13 Organic Natural Foundation Every Shade Skin Type

13 Organic Natural Foundation Every Shade Skin Type 2021

There are lots of outstanding reasons to choose organic makeup. If you’re socially conscious, you look to organic brands because they are planet, pet, and people-friendly.

If you’re being completely selfish, (and why not?) you’re likely concerned about all those cosmetic ingredients that you can’t pronounce, don’t want to research, or for some reason seem to keep causing your skin to break out. These are all great reasons to seek out and find the best organic foundation.

The best natural foundations perform well against their more commercial, less pure counterparts in terms of coverage, buildability, and lasting power. These organic makeup brands focus on plant-based formulas featuring naturally moisturizing oils, fruit and plant pigments, and natural luminizers like minerals and ground freshwater pearls.

These makeups often have less overpowering scents, because they don’t use artificial fragrances. And you really can’t help but feel pretty darned good putting that kind of pure stuff on your face.

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On the downside, these foundations rank as equally expensive to their department store cosmetic counter cousins, so if you’re thinking you’ll save money buying them, it’s probably not going to be the case. Dang. But hey, at least when you’re showing off that flawlessly finished skin, you’ll know you’ve saved face, and done your part to save the planet.

What is the best organic foundation?

These organic lipsticks and natural mascaras are the perfect final touch for your organic beauty routine.

  1. 100% PURE. Natural | 100 percent natural, cruelty-free, no preservatives or artificial colors. …
  2. Juice Beauty. …
  3. Alima Pure. …
  4. ILIA. …
  5. Range Beauty. …
  6. Au Naturale Cosmetics. …
  7. Zuii. …
  8. Kosas.

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Looking to make the switch to a clean, organic, and natural foundation? Well, don’t be fooled by other lists of so-called natural foundations & makeup brands. Unfortunately, “greenwashing” is rampant in the clean beauty industry.
Greenwashing is a deceptive marketing tactic in which brands claim that their products are “natural” and “organic” while still filling their products with cheap synthetics, silicones, petrochemicals, and artificial dyes. This is possible because terms like “organic” and “natural” aren’t regulated in the cosmetics industry in the way that they are for the food and agriculture industries (2).
That’s why our mission at Skin Care Ox is to identify, research, and review REAL natural products—and natural foundations were no exception. Instead of just reading the marketing statements of these brands, we researched each and every product, ingredient, and clean claim made.
The result? A comprehensive list of the cleanest foundations you’ll find anywhere. All of the natural foundations on this list are free from questionable ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, BHA, dimethicone & silicones, coal tars, lake dyes & artificial dyes, aluminum, triclosan, talc, polyethylene/PEGS, stearates, bismuth oxychloride, TEA/DEA (triethanolamine/diethanolamine), and many more(1,3,4,5).

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What is the healthiest foundation?

The Very Best Foundations for Your Skin

  • Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation. …
  • Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation. …
  • Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation. …
  • Shiseido Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Foundation SPF 30.

13 Organic Natural Foundation Every Shade Skin Type 2021

In addition to our own ingredient standards, we also checked each ingredient against the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database for safety. Many organic makeup products on our list contain natural mineral ingredients like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica powder, and iron oxides.
These are natural + non-toxic minerals that have been deemed safe for cosmetic use; however, many of them aren’t without controversy. If you are curious to learn more about these minerals and why they are so common in organic makeup, then check out our guide on Common Mineral Ingredients in Natural Foundations at the bottom of this page for more information on these ingredients, their safety, and how they work.
Who cares if a product is “clean” it doesn’t work effectively? In addition to our own trials of these natural foundations, we also take into account hundreds of real customer reviews from across the internet. We trialed many super-clean natural foundations that were poorly designed and, frankly, didn’t work.
All in all, we narrowed down a starting list of over 80 foundation products to bring you this list of the best of the best you’ll find anywhere.
Enjoy! How to Use This List: The list below includes our highest scoring organic and all-natural foundations from our research process. The best way to find the perfect foundation for you is to use our “Filter By” feature below to sort the list by tag to quickly narrow down your choices.

Look Good & Feel Great In Your Own Skin 2021

Our skin is the body’s largest organ, absorbing nearly everything we put on it. We are all about the new wave of skin care that is nutrient-rich, organic, natural, and effective for all types of skin. These 11 organic makeup brands offer a wide range of shades and foundation types (powder, cream, or liquid) made from natural ingredients. With these options, your skin will radiate today, tomorrow, and in the long run. 

Your lips deserve natural treatment, too! These organic lipsticks and natural mascaras are the perfect final touch for your organic beauty routine.

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1. 100% PURE – Organic Foundation

Natural | 100 percent natural, cruelty-free, no preservatives or artificial colors
Foundation Types | Powder, cream, liquid
What We Love | Fruit Pigmented Healthy Foundation
Shades Available | 9
Price | $41–$48

100% PURE prides itself on creating a variety of vegan formulas for every type of skin around—from the tinted moisturizers to the full-coverage anti-aging liquid foundation. The Fruit Pigmented Healthy Foundation includes natural ingredients like avocado seed oil, pomegranates, and bamboo, so it’s sure to leave your skin feeling supple and smooth through the longest days. And the varying pigments are made from fruits and vegetables, instead of preservatives or synthetic dyes. Top it off with the Bamboo Blur Powder for an airbrush-style finish, and you’ll be turning heads all day.

2. Juice Beauty – Organic Foundation 2021

Natural | Certified organic, no preservatives, no animal testing, eco-friendly packaging
Foundation Types | Powder, cream, liquid
What We Love | PHYTO-PIGMENTS Flawless Serum Foundation
Shades Available | 13
Price | $29–$45

Juice Beauty’s award-winning skincare products are made with certified organic ingredients in the USA, utilizing sustainable packaging and soy ink. Also known for its partnership with Gwyneth Paltrow and her Goop collection, Juice Beauty provides all sorts of buildable formulas in 13 different tones that lock in moisture and give you a fresh, supple look. The PHYTO-PIGMENTS Flawless Serum Foundation is a best-seller, made with aloe leaf juice, safflower seed oil, and coconut alkanes. You’ll be looking youthful and glowing with this flawless finish.

3. Alima Pure

Natural | Certified organic, no preservatives, no animal testing
Foundation Types | Powder, cream, liquid
What We Love | Pressed Foundation with Rosehip Antioxidant Complex
Shades Available | 17
Price | $22–$42

Alima Pure is a certified B Corp that produces natural and organic makeup while being 100 percent carbon-neutral. With ingredients like sage water, chamomile flower extract, and shea butter, Alima Pure never compromises on high-quality formulas for every skin tone. Our favorite is the pressed powder foundation, which glides on for a velvety finish for easy on-the-go application.

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4. ILIA – Organic Foundation 2021

Natural | Certified organic, vegan, eco-friendly packaging
Foundation Types | Liquid
What We Love | True Skin Serum Foundation
Shades Available | 18
Price | $30–$54

Our skin absorbs nearly everything we put on it, and ILIA wants to make sure we’re providing our skin with the calm nourishment it needs. The award-winning, buildable foundation blends organic aloe leaf juice, rosehip oil, and jojoba seed oil to soothe irritations and tame redness. It also gives your skin a more even tone by minimizing pores and blurring imperfections and leaves a velvety finish.

5. Range Beauty – Organic Foundation 2021

Natural | 100 percent vegan, cruelty-, talc-, & paraben-free, hypoallergenic
Foundation Types | Liquid, powder
What We Love | True Intentions Hydrating Foundation
Shades Available
| 21
Price | $16–$21

A 2017 study found that people of color are exposed to twice the amount of toxic beauty products throughout their lives, which can irritate sensitive or suffering skin. Range Beauty founder Alicia Scott decided to create a safer alternative, investing in clean beauty, not just makeup. Range Beauty’s foundations are hypoallergenic, free of synthetic dyes, fragrances, parabens, and talc—leaving only 100 percent cruelty-free, vegan, and mostly natural formulas. With an impressive 21 shades made to fight back against eczema and acne, sensitive melanin-rich tones will find a perfect match.

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6. Au Naturale Cosmetics

Natural | 100 percent natural, vegan, cruelty-, gluten-, & paraben-free, non-nano
Foundation Types | Powder, cream
What We Love | Zero Gravity C2P Foundation
Shades Available | 15
Price | $26–$42

Made in the USA since 2011, Au Naturale Cosmetics has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the cosmetics industry and pushing towards a future with more safe and natural ingredients. The brand’s foundations come in 15 shades and are 100 percent natural, cruelty-free, and vegan—and they never contain fillers or parabens. Au Naturale foundations also have soothing, skin-nourishing ingredients that leave skin healthier than ever before. Pair this foundation with the creme concealer and the pore-minimizing finishing powder for a flawless, all-natural look.

7. Zuii – Organic Foundation 2021

Natural | Certified organic, food-grade materials, no preservatives, no animal testing
Foundation Types | Powder, cream, liquid
What We Love | Certified Organic Flora Liquid Foundation
Shades Available | 17
Price | $20–$49

Zuii is a professional-quality makeup brand that strives to create products that benefit, nourish, and protect your skin—without harsh chemicals. The Flora Liquid foundation is a soothing, moisturizing, medium-coverage foundation that your skin will adore. Plus, it comes in 17 shades so you can find the perfect match! Zuii ships internationally so you can enjoy these products wherever you live.

8. Kosas – Organic Foundation

Natural | Nontoxic ingredients, cruelty- & gluten-free
Foundation Types | Liquid
What We Love | Tinted Face Oil
Shades Available | 10
Price | $42

Using three types of mineral pigment and six active botanical oils (including avocado, red raspberry, green tea seed, and meadowfoam), Kosas’ lightweight tinted oil is deeply hydrating while also providing medium coverage. (It’s also made without parabens and phthalates.) You can expect it to minimize your pores and illuminate your complexion. If you’re not yet familiar with face oils, shake this bottle to emulsify then massage two to four drops into your skin using your fingertips.

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9. W3LL PEOPLE – Organic Foundation

Natural | Certified organic, no preservatives, no animal testing, made with sustainable energy
Foundation Types | Powder, cream, liquid
What We Love | Narcissist Foundation Stick
Shades Available | 8
Price | $25–$29

If you’re on the hunt for a 100 percent natural and organic foundation, W3LL PEOPLE is for you. Made in small batches, the company creates richly pigmented formulas using plant-based ingredients like organic chamomile, aloe, and zinc. The Narcissist Foundation Stick is ideal whether you’re looking for spot correction or full coverage, and it comes in eight unique shades for a natural and flawless complexion. We also love the versatile, non-toxic beauty products, many of which are multi-purpose, making them perfect for minimalist travel.

10. Kjaer Weis – Organic Foundation

Natural | Certified organic & natural, no animal testing, some vegan, gluten-free
Foundation Types | Cream
What We Love | Cream Foundation
Shades Available | 16
Price | $68

Produced in Italy and packaged beautifully in metallic cases, Kjaer Weis cosmetics include blends of jojoba seed, coconut, and sweet almond seed oils to help fight signs of aging, as well as naturally promote skin elasticity. This certified organic makeup is known to be both creamy and blendable, giving a semi-matte finish in 16 simply stunning shades. Plus, you can purchase refills for your existing compact at a reduced price!

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11. Vapour Organic Beauty

Natural | Certified organic, all-natural, no preservatives, no animal testing
Foundation Types | Cream, liquid
What We Love | Atmosphere Luminous Foundation
Shades Available | 19
Price | $46–$54

Vapour Organic Beauty is making its mark when it comes to organic makeup and beauty products—and the brand’s foundation is no different. With 100 percent all-natural products and mineral pigments, Vapour creates formulas that enhance your natural glow without feeling heavy or irritable. For those with sensitive skin, we recommend the Soft Focus Foundation (available in 19 shades). And for regular or oily skin, we love the Luminous Foundation (available in 10 shades). It’s no wonder this brand has won Allure’s Best of Beauty award.

12. Best Mineral: Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation

Mineral bases are choice for those with sensitive skin, given their innately limited ingredient list. (The fewer ingredients, the lower the risk of any kind of potential irritation or allergic reaction.) We like that this one is water-resistant and long-lasting, and also has light-reflecting mica to keep skin from looking flat or chalky. Bonus points for the lockable sifter on top that ensures mess-free application; no more crying over spilled foundation.

13. Best Powder: Aveda Inner Light Mineral Dual Foundation

Those who like to change up their preferred coverage level will appreciate that this can be used dry (for full coverage) or wet (for sheer to medium color). It works to both balance skin tone and deliver pigment, and, as a nice added touch, the packaging is made from 100% post-consumer recyclable materials.

Best for Acne-Prone Skin: Sappho Essential Foundation

Jojoba oil is a natural oil produced from the seed of the Chinensis plant, a drought-resistant shrub native to southern Arizona, California, and Mexico. It mimics natural sebum and conditions and seals moisture in the skin without clogging pores or exacerbating acne.

We love us some coconut oil, but it can be potentially problematic for those prone to breakouts. You won’t find it in this liquid formula, though you will find jojoba oil, which is very beneficial if you’re dealing with pimples. (Not only does it act in a way that’s very similar to the natural oil in your skin, but it’s also anti-inflammatory and can help balance excess oil production.) The coverage is middle-of-the-road, though easily built up or sheered out based on your particular preference. It’s free of silicones, too, so it never feels heavy.

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What is the cleanest foundation?

Here, we’re outlining our favorite foundations with clean and/or natural ingredients, plus highlighting what makes each formula so great.

  • COVER FX Power Play Foundation. …
  • ILIA True Skin Serum Foundation. …
  • Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation. …
  • Tarte Cosmetics Babassu Foundcealer SkinCare Foundation. …
  • Boscia Skin Perfecting BB Cream.

Is it OK to wear foundation every day?

Many of us think that wearing foundation every day will clog facial pores and result in zits and acne. … So, as long as you choose a good quality foundation from a reputed brand, there is nothing wrong with wearing foundation on a daily basis.

Which Foundation has the least chemicals?

EWG Verified™ Foundations

  • Mineral Fusion Pressed Powder Foundation.
  • W3LL People Narcissist Foundation + Concealer Stick.
  • Dermablend Intense Powder High Coverage Foundation.
  • Maybelline Fit Me! …
  • Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation.
  • Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals Foundation.
  • Bella Pierre Mineral Foundation.

Is organic makeup really better?

Truly natural or organic cosmetics shouldn’t contain any of these ingredients. … There’s also little real evidence showing that natural cosmetics are any better for your skin or hair than conventional ones. For people with sensitive skin, synthetic preservatives can be irritating, so that’s one reason to go natural.

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