Cisco Certification

Cisco Certification

Cisco Certification

Cisco certification must be familiar to every network engineer. And CCIE certification is the representative certification in Cisco certification system which focuses on routing and switching technology and WAN switching solution. It first appeared in 1993 and has five specialized branches: router and converter, global network and its conversion, ISP dial-up, system network architecture (SSA) dedicated to mainframe, network integration and design.

CCNA certification is the primary certification in Cisco professional certification. The highest level of certification is Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert—CCIE certification, which is the most respected professional certification of network interconnection in the industry. CCIE certification tests the most advanced technical capability of Cisco (in addition to the newly launched CCA).

At the top of the Cisco pyramid certification system, it is also one of the most authoritative and respected certifications recognized by the IT industry. In 2003, CCIE certification was rated No.1 among the world’s top ten IT certifications, with the reputation of the ultimate  IT certification.

Cisco Ceertification

A Cisco certificate is an open sesame to the Internet industry. Every network engineer wants to have a Cisco certificate. If you can get the CCIE certificate, you can get an enviable job with high treatment all over the world. According to the relevant data survey, the basic average return for those who pass the Cisco ceertification is a 10% – 20% increase in salary, as well as more company training opportunities and satisfactory positions.

The conditions for signing up for Cisco ceertification exam are actually very simple. All on-the-job personnel with certain ability of DOS, Windows and English, students in Colleges and universities and personnel who want to obtain technical knowledge of key network equipment can sign up for Cisco ceertification training. Cisco international certificate can be obtained by passing the international certification exam.

In terms of the application process of Cisco certificate, the first is to obtain the transcript. After the exam, you will receive the transcript from the exam administrator immediately. The transcript contains important information related to registration, and the transcript can also be used as a certificate of passing the certification. Candidates will receive an email from VUE confirming the exam before the exam. Within 5 days after passing the exam, you will receive an email from Cisco, which will list the link to the certification tracking system.

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If you don’t receive an email from Cisco because of problems in the email registered before the exam, you don’t have to worry. After 5 days after the examinee passes the exam, you can log in to Cisco’s tracking system and fill in the information. In fact, the information of the tracking system and the registration information in VUE will be synchronized after the exam. Therefore, candidates can receive the certificate even if they do not register in the tracking system. As for how to fill in the information after logging into Cisco’s tracking system, you can contact SPOTO’s teachers for detailed steps.


Cisco Certification

Cisco Certification

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