Discovering Luxury Handbags to Build Great Purse Collections

Discovering Luxury Handbags to Build Great Purse Collections

The Luxury Handbag Love Affair is More Passionate Than Ever!

What a great deal of American women have in common is a overwhelming love for well made purses and handbags, familiarly known as luxury, designer and showpie

ce handbags. These enduring purse passions make the US the largest consumer of women’s handbags in the world, generating over a 3 billion dollar industry at the end of the decade.

According to Global Handbags Market Report: 2012, “Handbags in the United States represent around one-third of the share in the overall women’s accessories market, in value terms.”

The report also confirms that innovation and design creativity is blazing throughout the industry; from handbags with LED (Light Emitting Diodes) and even handbags equipped with solar utilization capability to power cell phones and other small electronic devices.

But what is this love for a “great handbag?” How much does it cost to acquire well-made handbags that turn heads and evoke envy? And what exactly makes a purse a luxury purse?

Discovering Luxury Handbags to Build Great Purse Collections

A Little Buying History of Handbag Lovers and Purse Collectors

The latest Highbeam Industry research reports that women historically bought handbags at boutiques and major department stores and made purchases for design style and in most cases by the designer name.

Handbag purchases with designer signatures like Coach and Dooney & Bourke were used to elevate status.

Only drastic economic changes in the early ’90s shifted buying from expensive accessory purchases and designer name shopping sprees to value-conscious buying habits.

Acquiring one handbag to match only one specific outfit gave way to more frugal purse choices that would enhance several outfits.

Through the mid to late 90s, new purse options reflected moderately priced, but fashionable handbags by Chic, Gitano, Perry Ellis, Esprit Capezio, and others that were purchased from retail stores chains and strip malls.

Shoppers scurried to satisfy luxury handbag appetites with lesser quality merchandise from niche designers at their newly found homes in discount and outlet stores.

But the most recent economic upturn and growing income of women in the last two years has again returned many women from basic handbag buying back to renewed buying of extravagant accessories, including imports such as Prada, L. Vuitton & Gucci at specialty and department stores.

Discovering Luxury Handbags Build Purse Collections
Discovering Luxury Handbags Build Purse Collections

The Best Designer Bags of 2020, From Chanel to Gucci Who

Firmly expanding buying to the now established discount store, designers rosters now including the designer handbag savvy of Kors, Makowski, Hammitt, Fox, Lauren, and DKNY, whose price tags sometimes reflected those of some of their senior competitors.

The advent of computer technology fueled the trend of online shopping, offering time and dollar savings, and made possible the purchase of the next “great purse” from the convenience of the nearest electronic device.

Distinctive Marks of A Great Handbag

Are “luxury purses” only the ones dubbed “designer,” – and bear the name of well marketed designers with accompanying expensive price tickets?

And is price the major consideration that establishes luxury? Perhaps the responses of collectors would vary as to the defining criteria-but many handbag lovers may find useful information from the following guidelines:

1. “Design Excitation Power” or “DEP” is the power of a handbag to catch our “eye” – and demand closer scrutiny. Captivating our own sense of wonder, “DEP” connects warmly to our aspirations to be individually and distinctively attractive.

1560 Best Designer Handbags! images in 2020 Bags

Ignited by “DEP,” purse bonding begins, nurtured by our irrevocable decision to stand apart and be admired for our sense of style.

“Design Excitation Power” aligns the design artistry with the artistry of the shopper’s spirit, fully releasing the desire to possess what is wonderfully made.

2. “Material Savvy” is the visual and hands on attraction to the quality and uniqueness of what materials are used to construct a handbag.

From adhesives,
stitching threads, zipper teeth, and zipper pulls to hardware and ornamentation; from
inner lining, pocket reinforcement, and construction padding to the prestigious outer shell, the selective materials by the manufacture will attract our eyes and hands at first sight and beyond to closer examination.

3. “Extreme Shapeliness” is advanced purse geometry.

It is the handbag’s symmetry and size of all its components. Whether, tote, satchel, bucket, crossbody, clutch or shoulder bag, the straps, handles, compartments, pockets have to come together in a balanced look and feel that is pleasing and compelling to the eyes.

But most of all, it has to handle extremely well upon opening, closing, clutching, holding, lifting, packing, carrying, and moving or not – as its owner moves.

4. “Workmanship Artistry” is the major factor responsible for generating high levels of Design Excitation Power.”

Whether by high technological automation or highly skilled fingers, the attention to total construction efficiency must be visually stimulating in: stitching, handle and strap construction and strength of attachment, zipper efficiency, pocket reinforcement, lining durability, critical area reinforcement, and hardware workability.

Acquiring Luxury Handbags for Your Collection Beyond the High Cost of Luxury

Perhaps the confusion of cementing luxury and price comes about because purse lovers have always been willing to pay a great deal for an exceptionally made handbag – not without indulgence from designers.

Separating labels and costs from a handbag’s actual marks of distinction enable collectors to build enviable purse collections by the discovery of luxury attributes in handbags that may not boast designer logos or high price tags.

Handbags with great workmanship artistry, generating high levels of design excitement power are available in the marketplace for less than highly advertised luxury.

Many shoppers are taking advantage of discount shops, and discount online retail businesses that offer lower prices and major discounts as buying incentives of well-made purses which possess all the marks of a luxury or great purse.

True purse connoisseurs are enjoying the thrill of envy-evoking, well-made handbags priced underneath the luxury scale of mega marketed designer names.

A Great Purse Is Still A Great Purse By Any Name!

Informed purse collectors know that no matter the shopping source, gravitating toward luxury characteristics, not luxury tags is being a savvy collector.

Utilizing the “Distinctive Marks of A Great Purse” guidelines can certainly help to avoid missing out on a wonderful addition to a collection or paying extravagantly for not so extravagant quality.

Tried but proven and carrying a great deal of value is the priceless fact: “It is the purse that makes the name, not the name that makes the purse.” Simply put, but oh so true, great purses are like fine wines.

It is not its price tag, nor the label that makes it luxurious or great, but simply how well it is made.

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