How a student can find a way to love reading

How a student can find a way to love reading

How a student can find a way to love reading

In today’s society, it’s hard to find someone who can’t read. This skill today, perhaps, is vital. After all, without it, you can’t even go to the store. But reading serves not only practical purposes. After all, it’s a great opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and learn something new about the world and yourself.

Reading = pleasure + benefit

Some people say unequivocally: I don’t like to read. Most likely, the person just hasn’t found his or her genre. This often happens if you were forced into books as a child, or, conversely, did not try to instill interest in them. But in both the first and second cases, things can change as soon as the “right” book falls into his hands.

If you are able to enjoy reading, you can consider yourself lucky. For one thing, you’ll have far fewer problems with your studies. Because those who don’t read much often have to turn to research paper help. Do you read a lot and often? Then the process is brought to a complete automatism and does not cause any difficulties. Consequently, it will be much easier to master knowledge from textbooks and notes. Secondly, you have not only a pleasant but also useful way to spend time and rest. Are the Internet and electricity cut off? Never mind. You will always find a way to entertain yourself. You can take a book off the shelf and immerse yourself in someone else’s world, someone else’s life. And that’s wonderful.

Film or Book?

With the development of cinematography, there is an opportunity to convey what is written on the screen “in person. Seeing living images is certainly interesting. However, the visualization of the characters and their actions in the story is not always successful.

Some works are difficult or even impossible to film, and all attempts by filmmakers and screenwriters end in failure. Therefore, you should not rely entirely on the cinema, denying yourself the reading. After all, it is still removed not by the text of the work, and on the script. And he may not coincide with the source.

But the most important reason to prefer a book to a movie is something else: reading triggers the imagination. We read and imagine and draw our images. When we read, we are our own filmmakers.

What keeps you from reading and comprehending what you’re reading

So, we’ve decided that reading is great. But how can we read if we don’t want to?

Has it ever happened that you hold a book in your hands, your eyes seem to run over the lines, but what you’re reading doesn’t make it into your head? Of course, it has. There could be several reasons for this:

  • Fatigue. If you run around the stadium all day, sooner or later your energy will run out and your body will need to rest. It’s the same with reading. After all, it’s quite a complex type of speech activity. The brain actively uses energy. So just rest, lie with your eyes closed, do the cleaning, switch to physical activity. And after a while, you will again be able to comprehend the printed word.
  • Experiencing. Suppose something has upset you, made you angry, made you mad. Or, on the contrary, you are in euphoria, and joy is poured over the edge. It is almost impossible to read in such a state. Thoughts will still swim with the flow of emotions. The solution: You should not force your brain to read at such moments. Allow yourself to calm down. Take a walk, have some tea, and then start reading.
  • Weak interest. Now, this is a problem. And if we are talking about entertaining reading, which you can shamelessly set aside and forget, then what about the works on the program, textbooks, and notes?

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What to do if you don’t want to read, but you have to:

  • Create an atmosphere. Make yourself some tea or coffee, get a blanket. Make yourself comfortable and relaxed. Better yet, don’t let anything distract you from the process.
  • Set a time limit. For example, 30 minutes. It’s not a long time.
  • Try to overcome (just an effort of will) fear of the text canvas. It’s just letters, they do not bite. You just need to sit back, open the book and start.
  • Read aloud with intonation. As if you were an artist and rehearsing your role. You might find it fascinating. Or you can have a literary evening with friends.
  • Make notes in the margins. If just reading is not interesting (for example, a textbook on a boring subject for you), then reading and underlining – it can be.

How a student can find a way to love reading

How a student can find a way to love reading

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