How Cyber-Attacks Are Destroying Online Business

How Cyber Attacks Are Destroying Online Business

How Cyber-Attacks Are Destroying Online Business

Cyber-attacks are on the rise, and they cost businesses billions of dollars in losses. From online retailers to healthcare providers, no company is safe from cyber-attackers. Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. 

Business owners need to implement a comprehensive security plan that includes network firewalls, download VPN app, antivirus software, and firewall updates to stay one step ahead of the hackers. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation recommends that companies be aware of threats in the form of suspicious emails and computers connecting via a wireless router or modem, exposing a company’s network to malware downloads and cyber-attacks.

In this article, businessmen will get answers to the following questions:

  • How cyber-attacks affect businesses?
  • How much money do companies lose to hackers?
  • How big of a problem is cyber invasions to business?

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How do Hackers Attack Businesses?

Cyber-attacks have become a significant issue for businesses as they can severely disrupt the company and its customers’ lives. Unprotected hardware and software, as well as being persuaded by hackers, can be responsible for a cyber-attack. That’s why it is recommended to use a VPN add-on.

Hackers are persuaded to perform a cyber-attack by financial incentives or to gain notoriety. Many cyber-attacks target the weakest point in an organization: human error and negligence. It is said that cyber vandalism will cost about 10.5 Trillion dollars per year by 2025, which is massive and more than some countries’ GDP. Due to the increase in cybersecurity ventures, it is said that cybercrime costs will increase up to 15% every year.

Some of the ways that hackers can use to attack businesses are the following:

Phishing Attack:

Most cyber-attacks are mainly due to phishing. Phishing is a form of hacking where a user will provide their private information such as their username and password to a hacker. These attacks usually come from emails or texts, and they can be challenging for a company to avoid because they appear to come from someone that the user trusts.


Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more common, so many people are considering educating themselves on the different types of attacks. Malware is one type of attack that affects businesses in many ways. 

The first way is by taking information. Sometimes malware infiltrates a computer network and collects data like user names, passwords, or credit card numbers. It can also be used to take control of a system. To avoid such attacks, it is vital to use a Chrome or Firefox VPN setup. So, no one can trace digital footprints.

Impacts of Cyber Attacks on Businesses:

Cyber-attacks have been a common threat to businesses for many years. They run the gamut from malware and ransomware to data breaches and social engineering. The impact of these cyber-attacks can range from minimal to devastating; it all depends on what type of information was stolen or compromised and the extent of the breach. 

Even if a company’s data isn’t compromised, people should always be vigilant about potential threats like phishing scams and fake sites that steal passwords and other personal details. Some of the impacts are the following:

Increased Cost:

Cyber-attacks are more than just theft of data; they are costly for businesses. It is said that 6% of companies in the USA paid about $381 Million ransom in 2019. This is mainly because the frequency of cyber-attacks has increased alarming, with the average company being attacked every 12 seconds globally. The financial impact of these threats can be high.

Operational Disruption:

The impacts of cyber-attacks on businesses are numerous, but operational disruption does not get addressed enough. Cyber security breaches can cause operational disruptions if the company has to shut down operations to clean up the breach. 

If information systems are involved, it can also lead to significant financial losses if the company has lost control of the sensitive data. Businesses need to understand what types of operational disruptions could happen based on how their business operates and their industry.

Reputational Damage:

When a company is hacked, it will typically experience a variety of consequences. One of the most damaging impacts on reputation may be that customers will no longer trust that their personal or business data is safe with the company. 

As cyber-attacks continue to increase in frequency and sophistication, ensuring that your company is well-protected can help you maintain your reputation among customers and stakeholders.

How to Protect Online Businesses from Cyber Attacks?

Use VPN:

Cyberattacks are often easy to protect against; most company owners just do not know about them. A VPN is an excellent tool for protecting businesses from hackers and other cybercriminals. 

We recommend people use VeePN, which is a trusted, secured, and encrypted VPN. The two main benefits of using a VPN are that it encrypts data traffic and hides the IP address.

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How Cyber-Attacks Are Destroying Online Business

Enable Strong Password & 2-FA:

One way to protect the online business is to enable strong passwords and 2-factor authentication. To choose a good password, use combinations of letters, numbers, symbols, and capitalization. People should also update their passwords regularly. 

Don’t Click Malicious Links:

Cybercriminals use malicious links, attachments, and fake email messages to compromise sensitive information and infect computers with malware. If you happen to receive an email with a link, be sure to check it before clicking on it. If the email looks like it is not coming from your company or if there appears to be suspicious content in any of the email’s language, do not click.

So, by applying these methods, people can secure their online business. These are not hard to apply, but people must apply these techniques. The most essential and effective way among the above is VPN. So, use it whenever you browse online. 

How Cyber-Attacks Are Destroying Online Business


How Cyber-Attacks Are Destroying Online Business

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