How to Extend Your Appliances’ Lifespan: 6 Lifehacks

Extend Your Appliances Lifespan

How to Extend Your Appliances’ Lifespan: 6 Lifehacks

Household appliances are a significant investment. While many of them are supposed to continue working for decades, the majority breaks down much earlier. The main reason for such a problem is a lack of maintenance.

Homeowners often don’t take the time to learn how to take care of their appliances properly.  When the machines break down, they don’t always get high-quality repair. As a result, appliances need replacement before you expect it.

Let’s take a closer look at six ways to avoid major replacement expenses and enjoy your appliances for many years to come.  

1. Opt for Professional Installation

If you need to install anything more complicated than a microwave, consider asking for professional assistance.

Many appliances need much more than an electrical outlet. For example, the washing machine must be leveled. Otherwise, it could break down in a matter of months. Find a company that can install your appliances professionally to avoid unplanned repairs.

2. Read the Manual

The 21st-century homeowner tends to ignore manuals. The intuitive interfaces of the majority of appliances make it easy to start using them without any directions. However, the manual doesn’t just tell you how to use an appliance. It has detailed maintenance instructions.

For example, a manual can tell you how often to clean the machine or what the maximum loading capacity is. Without this information, it’s easy to make simple mistakes and face a serious appliance breakdown.

Take the time to study the manual before the appliance’s first use. Many machines need special treatment before you use them for the first time. Following the instructions can add a couple of years to your appliance’s lifespan.

3. Arrange Regular Cleaning

All appliances require regular cleaning. Be it a refrigerator or a microwave, debris, grease stains, and mildew could shorten its life expectancy significantly. Many homeowners believe that if they don’t see the dirt, it’s not there.

However, appliances that are exposed to water always have some dirt on the inside. For example, to clean your washing machine or dishwasher, you need to run an empty cycle with special detergents or white vinegar at least once a month.

If you notice any dirt or an unpleasant smell coming from an appliance, experts from Tampa appliance repair, Hartman recommend cleaning it ahead of schedule. If the problem doesn’t go away, contact your appliance repair company.

4. Change Filters

Many household appliances have filters that need to be changed regularly. Once filters get dirty, the appliance stops working properly and eventually breaks down. Sometimes homeowners don’t know about these filters. They find out about their existence after the machine stops working properly.

Check the appliance manual to find out when and how filters need to be changed. Sometimes you can simply clean the filter by running it under warm water. In some cases, filters need replacement.

Make sure to stock up on clean filters and set up replacement/cleaning time reminders.

5. Inspect for Damage

If your appliance has a problem, it may not be obvious. So whenever you clean the machine, make sure to expect it for damage. Small cracks, ripped seals, and rust could signal a problem. The faster you take care of it, the more likely you are to avoid major repairs.

Don’t try to repair an appliance on your own unless you have experience. Appliance repair isn’t just complicated, it can be dangerous. If you think your appliance is broken, unplug it and wait for professional technicians to inspect it.

How to Extend Your Appliances’ Lifespan: 6 Lifehacks

6. Work with a Reliable Repair Company

When your appliance breaks down, you need to get it fixed ASAP. Some homeowners panic and call the first repair company they find online. However, not all appliance repair organizations are created equal. Inexperienced technicians could damage your appliance even further.

Take the time to find a reliable appliance repair company before a problem occurs. This way, you’ll know whom to call when the appliance stops working.

Final Thoughts

To serve you for a long time, appliances need maintenance. Take the time to read the manual, arrange professional installation and repair, clean and inspect your machines thoroughly, and change filters timely.

The better care you take of the appliance, the better care it will take of you. 

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How to Extend Your Appliances’ Lifespan: 6 Lifehacks

How to Extend Your Appliances’ Lifespan: 6 Lifehacks

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