Finding The Best Slimming Swimsuit For Your Body Type

Finding The Best Slimming Swimsuit For Your Body Type

Women everywhere are searching for the perfect swimsuit so they can feel confident and attractive. When selecting a swimsuit, it’s often difficult to select the right one. Want to slim your waistline, need additional control at the midsection or require more bust support? Women experience this all too often.

The perfect swimsuit is really just a matter of selecting several features which will accentuate your best qualities. Take a look in the mirror to figure out what you like and/or dislike. This will help you select the perfect swimsuit.

Take all of your features and turn them into ones that will work for you. Women everywhere should feel confident and attractive in a slimming swimsuit, regardless of their size or body type. Slimming swimsuits come in a variety of sizes ranging from Misses, D Cup, DD Cup to Plus Size Women’s swimwear.

Finding Slimming Swimsuit Body Type
Finding Slimming Swimsuit Body Type

Finding The Best Slimming Swimsuit For Your Body Type

To flatten the tummy, choose a swimsuit that offers tummy control. The best results come from swimsuits which offer overall control, not just built-in control panels at the waistline. All-over control swimwear will slim and slenderize your figure from front to back.

Most people are under the impression that built-in girdle panels will make the waist appear smaller, this is a common misconception. These panels will reduce your tummy, but limit the control to the front of the swimsuit which actually pulls the side seams forward. Your mid section will visually look larger.

Other things to be aware of are swimsuits that have details at the neckline. For example, an empire waist. These type of features will help draw the eye towards your bust line and face which will help to create an hourglass shape. Another feature to look for is shirring. Shirring helps to minimize the waistline.

If you have a full bust, look for swimwear that contain underwire bras. This will help to provide additional support where you need it. Other swimsuits that provide support are halter tops or swimsuits with wide straps.

Women with D Cup and DD Cup bust lines will benefit from these features. In order to minimize a larger bust, choose a swimsuit with a high neckline. They will offer additional support and minimize it at the same time.

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If you have small hips, choose a swimsuit that has details above or below the waist or one that has color designs. Swimwear with a lighter color on top will create the illusion of wider hips. Swimwear with princess seams will also provide balance to the body and align any imperfections.

Small busted women will benefit from underwire molded cup bras, sweetheart necklines or v-necks. These features will increase fullness of the bustline. To slenderize your hips, select dark colors or suits with moderate leg cuts.

Minimize your thighs with any skirted leg cut such as a swim dress, swim skirt or swim shorts. These will help provide additional coverage.

No matter what your body type, you can look your best. Slimming swimsuits will give you the confidence you deserve.

Brightly colored tops with solid bottoms accentuate your bust while minimizing your legs.
Choose one-piece suits, skirtinis, or tankini sets with brightly colored tops.
Avoid colorful sarongs and bikini bottoms that exaggerate the hips

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