How to write a scientific article for publication

How to write a scientific article for publication

How to write a scientific article for publication

How do you write a research paper for a student? Faced with the need to write 8-12 pages on their research results, students panic and can’t even get started. 

Too often, students jeopardize their grades by downloading from the Internet or ordering ready-made texts that then fail anti-plagiarism checks.

Knowing the basic rules for writing a research paper can help you overcome confusion and learn how to describe scientific data in a quality manner. For example, at you can find a lot of useful information about writing a research paper.

Why write a research paper to a student

Most students publish articles under the pressure of external factors. In many universities, especially when studying in the master’s program, only those qualifying works, the results of which already have publications in journals, are accepted for the defense. Sometimes the supervisor or the university administration requires students to publish in order to increase the position of the university in the rankings.

Some students are intrinsically motivated to pursue science. Then the presence of published articles can be very useful when applying for participation in a variety of seminars and schools, the cost of which is compensated by a foundation. 

When applying to graduate programs, especially overseas, a CV is required, and the number of scientific publications of the applicant will be an important advantage in the selection process

There are universities that give extra stipends to students with a high publication record.

Why graduate students and postdoctoral fellows write research articles

According to the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission, it is not possible to receive a Ph.D. degree without having 2-3 (depending on the branch of science) publications in journals indexed in special databases. Therefore, Ph.D. candidates and postgraduate students should take care to have the required number of published scientific papers before the defense of their dissertation.

How to write a scientific article

How to write a scientific article depends on its type. There are reviews – in them, the author analyzes the current literature on a topic, evaluates the state of its study, identifies unresolved issues and prospects of research in this area. Usually, review articles are published by famous scientists who are well versed in their topic.

Another type of scientific publication, the authors of which may well be students, are experimental articles. On your own or with the help of your supervisor, you have set a goal, objectives, formulated a hypothesis that you intend to test, planned, and performed an experiment. The results have been analyzed by you and here you are ready to start writing the article. But how do you properly start writing a scientific article?

The writing process is conveniently divided into three phases:

  • Preparing to write, gathering information.
  • Writing a draft.
  • Proofreading.

Many people skip the first phase and immediately start writing the article. This popular way cannot be considered effective. Imagine: you have opened a blank Word document and proceeded to write the introduction to the article. You have written the first sentence, begun to formulate the second. And then you realize that you need to insert some statistics. You remember that they were published in an article by Ivanov and Petrov in 2015. You open a search engine and try to find it, but all you find is a summary and the output.

Then you try to find it in the databases, and after a while, you manage to download a pdf file with the full text, but now you need to find the necessary statistical indicators in the body of the article. All this process will take you an average of 20-30 minutes. This is the amount of time you will actually spend writing two phrases.

How to write a scientific article for publication

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How to write a scientific article for publication

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