Famous Books That are a Source of Knowledge for History Students

Famous Books That are a Source of Knowledge for History Students

Famous Books That are a Source of Knowledge for History Students

Learning about the past helps the current generation in many ways. The understanding helps them connect with the present and forge a strategy for the future. History students have hundreds of history book choices which makes it hard to know the relevant ones. 

The choice of the book depends on the lesson a student wants to learn. If they want to learn about the history of religion, they will read books about religion. History ranges from civilizations, technology, culture, wars, diseases, and trade. The following books will help you gain knowledge as a history student. 

Sapiens – A Brief History of Humankind by Noah Yuval Harari

If you are looking for the most detailed books, Sapiens is the book to go for. Noah doesn’t focus on one kind of human evolution. Instead, he focuses on the entirety of mankind and its evolution. 

He begins from the time when the first people walked the earth. He progresses to the earliest science, agriculture, religion, wars, etc. The Israeli historian has covered a span of 70 thousand years of human history and compacted it into about 500 pages. 

There is a record of writings throughout human history. Writers in each generation write about the past, present, and future. Generations that follow build on the foundations of that history. When pursuing education, it is common to be asked to summarize a book. When the school assigns you a task for a book summary, there are various strategies a student can use. One of the ways is to read the book and write a summary according to instructions by the college. The easier way is to get help from EduBirdie with a summary. For every book title a university student is assigned to summarize, there will be a short book summary available for it online. The summaries are of the best quality because they are done by subject experts.

A History of The Modern World by Robert Roswell Palmer

Robert covers the events that took place in recent histories, such as the first and second world wars, the French Revolution, and systems that existed in recent history. He was a professor of history at Princeton University. 

There are diverse pros of reading, but this book has provided the right information that a student would really need when analyzing recent history in an academic paper or preparing for exams. 

A History of the World in 100 Objects by Neil MacGregor

Neil has used objects to create a complete book of history. These are objects created by people in the process of evolution and development. Initially, Neil didn’t intend to write a book of history. He was collecting the objects to prepare BBC programs. When all was done, he felt compelled to prepare this wonderful book. 

Summer of Blood: The Peasants Revolt of 1381 by Dan Jones

Students with an interest in books of the Middle Ages will love the Summer of Blood. Dan explores peasants of the 14th century who felt oppressed by the government that didn’t mind their woes. 

The peasants went into a revolt and what followed was not exciting at all. Revolts didn’t start in the 19th century. They have always been there, and a history student can learn what was happening in the Middle Ages to compare it with the current history. 

Catherine the Great by Simon Dixon

Catherine was admired by the people who lived in her time for her achievements and satirized private life. She was a monarch who managed to turn Russia into the most powerful country since the Roman Empire fell. Her strategies were the use of radicalized political ideas while promoting moderation in government. 

When there was a need, Catherine would be ruthless. When all was well, she was the best at social parties. She was by far a promoter of religion which she never believed in. History repeats itself, and a student who wants to learn about Russia’s political evolutions can start with the history of Catherine the Great. 


Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies by Jared Diamond

Jared has focused on the history of the world. He has written about how civilizations developed and how some of them excelled while others were doomed. According to him, guns and germs played an important role in their successes and failures. Those that succeeded fortified themselves with steel. A student who wants to learn about the creation of kingdoms or the rise and fall of others will find this book useful. 

The Accidental Superpower: The Next Generation of American Preeminence and The Coming Global Disorder by Peter Zeihan

The Accidental Superpower is a great read for history students interested in the events of current history. Peter Zaihan is an international strategist. In his book The Accidental Superpower, he focuses on examining how the laws of geography are changing the American landscape and its involvement in free trade. 

He examines how the earth is aging fast, headed to a time when it can no longer provide resources to human beings needed for development. When the earth can no longer produce raw materials and food, a new disorder will set in the entire geographical landscape. 

Europe: A History by Norman Davies

Europe is about the history of Europe in its totality. Norman begins from the time of the ice age and progresses to the 20th century. He has written about the people, the land, developments, and conquers. The book is voluminous, but its details are informative. It has both text and audio copies. Students studying history as a major will find this book a perfect read. 


There are many books history students can find useful to read. The choice of the book depends on what the student desires to learn. They could be writing a paper on human civilization, wars, technology, or personalities. There is a book that will provide them with every information required. A book such as Sapiens has focused on the entire history of humankind. Summer of Blood is about people’s revolts against their governments, while Catherine the great is about building a political superpower. 

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Famous Books That are a Source of Knowledge for History Students

Famous Books That are a Source of Knowledge for History Students

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