NutriGenesis® vitamins, minerals and amino acids are bioengineered to be safe, active and highly effective for overall health and performance.

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How is NutriGenesis® different from other nutrient forms?

Not all vitamins, minerals and amino acids are the same. There are many nutrient forms, produced with a variety of processes. Some of the most popular nutrient forms available in supplements today include:

Whole Food Concentrates

Whole food vitamin and mineral supplements are sourced from fruits, vegetables, herbs and mushrooms. They include natural cofactors that make food nutrients so easy for the body to absorb and utilize. However, they do require extensive processing and may be made with GMOs, mass agriculture and dirty eco-destructive practices.

Isolated Chemical (USP) Nutrients

Isolated Chemical (USP) is the cheapest vitamin and mineral form found in the most basic multivitamin supplements. This synthetic form chemically alters vitamins and minerals, isolating them from their whole-food cofactors. As a result, Isolated Chemical (USP) nutrients are typically harder to absorb and less effective than whole food nutrients.

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Chelated Minerals

In this process, a mineral nutrient (such as iron, calcium, zinc) is bound with a chelator: An organic molecule (often an amino acid) that is large enough to enrobe the mineral. By surrounding the mineral, the chelator protects it against degradation. Chelated nutrients are highly stable and may improve nutrient uptake and utilization.

NutriGenesis® is different from traditional nutrient forms: Bioengineered to be better and cultured nutrients that replicate the creation of vitamins, minerals and aminos in nature.NutriGenesis® is based on the work of Nobel Prize-winning physiologist Albert Szent Gyorgy, who theorized that nutrients presented in their naturally grown forms supply cofactors that make them more bioavailable, biologically active and effective than nutrients that are isolated.

In the NutriGenesis® process, single-cell organisms (Lactobacillus probiotics and brewer’s yeast) are seeded with micronutrients in a hydroponic growth medium.

The live single-cell organisms “eat” the micronutrients, divide and thrive. As the cultures grow, they produce fresh new NutriGenesis® vitamins, minerals and aminos within a matrix of natural cofactors. This familiar structure is more easily absorbed and utilized by the body.

Fat Burning
Capsimax burn Supplement

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A multifunctional solution for healthy weight

Capsimax burn Supplement makes weight management easier by targeting multiple key areas for effective weight management in one small dose:

  • Metabolism

Capsimax burn Supplement can boost resting energy expenditure—the number of calories required by the body at rest and accounts for approximately 60% of calories burned daily.

  • Lipolysis

Capsimax supports lipolysis, especially when exercising. In a clinical study, Capsimax increased the breakdown of stored fat as evident in increased serum levels of free fatty acids and glycerol, which can be used as energy substrates.

  • Appetite

A key to maintaining healthy weight is balancing calories consumed and calories expended. When examining its effect on food consumption, Capsimax has been shown to reduce appetite, caloric intake, and the desire to snack.

  • Body composition

The waist-to-hip ratio (the proportion of stored fat in the waist and hips) is an important predictor of metabolic health. Higher fat levels in the waist are associated with higher risk of diabetes, hypertension, and CVD. In a clinical study, Capsimax improved body composition by improving the waist-to-hip ratio (i.e., reducing stored fat in the waist).

We are an innovation partner not just any ingredient supplier, continuously bringing novel solutions to meet consumers’ needs. Our strong science, technical, and marketing teams are extensions of your business to help build differentiated and effective formulas.

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How does Capsimax help you lose weight?

Capsimax burn Supplement can boost resting energy expenditure—the number of calories required by the body at rest and accounts for approximately 60% of calories burned daily. Capsimax supports lipolysis, especially when exercising.


1 capsule a day with half a glass of water, 30 to 60 minutes before exercise. On rest days, take one capsule with water before breakfast.

Capsimax burn Supplement
Capsimax burn Supplement


This product may cause intestinal discomfort in some people. It is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.


Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. In case of medical treatment, consult your therapist. Only for adults. Keep out of the reach of little kids.


Store in a cool, dry place out of the reach of light.

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The red hot chili pepper is a red pepper that is generally found in South America and contains capsaicin, which is precisely the active agent responsible for that spicy taste, and contributes to weight reduction 2 .

However, it is necessary to consume it for a few weeks, about 10 g of red hot chili pepper daily, which is practically unfeasible since the capsicum extract is very acidic for the stomach and can be harmful in the long run.

On the other hand, it is impossible to conceive that we have breakfast … pure pepper! Unless we concentrate this extract in capsules within a matrix that is inert enough for both the intestine and the stomach to tolerate it without problems, so this compound has all the advantages: it improves thermogenesis, increases body energy expenditure and it is a support in weight loss programs.

The patented Capsimax burn Supplement capsicum extract employs OmniBead Beadlet Technology, a patented “smart” coating system that encapsulates the highly active, concentrated natural bell pepper to provide adequate levels of capsaicinoids without the oral and gastric burning sensation of red bell peppers.

One Capsimax capsule contains 315 mg of highly concentrated capsicum extract.

In other words, taking Capsimax burn Supplement improves calorie loss.

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Capsimax burn Supplement

Capsimax burn Supplement

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