HMB – what is it?

HMB - what is it?

HMB – what is it?

It is getting louder and louder on the web with the supplement called HMB. The preparation is described as controversial due to conflicting observations about its action. What is HMB, and why is it worth attention? It is what today’s will devote a post to.

HMB, as confirmed by the conducted, albeit few studies, is not a supplement that can be used by anyone who wants to keep fit in the gym. So who should use this preparation? About it below.


1. HMB – short description

2. Who is HMB for?

3. Effects of using HMB

HMB – short description the HMB supplement is also known under a slightly longer and complicated name – beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate. It is a short-chain fatty acid produced in the body from the amino acid leucine, which is part of the BCAA branched-chain amino acids necessary for the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. HMB is a preparation resulting from proteolysis, which is a process leading to the breakdown of proteins.

HMB is a preparation that fulfills very diverse functions in our bodies. Hydroxymethylbutyrate is responsible, among others, for the protection of muscle proteins, increase in muscle mass, and increase of muscle strength,

as well as a decrease in unnecessary fatty tissue. Thanks to this, we can include it in the group of anti-catabolic products.

What is HMB for?

According to scientific research, HMB is not a good solution for everyone. It fulfills its functions only for beginners who are just starting their training. HMB is also one of the best supplements for people returning to strength and body sports after a long break.

In this group, there was a significant increase in muscle mass and muscle strength. Fat tissue was also effectively reduced.

In turn, in the case of people who have been leading an active lifestyle for a long time, HMB does not live up to the hopes placed in it. Supplementation with this preparation is unnecessary because it does not bring any benefits for the exercising person. The metabolism of people with more extended training experience and more experience with the sport can cope without it and achieve the intended results.

Effects of using HMB

As mentioned earlier, HMB was taken in the amount of 3 g a day for men and 2 g a day for women can protect the hard-earned muscle mass during the reduction period.

These doses should be divided into two or three smaller ones. It is also worth remembering that the time of day is essential in HMB supplementation. It is recommended to use 0.1 g for every 10 kg body weight in the morning and evening. After training, you should take 0.15 g of the preparation for every 10 kg of weight. 

HMB also leads to an increase in muscle mass and muscle strength. It is worth using this preparation together with creatine, and then the supplement increases its effectiveness.

supplements may help your muscles
supplements may help your muscles

Increasing the dose is not recommended. It does not lead to better results. In addition, the excess component is excreted from the body along with urine. Its overdose also does not lead to side effects.

It is worth recalling that proteolysis is a process that leaves behind undigested debris. To prevent transformation into harmful compounds, it is recommended to use probiotics at the same time.

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What is an HMB supplement?

It is a metabolite that is made during the metabolism of leucine. Its exact name is hydroxymethyl butyrate. Friends, it is an ingredient of many dietary supplements intended for athletes. 

It has been available on the market for 24 years, but it still arouses controversy regarding its operation.

What is HMB? An ingredient made in the body after we eat protein foods, HMB supports muscle health. Learn how HMB supplements may help your muscles.

How does HMB work?

HMB is a preparation that supports protein synthesis and protects muscle fibers against breakdown. There is also a belief that this supplement will work mainly with people who start their adventure with the gym or return to training after a long time. The positive effect of this preparation is also noticeable in people who have suffered debilitating diseases causing weight loss. HMB supplementation is recommended for people after surgery to increase protein synthesis and regenerate intestinal villi.

HMB is considered a preparation similar to creatine. Although fatty tissue is burned faster, weight loss is avoided, and lean muscle mass is increased. The dietary supplement is recommended for people who want to lead to prolonged growth of dry muscles.

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HMB preparations are endogenous chemicals. It is challenging to provide such ingredients in food, so supplementation is essential. Little presence of HMB is found in grapefruit, alfalfa, and some fish. Hydroxymethyl butyrate is produced in the body in small amounts as a protective substance that alleviates the effects of stress associated with exercise, starvation, and body injuries.

The combination of HMB with creatine

Even better results from using hydroxymethyl butyrate can be achieved when using it with creatine and arginine. In the assortment of stores, there are often ready-made mixtures that lead to more favorable results. HMB preparations should be combined not only with creatine but also with beta-alanine and citrulline.

Side effects of using HMB

The preparation has no side effects. Even large doses do not adversely affect the body, and its excess is excreted in the urine.

Staying on this topic a little longer, it is worth knowing that the proteolysis may result in obtaining residual proteins thanks to which this substance is formed. They can turn into the so-called secondary metabolites, i.e., harmful compounds. However, it would help if you were not afraid of them, and it is enough to use probiotic preparations.

Dosage of the preparation

Men who start supplementation should take HMB at 3 g, while the ideal dose for women is 2 g per day. We do not make the intake of hydroxymethyl butyrate dependent on training days, and we divide the recommended dose into 2-3 servings during the day.

HMB - what is it
HMB – what is it

The detailed dose titration is slightly different and is closely related to a person’s body weight and from time to time throughout the day. After waking up in the morning and before going to bed in the evening, 0.1 grams per 10 kg of body weight is taken, while after strength training, it is recommended to take a dose of 0.15 grams per 10 kg.

Increasing the recommended dose is not recommended.

What are the effects of using this preparation?

The effects of HMB are especially noticeable for people who work on muscle mass. During exercise, muscles are not damaged, regenerate faster, and the product reduces protein reduction. 

In addition, hydroxymethyl butyrate affects slimming by reducing body fat and is classified as anti-catabolic.

HMB is a hydroxymethyl butyric acid derived from branched-chain amino acids, commonly known as BCAAs. Hydroxymethylbutyrate is produced from leucine, an essential ingredient in the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

The operation of HMB is:

  • faster muscle regeneration,
  • reducing adipose tissue,
  • muscle growth,
  • preventing muscle catabolism,
  • increasing endurance.

HMB nutrients and martial arts

Taking part in a martial arts competition is associated with achieving and maintaining an appropriate weight. It is where the players’ interest in this preparation comes from. Supplements with hydroxymethyl butyrate can improve endurance, but there is no risk of losing weight.

How does it affect people with long training experience?

If you are a person who has been training for a long time, HMB, in your case, will lower creatine kinase in the muscles, which means that the level of overtraining may appear a little later.


BCAA preparations support muscle building and protect muscle proteins against breakdown. In addition, they reduce body fat.

On the other hand, HMB can bring some results during the reduction only when it is used by people starting their adventure with exercise. Although hydroxymethyl butyrate is related to some extent with BCAAs, it is not as effective. Regardless of the goal, BCAAs will help us achieve the assumed plan during reduction and building muscle mass. Both preparations are used regardless of whether it is a day of training or recovery.

A properly balaA properly balanced diet can significantly affect the reception of these preparations. If we choose the dose of the supplement perfectly to the needs, we can count on the fact that HMB will have a positive effect on your body, helping you achieve your goal and maintain your dream weight.

HMB - what is it?

After all, for people who train longer, BCAA will be a more effective preparation.

HMB supplementation – is it worth it?

Yes, especially when you start your adventure with sports and when you need additional support to create. However, in the later period, you will be able to reap the benefits of taking HMB preparations, so it is worth making friends with him for longer. 

Some Practices with hydroxymethyl butyrate are suitable not only for training people but also for elderly people. The process of reducing protein synthesis and catabolism is part of their age. HMB is therefore practical, but to bring satisfactory results, it is worth using it properly.


HMB – what is it?

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