Getting Started with a Picture Purse Collection

Getting Started with a Picture Purse Collection

Getting Started with a Picture Purse Collection

Some people are fond of collecting stamps. Others are rich enough to collect artworks of famous painters.

Bibliophiles are obsessed with stocking their shelves with their favorite reads. You, on the other hand, have a passion as well, and it has something to do with collecting picture purses.


Plain colored picture purses are simple but elegant to own. Arranging them in one line will make a beautiful rainbow presentation.

Purses also come in various sizes so make sure that you have a sizeable amount of picture purses in every size. That way, whatever the occasion, you’re sure to come up with the ideal picture purse to use.

Getting Started with a Picture Purse Collection

Your picture purse collection should also contain items of various designs which should include but must definitely not be limited to plaid, embroidered, horizontally and vertically striped, and floral.

Picture purses with prints are also a must-have for your picture purse collection.

These include but are also not limited to prints of famous fictional and cartoon figures, celebrities, and company logos.

Picture purses that have been manufactured to commemorate a certain event in history are extremely hard to find and would definitely make your picture purse collection unique from others. Patience is the key to finding picture purses of this ilk, so don’t get tired letting your mouse sniff a good find at the Internet!

Getting Started with a Picture Purse Collection
Getting Started with a Picture Purse Collection

Picture purses that you have received as gifts or those that have been personally made for you by your friends or loved ones deserve a category all of their own. These picture purses are special because they’re products of love’s labor.

Picture purses are still relatively new in the market.

As such, although the number of available products is growing, your options at the moment are still somewhat limited compared to other product types.

For this reason, you should seriously consider adding to your collection by creating your own picture purse. It’s going to be a mite hard, yes, but you’ll definitely feel great afterward once you get a hold of your very own picture purse.

Blank Purses – Purses that already have too much going on at its external parts are difficult to use for your picture purse project.

Getting Started with a Picture Purse Collection

The best type of purse to use for this type of project is one that has minimal or no design at all and provides lots of space for decoration. This will make it easier for you to sew, paste, or tape a picture slot on the face of your purse.

Art Paper – You can use all sorts of paper to design your own picture slot.
Art Tools – Rulers, plain and craft scissors, paste, and tape are just some of the few tools that can help you create your own picture purse.

Fabric Swatches – You don’t necessarily need a large piece of cloth to create your own picture purse. Scraps of cloth would do. The color or design really doesn’t matter. You can mix and match in order to create beautiful designs for your picture purse.

As a last reminder, make sure that you choose the right photo for your picture purse.

Picture purses that are meant for summer use warrant a photo of you and your family having fun in a summer activity.

Picture purses that are meant for formal occasions would do better with a simple yet tasteful photo of you and your family in your best get-up.

Have fun creating your own picture purse!

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