FedEx scheduled delivery pending

FedEx scheduled delivery pending. What does it mean when the FedEx tracking system says “schedule delivery pending”? It means that the delivery schedule for your package is not yet ready – it is pending. It is a pervasive status message to get when you are tracking your FedEx package, so if it keeps popping up […]

What Does USPS No Access to Delivery Location Mean?

What Does “USPS No Access to Delivery Location” Mean? Right out of the gate, being told from the post office that there was no access to your delivery location is a bit of a generalized ever issue that can mean a couple of things. Sometimes it means that there were unavoidable issues preventing the USPS workers […]

What are USPS Priority Mail Tyvek Envelopes?

What are USPS Priority Mail Tyvek Envelopes? USPS Priority Mail Tyvek Envelopes are special envelopes for the USPS Priority Mail service to ship documents and other items that need to resist weather and other environmental conditions. Tyvek envelopes are discreet, free to order, and the perfect package to send documents, pictures, and other important items. […]

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