Infrared Treatment for Pain

Infrared Treatment for Pain

Infrared Treatment for Pain

While you experience intense back or neck pain, it is natural to look for ways to get relief from these issues. Drugs, medications, supplements, etc. are always available for pain relief. However, you might want to try something that won’t cause any side effects. There are several options out there apart from medications. Among them, infrared light therapy is one of the best options you can go for to relieve your pain.

Different types of therapies often use to deal with chronic pain. Infrared light therapy is one of the most effective forms of therapy. It works great for the management of chronic pain of different types. Certain wavelengths of light are used in infrared light therapy. Specific light therapy devices are used to emit strong infrared light, and the light is delivered to certain parts of the body that require relief from pain.

Infrared light is completely safe to use. They have no damaging effects on the body cells or body tissues, unlike ultraviolet light. Infrared light helps cells to repair themselves They also help with cell regeneration. Infrared light therapy also helps to promote blood circulation in the places where it is applied to. It helps deep tissues to heal faster and relieve pain in the process.

Why Infrared Light is Used in Light Therapy

Infrared light operates at wavelengths from 750 nm to 1 mm. It is in the invisible spectrum. Lights of both visible and invisible spectrums are used in light therapy. However, infrared and near-infrared light works better in dealing with different issues than the lights of the visible spectrum. Infrared light can penetrate the layers of the skin of our bodies in a better way than red, blue, green, amber, etc. lights.

Due to that fact, infrared light can work effectively in relieving specific pains from the human body. This method of therapy is painless, natural, and non-invasive. Apart from pain relief, it also can help with dealing with lots of other issues like skin problems, muscle building, sleeping problems, etc. Infrared light can reduce pain and inflammation in particular areas of the body. It does so without damaging the skin, unlike UV rays.

How Infrared Therapy Works to Treat Pain

Infrared therapy has been cleared by the FDA for dealing with pain issues. You can now take infrared therapy for pain without facing any side effects or health risks.

These days medical specialists and physiotherapists are treating a wide range of chronic pain and skeletal and muscular injuries with infrared therapy. Infrared therapy can promote the healing mechanisms of your body. This means it can treat the source of your pain. Thus, it can help to reduce chronic pain, pain from sports injuries, pain from menstrual cramps, pain from trauma, etc.

In infrared therapy, a strong light of certain wavelengths gets radiated through an infrared light therapy device to the body parts with pain or injury. Infrared light can painlessly penetrate the skin, muscles, and even bones too. It works way better than visible lights when it comes to penetrating the skin, and the other stuff. It can go deeper into the human body by penetrating the muscles, bones, and nerves, and work on a cellular level to deal with the actual cause of the pain.

Infrared light therapy can easily reach the cells and tissues of the affected part of the body. After reaching the cells, the infrared light gets absorbed by the cell’s mitochondria. This increases the generation of ATP in the cells, and this increases the cell’s metabolism. This energizes the healing process in the skin, muscles, bones, or subcutaneous tissues.

Infrared Treatment for Pain

Infrared light therapy also helps to generate necessary chemical reactions and hormones in the body. This can help with relieving pain and providing relaxation and comfort. The light especially helps to release nitric oxide in the body, this will activate several positive chain reactions. Infrared light also facilitates the generation of endorphins, which can act both as a pain-reliever and a feel-good hormone. This way infrared light tends to have a direct effect on pain signals, as it is highly efficient in reducing the impact of the pain and relieving the pain.

Infrared light also helps to increase blood circulation in the parts where it is emitted. It also increases the oxygen levels there. It helps a lot in reducing pain and inflammation.

Types of Pains that Can be Treated with Infrared Therapy

Infrared light therapy can be helpful in treating different types of pain, whether it is a temporary inflammation or chronic pain. This therapy can be used in treating-

  • Chronic Neck Pain
  • Chronic Back Pain
  • Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Tendon Inflammation such as Achilles Tendon Inflammation and others

You can go through infrared light therapy for different health conditions that cause pain. This will include such things as carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetic neuropathy, joint inflammation, etc. You can easily get rid of muscle pain, different injuries, wounds, and post-surgical incisions with infrared therapy. It does not matter if the pain is muscular or skeletal, infrared therapy can help you deal with it. Muscle soreness can also be treated with this therapy.

Final Words

If you are suffering from pain of any sort, no matter if it is in your muscle or bone, or just skin, you can use infrared therapy to deal with it. It will provide you with relief from pain, and let you have the comfort and relaxation you need. It is totally painless and doesn’t have any notable side effects.

Most importantly, you can take it easy at your home by using an infrared light therapy device. It is, in fact, one of the most effective and easy methods for dealing with pain right now.

Infrared Treatment for Pain

Infrared Treatment for Pain

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