Is Math related to Science asked by Katy Perry?

Is Math related to Science asked by Katy Perry?

Mathematics is the study of patterns. Science is the study of patterns in nature. So maths is a natural language with which to describe and explore the natural world and various phenomena within it.

Katy Perry asked Neil deGrasse Tyson “Is math related to science?” Some people have belittled her for that question but I think it’s an excellent question that many intelligent people do not really understand. Dr. Tyson gave some very good answers. But he could barely scratch the surface in such a casual setting.

Dr. Tyson answered that math is the language of science. He said that if you want to understand the universe you need to understand it with math. He pointed out how amazing it is that even though math is something we invented in our head it applies across the universe and everywhere in science. find He said that if you want to measure something, you need math. All so very true, well-framed, and easy to understand.

I could add that we simply did not have what we call science today until we started applying math to describe the physical world. Galileo Galilei is credited with this landmark innovation only a few hundred years ago back around 1590. One hundred years later Isaac Newton expressed the fundamental laws of mechanics in mathematical terms and these two innovations together are the foundations of science even today.

Is Math related to Science asked by Katy Perry?

Without it, we would be riding around in horse carts similar to what the Romans used that were much inferior even to the carriages of the 1800s. Automobiles and airplanes simply could not have been invented yet. Nothing would be the same after the marriage of Math and Science.

Math enables us to measure things with numbers. It’s not easy, but we can guess how the numbers we get from the measurements we make can be reproduced from some mathematical principle or formula. This guess usually turns out wrong but we can know that it’s wrong because when we try to use the principal or formula the answer does not always agree with what we actually measure.

When after every reasonable effort to check the formula or principle we find it always works, we tentatively accept it until we discover a case where it fails. It’s an iterative process and we are always trying to refine things. We call this mathematical modeling.

Once a phenomenon is modeled mathematically we can use the math to find the best solution for a particular problem. We can also perform a “what if” analysis; that is we can use the math to see what happens when we change things. This eliminates most (but not all) of the time and effort of trial and error.

Is Math related to Science asked by Katy Perry?

That is why applying math to science has led to an explosion in technology. We can know a great deal (but not everything) about how things will work even before we try.

We can even use this combination of math and science to study and make predictions about things we could never observe directly, like what happens inside stars or what happens when atomic particles come together. These techniques are called mathematical simulations.

While you might be able to do science without math, it would take tens of thousands of years to make significant progress. What I have outlined here focuses on how math is applied to physical science but it can also be applied everywhere: medicine, business, psychology, economics, sports training, computers, motion picture industry, the art of painting, etc.

All of these fields and many more have been greatly advanced by applying math and the scientific method to them. You and Katy Perry asked, “Is Math related to Science.” They are related by marriage and they have been fruitful with many healthy and successful offspring.

What is Katy Perry’s IQ score?

It is in fact unknown but if you know her personal history you must also be aware that she must have a high IQ. She is self made, with no initial help through family, money, or other things; she became what she is alone through her hard work, determination, and high ability to learn anything new.

My own IQ is up to 139 on a good day, but I feel dumb compared to her. She really has a brain like a firework, and that she didn’t get much formal education is entirely her parents’ fault who are traveling preachers who couldn’t even afford a dentist for her. If she, Katheryn Hudson, wasn’t a highly intelligent person she would be a million miles away today from being ‘Katy Perry’.

Is Katy Perry stupid?

I love Katy Perry. I think she has a charming personality (Don’t think she’s charming? Go watch some videos from 2010/2011, where she’s dressing up as an “angel egg” for Halloween or doing interviews with a purple wig on. You might change your mind), is hilarious, very sweet, and I greatly enjoy her music.

She’s my favorite music artist, after all. But Katy? Intelligent?… Not quite the word I’d use to describe her. She dropped out of 9th grade and went on to study Italian Opera instead of finishing high school.

She herself has claimed that she gets very confused with stuff like spelling and math. Plus, I think “Is math related to science?” just sums everything up… Now, I don’t think she’s necessarily an idiot. She’s just not in the Top Ten of the highest IQs in Hollywood.

Has Katy Perry had breast augmentation surgery?

I’ve done a meet and greet with Katy Perry (for my daughter) and I just kept wondering how someone so thin could be so “blessed”. And to a great extent, she is naturally blessed and absolutely stunning, but the good Lord gives few women of any generation a human-born body like Brigitte Bardot or the girls in a Russ Meyer film.

It didn’t bother me so much that I did research on the subject, but when this question came up, I did recall reading about this at a hairdresser. Of course, I couldn’t find the trashy magazine online but I found a celebrity/surgery web site that said the same thing:

Also, compare her Rolling Stone cover in August 2010 to her February 2011 perfume launch: There is no logic to my answer, just observation. The woman is hardworking, puts on a fun show, and deserves all the success she earned.

Why do a lot of people hate Katy Perry?

  1. ny music star who had a lot of success without showing great artistic skills gets hate.

Nobody hate on celine dion for not writing much of her hits cause she’s one of the rare who can sing it so well while nobody’s mad at janet or madonna for not having the best voices cause they do dance a lot and show real talent for it.

Perry’s not really a dancer, her songwriting is often deemed basic and her vocals can be good but are quite irregular so you just have to hear her in one of her “bad voice day” and you’ll be disappointed. That’s enough for people to think she doesn’t deserve her prestigious place and hate on her.

2. She launched her career using homosexuality.

How many female popstars used homosexuality to get some attention like perry with her “I kissed a girl” era? That’s just a marketing trick at this point and REAL homosexuals who don’t make money out of their orientation but eventually take crap for it are not huge fans of that. That’s tacky you know?

Her spreading the clichés about gay males with her song “Ur so gay” about a guy being “so gay” cause he likes a type of scarf and so on was silly too. The stereotype of the gay dude dressing/acting a certain way have been used since SUCH a long time and gays are still often reduced to it. Did she need to add her stone to this edifice lol? This song did bring her her first buzz after all so I guess it was good marketing so I bet she regrets nothing.

3. She tries to hard to be “the big sister you dream of”.

She come across as fake now when before she was just fun. The super relatable “funny girl next door” thing looks a bit forced and a ton of people agree. If you do it you better be a great actress who do it seamlessly and do “trick” people well.

4. She backed Hillary Clinton for the last election.

Many Trump supporters probably started disliking her after that since they often DEEPLY HATE Hillary Clinton. Being mad at Perry over that is absurd imo, everybody’s allowed to believe in the candidate he/she see as the best to help the country.

5. The nun drama.

She wanted a LA former convent so much that she ended up fighting with the nuns about it. Plenty of folks would think that it’s not really classy to make old ladies mad. It’s important to note that the property was restored along the years with the money these nuns raised.

One of the nuns collapsed then died during the trial for the property ( right after telling to Perry via the journalist to stop all this process ) and it confirmed how far these thing can go.

Katy perry never addressed the situation and apparently still try to get the property… An other of these nuns gonna have to die from exhaustion/stress during one of the trials for her to stop maybe?

6. Her last album.

Admirers often stop liking singers when they don’t bring them fun or pleasure with their music.
Many of her fans and mere followers were disappointed that she came back with this work after years of them proving their patience. It was less catchy than her former music, more introspective, and maybe that’s not what the masses expected from Perry.

7. Her music style in general.

If we go outside of her fandom, a lot of people find “bubblegum pop” corny and the summum of commercial music, all bout the catchiness and without artistry. So they wouldn’t specially hate her for that but hate many popstar, including Perry.

Can you consider maths a science? I know it is a controversial topic, but since maths is not based on the scientific method (but in axioms), would it be fair to call it “science”? Nowadays, people seem to view maths as “the queen of science.” How?

Science deals with the following process:

  1. Make observations
  2. Form a hypothesis
  3. Create an experiment to test your hypothesis
  4. Gather data using your experiment
  5. Analyze your data and see if it fits with your hypothesis; if it doesn’t, start again from either step 2 or from step 1

Step 2 can often include creating a mathematical model, and in this sense, mathematics forms the basis of a lot of science. However, this does not imply that mathematics is a science itself.

Mathematics strictly deals with deducing conclusions from axioms. You can use the scientific process listed above to create conjectures, but not theorems, if you replace steps 3–5 with “test your conjecture with various different numbers”. Take the Goldbach conjecture for example. It states that every even integer greater than 2 can be written as the sum of two primes.






In fact, every even integer up to 4×10184×1018 has been confirmed to follow the Goldbach conjecture[1], so it is likely that it is true, but no mathematician can say for sure that it is true until a rigorous proof is provided. You are right, mathematics deals with axioms. Although mathematical modeling is prevalent in the sciences, it is not appropriate to call mathematics itself a science.

How many languages can your brain handle?

Polyglots- A person who can speak, read or otherwise use more than or equal to 5 language.

Hyperpolyglots- when they know more than equal to 11 fluently.

The renowned people, when it comes to maximum no of language speakers-

  1. Cardinal Giuseppe Caspar Mezzofanti – Wikipedia – spoke at least thirty languages to max 72.
  2. Ziad Fazah – Wikipedia – himself claims to speak 59 languages
  3. Here is a List of polyglots – Wikipedia

I can speak 4 languages, write and read 2 languages, & partially understand additional 3 languages.

As much as I know there is no set language number you can learn. And I couldn’t find any research done in this regard to determining an exact number or range for normal individuals.

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Is Math related to Science
Is Math related to Science

What kind of math is used in science?

Arithmetic, algebra, and advanced mathematics may be used. Arithmetic and algebra are used to establish values and solve simple equations or formulae. In classical or everyday Physics and Chemistry, normal values are used to solve equations. In Astronomy, distances, sizes, and masses are very large

Is math related to science Reddit?

Absolutely. Science is founded on statistics, which is a mathematical field and makes no sense without basic mathematics.

What are the similarities between math and science?

Regarding their similarities, both mathematics and science are taken as ways of understanding that are embedded in rational logic – focusing on universal knowledge statements. Both are seen by society in general as essential components of schooling, rivaled only by literacy.

Is science related to math Katy Perry?

You and Katy Perry asked, “Is Math related to Science.” They are related by marriage and they have been fruitful with many healthy and successful offspring.

Is math the purest science?

More recently sciences were developed by testing the intellectual product with empirical data. These sciences are not regarded as being pureMathematics, often regarded as pure science, has for most of history been based on postulates of geometry that could not be proven.

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