Jasha Lottin: Star Wars-inspired naked woman who climbs inside a dead horse.

Jasha Lottin: Star Wars-inspired naked woman who climbs inside a dead horse.

Jasha Lottin: Star Wars-inspired naked woman who climbs inside a dead horse.

Naked woman who entered the carcass of a horse she just killed and dismembered claimed Star Wars-inspired her.

Jasha Lottin (21), from Oregon, posted disturbing photos of herself online after she and a boyfriend shot the 32-year-old horse “humanely” as he was in declining condition.

Ms Jasha lottin stated that the reason she climbed inside the horse was two-fold. She wanted to be ‘at one with the horse’ and, secondly, and perhaps more bizarrely, she claimed to have been inspired to climb inside by a Star Wars scene.

Jasha Lottin
Jasha Lottin

Disturbing: Her boyfriend took a photo of her bloody 21-year old Portland woman pretending to eat a piece of the dead horse.

Jasha Lottin
Jasha Lottin

Inspiration: At 21 years old, the inspiration came from Star Wars’ scene where Luke Skywalker climbs into a dead animal.

According to the Seattle Weekly, she said she saw Empire Strikes Back and got the idea from it.

She said that she didn’t know why people cared about her actions.

According to the ‘aspiring model and nudist, Han Solo opened an animal with his lightsaber and put Luke Skywalker inside it.

It was because Luke died from cold weather. Ms Jasha lottin stated that there was nothing religious in what she did and that she didn’t mean to offend anyone.

The couple was not charged with any crime, but police investigated the photos.

Washington County authorities say that the couple didn’t break the law.

The photo of the petite woman (5’6″ and 119lbs) smiling from the horse’s inside is not the only one. Another photo shows her bloody body in front of it.

The woman and her boyfriend are also seen holding the heart of the animal. A fourth photo shows them holding the piece in front of each other as they pretend to eat it.

Washington County Sergeant Dave Thompson said that he was shocked at the graphic evidence.

He said, “At some point in your career you say yes I’ve seen lots of bad stuff. But when you see this type of picture you realize that maybe you haven’t seen all of it.”

The protagonist is a young woman, 21 years old, who had the “spontaneous” idea of ​​​​buying the animal and then skinning it and taking nude photos: with the horse’s blood, with its organs in her hands, and even inside its corpse. 

This cruelty occurred in Portland, northeast of the United States, and came to light after the young Jasha Lottin, 21, decided to post what she had done on her Facebook account, the Seattle Weekly reported.

According to a police report, the morning, Lottin and his friend John Frost decided to buy a horse, and shortly after, he was shot in the head with a 300 Winchester Magnum hunting rifle.

Once lying on the grass, they skinned him, removed each of his viscera, and began the photo session, where you can see the woman “bathed” with the animal’s blood.

She was photographed with the organs in her hands and was encouraged to bite the horse’s genitalia. The “work” concluded after taking some images of the young woman lying inside the animal’s corpse.

The reason, according to Lottin, for that last scene was “to be one with the animal.” He also attributed the image to his “love of him” in the film Star Wars.

In the George Lucas film, there is a scene where the character of Han Solo decides to open an animal about to die in half to put Luke Skywalker inside, who is frozen.

The young woman assured the newspaper that there was nothing religious about what she did and that she had no intention of offending anyone. She was also surprised because, according to her de Ella, she doesn’t understand “what’s all the fuss about” since her cruelty was “just a spontaneous event.”

On Facebook, in addition to Lottin’s account, a group of people created another to repudiate the slaughter of the animal and her joy at what she did.

petite woman
Jasha Lottin

Sickening: This petite woman is 5’6″ tall and 119lbs. She smiles from the carcass.

Jasha Lottin

Not Criminal: Police don’t believe the photos are criminal. They say this photo of the woman standing in front of the animal with blood-covered is not sufficient to press charges.

The smiling woman
Jasha Lottin

Smiles: The smiling woman and her boyfriend (whose names have not yet been released) pose with what is thought to be the horse’s heart

Smiles: The smiling woman and her boyfriend (whose names have not yet been released) pose with what is believed to be the horse’s heart

Police informed the station that the woman and her boyfriend had taken over the horse’s care, aged 32, living in Ridgefield, Washington.

According to KOIN, an incident report states that the couple fired one shot with a high-powered rifle to put down the horse.

According to the woman’s mother, she didn’t know about the incident until the station presented photos. According to her, her daughter has received death threats from angry Americans since then.

The mother confirmed that the horse’s meat had been harvested and consumed.


Ms Jasha Lottin and her beau John Frost were taking care of a 32-year old pony in declining wellbeing when they chose to put it down in the most ‘ courteous manner they could imagine. 

The two put the pony down with a solitary slug from a top-notch rifle. In any case, that wasn’t sufficient for the pair, and what did next has caused “outrageous passionate responses” and even dangers against their lives.

After gutting the dead horse, Jasha Lottin stripped utterly naked, climbed inside the carcass, and then took some alarming photos. After the images went viral, the pair received criticism, which led to a police investigation for animal cruelty.

Only Jasha’s head can see poking through the carcass with a wry smile on her face in one photo. In another, you can see Jasha Lottin standing, fully naked, covered in the animal’s blood, while half of her hair is utterly red after soaking up a lot of blood.

Why did they kill, disembowel, take photos inside the carcass and finally eat the horse? Well, to feel “one with the horse” and nature, according to The Huffington Post.

However sick the whole scenario may seem, the police had some exciting things to say about it.

“The fact that this woman crawled into the horse between killing and eating does not constitute a crime,” Washington County Sgt. Dave Thompson told The Huffington Post.

“If they had killed the horse just for the purpose of taking the photographs, then we would have had a case for animal cruelty,” he added.

Warning: The images of Ms Jasha Lottin naked inside the horse carcass on Imgur are extremely disturbing and NSFW.

Correction: An earlier version incorrectly reported the woman’s names photographed inside the horse carcass and her boyfriend. According to police records, the woman’s name is Jasha Lottin, and her boyfriend’s name is John Frost.

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Jasha Lottin: Star Wars-inspired naked woman who climbs inside a dead horse.

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