Difference Between American Bongs and Australian Bongs

Difference Between American Bongs and Australian Bongs

Difference Between American Bongs and Australian Bongs

Among the entire range of smoking accessories in the USA and Australia, bongs take away the credit with their variety in types, materials, and design. The popularity of bongs was always at its peak, especially during ancient times. However, with modern minds and needs, there have been various modifications to these water pipes. 

Every smoker/vape user (even non-smokers) knows what bongs are and their uses. The perfect blend of vapor, dried herbs, and water hits you with a different feeling every time!

With countless tonkers using bongs to enhance their smoking experience, it is natural for America and Australia to manufacture more uniquely designed bongs and offer quality bongs for sale. In fact, both America and Australia have become the best and leading bong manufacturing countries in the world. Both countries adapt to the same smoking culture and enjoy the chilling experience offered by bongs. 

However, most smokers/vapers often wonder whether there are any differences between American bongs and Australian bongs. It may come as a surprise to some, but both Australian and American bongs are different from one another.

A quick fact check:

According to a survey, Three-quarters of the 5,700 Australians had used illicit drugs. 

22% of U.S. adults (between 18 to 29) are the most likely to consume some illicit drugs. 

What Are the Differences Between Australian and American Bongs?

For most smokers, bongs are… well bongs. They use bongs to enhance and elevate their smoking experience. While both Australian and American bongs have a similar shape and general appearance, their functionality and design (interior and exterior) speak otherwise. However, most smokers will not be able to notice this slight functional difference while smoking. Your ultimate smoking experience may eventually depend on the type of bong and model you choose. Therefore, novice or experienced smokers should understand and consider the difference between both American bongs and Australian bongs.

So, what’s the difference? The slightly noticeable difference between American bongs and Australian bongs can be seen in the base of the model.

Australian Bongs

Australian bongs are standard models having a set base level. Such types of models are often commonly favored by Australian smokers. In this model, you will notice that the bongs have a removable stem, almost similar to American bongs. However, this stem can be removed for cleaning purposes, and it wouldn’t move during your smoking session. Most Australian bongs don’t have a slider. Instead, there is a hole that you have to cover with your fingers. Additionally, they have a permanent bowl. 

American Bongs

American bongs have straight necks and shapes, unlike the Australian model which usually has a rounded base. Such models have a straighter and a larger flat base. American bongs have a slider or bowl downstem, which you need to pull out while smoking. The process creates suction pressure which helps direct the smoke down through the mouthpiece upon inhaling. These models also have a detachable or interchangeable slider that can be used for various bowl styles and sizes.


Ultimately, both Australian and American bongs serve the same purpose – to enhance the toker’s smoking experience. However, before you buy a bong in Australia for smoking, you should always gather all the relevant information on the model type, do research, and find the most suitable option according to your budget. If you’re new to smoking/vaping and want to venture into the world of bongs or looking to check out different options to buy bongs, visit https://www.bongbaron.com.au/.

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Difference Between American Bongs and Australian Bongs

Difference Between American Bongs and Australian Bongs

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