How to have a discreet hookup without getting caught

How to have a discreet hookup without getting caught

How to have a discreet hookup without getting caught

We all heard that bitter story. At the very beginning, everything was perfect; you loved each other madly and dreamed of a cozy house and a happy family. You tried your best to make everything perfect, but it turned out real life is not a novel, and things don’t always go our way. Now, you are stuck in a half-broken relationship that can’t fulfill you but can’t be left behind either.

Attention- and love-starved, you’re seeking someone to heal that wound in your heart, at least temporarily. And we all know that cheating is not a way out, no matter the situation. But we are humans, after all; sometimes, it has to be done to fill that emptiness and get the power to move forward. But another question appears: how to find someone for a discreet hookup and what are the rules of discreet dating?

  1. Discreet hookup: what does it mean and where to find a partner?

The term “discreet dating” is used in the context of seeing someone who is not your partner or spouse. The person you are dating remains a secret from your partner, which makes it “discreet.”

And, of course, our example is not the only reason people choose to cheat. They might also want their friends and family to think they are single. Or they might be happily married/in a relationship but still want to keep the options open. Or they just might be looking for side relationships or casual sex without having to explain anything to anybody else. No matter the circumstances, there are rules of discreet dating and only a few places where reliable partners for cheating can be found.

Today, the most common way of seeking someone trusted to hook up with is using specialized dating platforms made especially for those seeking a discreet hookup and wanting to have some fun. These sites offer a possibility to connect with other people – single or in a relationship – in a safe and secure environment. Everything this kind of site needs is your location to offer matches living nearby and maybe a few of your preferences in partners; the rest is up to you. You can reveal as much information as you want or don’t reveal any – leave it for later, when you will be sure your new match is 100% ready to meet you. 

Another kind of popular way of finding a partner is through social media. But the major problem with cheating this way is that it’s very easy for people to find it out. It is so because usually, everyone has access to all of your personal information, such as phone number, address, and other personal details, which can be used against you if you’re not careful enough. This method is questionable, but you can risk trying it too.

  1. Learn to leave no evidence, or at least hide what’s left

Now, say you already found a partner to cheat, and you’re planning to see them from time to time. The first rule to remember is always to hide the evidence. Messages on your smartphone must be deleted right after you read them, as well as incoming and outcoming calls, and the contact name must not arouse suspicion.

Time for texting and speaking on the phone must be chosen wisely, too. You can’t stare at your device with a delightful look on your face and expect your partner not to get suspicious, particularly if it happens every day. The same goes for calls – even if you try to mask the conversation (as if you’re talking to your business partner or something), especially if the call was unexpected, you’ll look extremely shady. So you must either agree on the time you will be contacting each other or think beforehand on how to behave when they message or call you.

Always meet on neutral territory, i.e., motels, hotels, etc. Meeting at their or your place is cheap, of course, and saves a lot of effort at first glance, but the smallest mistake can eventually cost you too much. Especially if you’re not ready to lose your marriage or that long-term thing you’re having with your partner.

  1. Use the “private browsing” mode

When using dating platforms or social media for cheating, there are always some risks of getting caught in the process or after it, and these chances are ten times higher if you forget to clear your browsing history. The “private browsing” mode is a way to use the internet without any traces of your activity being left behind. It is a feature that has been around for a while, but there are still many people who don’t know how to use it.

To activate the mode, you have to open the browser and click on the small “private browsing” icon in the top left corner. You can also press Ctrl + Shift + N. This will open up a new window with different settings than your regular browser window. Then, you’re free to go!

  1. Don’t get too close

Getting to know their friends, parents, siblings, etc., is a very bad idea. Even the closest friend of yours can become an enemy when it comes to discreet dating. They might accidentally mention something in a conversation with your long-term partner, and all your lies will fall apart like a house of cards. So make sure to keep your relationships between the two of you to avoid the risks of getting revealed.

There are many reasons why people might want to date discreetly. It could be because they are separated, divorced, or widowed, and they want to date without their children knowing about it. But no matter the reason, there are rules of discreet dating to follow if you want to keep everything a secret, and also only a few ways to find someone you can trust to keep your fling between the two of you. Use the advice we provided wisely, and make sure to have fun!

How to have a discreet hookup without getting caught

How to have a discreet hookup without getting caught

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