How to make great makeup for the first date in 2021

How to make great makeup for the first date

Wearing makeup on the first date is about presenting yourself in the best light possible while also making yourself feel great. The thing to remember is that makeup is there to accentuate what you have or downplay aspects of yourself that you are not in love with. It’s not your entire personality, and it should never make or break a date. With that being said, we’re going to show you some makeup tips that can help you look and feel your best when you go out on the first date! Let’s roll!

Take the process seriously to surprise your partner

If you’re a person that enjoys wearing makeup (not everyone does), then there is no reason that you shouldn’t put in a lot of effort for your first date. You should take this situation seriously so that you look your best.

While that can be helpful in making your date more attractive to you, using makeup is also about putting your own mind at ease. You are in control of how you are presenting yourself to your date when you use makeup, so when you have the best look, you’ll feel your best, too.

You should aim to surprise your partner with how well-thought-out your presentation is, and you’ll be very surprised at your success. Relying on a few tips from users of the Tenderfling site, we will reveal to you the secrets of unusual makeup.

Here are some great makeup ideas:

When your first date is bearing down on you, there are a few things that you can do if you are trying to get your date’s attention. You could throw them for a loop by using a neutral, almost nude makeup set, or you can use your makeup to entice them. Either way, use any of these looks, and you’ll have the opportunity to make your romantic partner swoon over how well you look!

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  1. Focus on the eyes with smoky looks

The eyes are the windows to the soul, so you might want to accentuate yours if they are large and lively. The best way to do that is to use a smoky eye shadow, eyeliner, and then use a lighter makeup look on the rest of your face. In fact, some people use this look and leave their lips without any sort of makeup on them. Sure, you can put on some foundation and makeup to give your face an even look, but the eyes are the main attraction. Start on your eyes, and then do the rest!

  1. Framing the face

Another way to get your partner’s attention is to use a barebones approach to makeup. Put even makeup on your face, a little pink in the cheeks, and mascara on the eyes. You can use a little lip gloss, too, but the goal here is to make your eyes stand out so your partner can’t stop looking in them. It takes less skill than the smokey look, and you’ll cover all the important parts of your makeup.

  1. Lady in red

Using red lipstick can be a complete game-changer when you go out on a date. For this look, you’ll use mascara on the eyes, a little eyeshadow, and then red lipstick. The way this look is interpreted will rely a fair amount on how you dress. This look can be a little flirty in a black dress, or it can appear business-like if you are wearing a blouse and slacks. Play around with this look a bit to achieve the desired effect.

  1. A glowing look

One other great way that you can use makeup on the first date is to go for the glowing look. Depending on your skin tone, the idea is to achieve a champagne-color look around the eyes with some shimmery makeup. Then, you should enhance the look with a pink lipstick that makes you look young, flirty, and cute. It’s a good look, especially for younger people that want something easy to put together.

  1. The completely fresh look

Do you want your partner to question whether or not you’re wearing makeup? Do you want them to see you for you? Then this is the go-to look. It requires minimal makeup by using a very light coating of powder and foundation on the face, eyeliner applied to the upper lid only, and then a nude pink lipstick. You’ll look like the best version of yourself without having to put tons of time and effort into the look. Your date will be seriously impressed!

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Beautiful makeup is the key to a successful date

Having a good makeup look is very important to have a successful date. Putting effort into your look is something that partners care about because it shows that you want their approval. It’s the same as when a man gets dressed in tailored clothes for a woman. When you show up to a date looking great, it will also put you at ease. You know that your look is solid and that you have a high degree of self-worth.

That will tell your date that you don’t need to settle, so they better be kind, consistent, and have something to offer you as an individual. Of course, we don’t want to put too much emphasis on the importance of your makeup in light of the first date, but you should know that it sets a certain tone when you show up looking beautiful.

Trying to decide which makeup style you want to utilize on the first date can be trying. You have to match it to your mood, outfit, and intent. We’ve shown you several great looks that aren’t too complicated to implement.

Even a person that is nervous for their first date can manage to put these looks together to look and feel their best. Remember that makeup is more about how you feel than it is about impressing another person. When you look at your best, you’ll feel and act your best!

How to make great makeup for the first date

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