The 7 best eyelash serum

best eyelash serums

The 7 best eyelash serum

There is no doubt that eyelashes are a fundamental part of your look because they help you have a much more defined expression. And for the care of them, today we are going to address which are the best serum to grow eyelashes healthily. Without a doubt, the best you can find to fulfil this purpose will be the ORPHICA REALASH or my favourite Revamin Lash, because it has the best properties.

At the same time that you want your eyelashes to grow, you must have a high-quality product that does not cause problems at the level of your eyes. For this reason, today, we have selected the best options that you can find in the market because that way, you can make sure you have the eyelashes of your dreams without risking your eyes.

So, if you are interested in buying only the best eyelash serum, we invite you to continue reading this post carefully.

What is the best eyelash serum to make them stronger and healthier?

In the cosmetics market, you can currently find many different products for the care and growth of eyelashes. However, it is best to select a quality product because we are talking about a cosmetic that you will apply near your eyes at the end of the day. For this reason, we have carefully selected the seven best options and One of my choice that you can find and that are of the highest quality.

These are the best eyelash serum after our analysis:

  1. ORPHICA REALASH Eyelash Serum
best eyelash serums
best eyelash serums

It is the best-valued eyelash lengthening serum, and no wonder since Realash has a formula that allows you to accelerate the natural growth of your eyelashes.

Friends, It will enable the strengthening from the bulbs so that the eyelashes grow healthy and nourished, in addition to preventing their fall. It offers visible results after two weeks of use, with much stronger, healthier and nourishes eyelashes.

You will have an increase of up to 83% in the length of your lashes, and you can get up to 79% more volume. Its practical applicator will allow you to easily outline the contour of your eyes and apply the product directly to the root of the eyelashes. It has natural plant extracts, which will enable you to protect the shape of your eyes and take care of your skin if it is delicate. It is a product that is both dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested, so you will not have any irritation or allergies.

There are many positive opinions from users who have bought this serum, stating that “it is highly recommended, and you can start to see results after ten days, with strong and visibly longer eyelashes .” On the other hand, they affirm that ” it is a very good eyelash serum because in addition to lengthening it gives body to your eyelashes “. Despite being a bit expensive, it is highly recommended to have long and voluminous eyelashes without any side effects.

2. Nanolash eyelash serum

The Nanolash eyelash lengthening serum has been manufactured with the latest technologies so that you can have very long eyelashes in a short time. It has a formula with high-quality ingredients that will give you unique and very long lashes. It is a model that efficiently promotes the growth of eyelashes thanks to its natural and safe ingredients, in addition to which you can have thick, dense and beautiful eyelashes.

best eyelash serum

You can see much longer and thicker eyelashes after 15 days with the treatment of this serum. In addition, this model is endorsed by clinical and dermatological trials, which has guaranteed that it is completely safe and will allow you to get the greatest possible benefit. Its formula is completely gentle and secure and is perfect even for sensitive eyes without generating any irritation in them.

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The users’ opinions who have bought this model are very good, ensuring that ” in a few days you will not have very long and intense eyelashes, but in the long run you will elegantly have longer eyelashes “. In addition, they assure that “you have to be constant and wait two months for very good results .” It is a model that incorporates very high-quality ingredients, and that has a great value for money.

3. NYK1 Lashforce Eyelash Serum

This serum to lengthen eyelashes NYK1 has some natural ingredients of high quality, allowing you might have flanges up to 3 times longer. It will enable the stimulation of the hair follicles to have great lashes in 6 to 8 weeks. It is a serum that has been tested and perfected to ensure that you can have a very high-quality product.

best eyelash serum

Thanks to its active ingredients, it stimulates blood flow to the eyelashes, which will make them more nourished, and It must be applied twice a day to notice results in the shortest possible time. It is used to the root of the eyes, and once you see results, they will last for more than three months.

Friends, It is perfectly safe for those who wear contact lenses because it is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested. It can also use if you want to have much more great eyebrows.

Many users have positive reviews about this model, assuring that “it makes the eyelashes grow, new eyelashes come out, and they lengthen spectacularly “. They also affirm that ” with a little bit of perseverance, little by little they can notice, it lasts a lot, and it seems that you are wearing false eyelashes “. It is a great option, especially because it is of a high quality, which allows you to have longer eyelashes in a completely safe way.

4. JEUXLORÉ Superlative Lash Eyelash Serum

With its formula made with natural ingredients, the Superlative Lash is a serum that allows the growth and lengthening phase of the eyelashes to be activated. It is one of the best sellers that you will find in the market, and it is not for less because it allows you to have the eyelashes of your dreams quickly. It will enable to nourish, strengthen and increase both the thickness and the thickness of the eyelashes. You will be able to see the change between 4 and 8 weeks of application.

eyelash serum
best eyelash serum

It has high-quality control, guaranteeing that all the raw materials used have been carefully selected to verify their purity. It is a serum produced in Austria and is composed of hyaluronic acid, panthenol and vitamin E, and It stands out for being hypoallergenic, so you can use it even if you have sensitive eyes.

The opinions of this model by users who have bought it are very good, ensuring that “it works quite well, the eyelashes have doubled in volume and are longer .” On the other hand, they emphasize that ” after a month of use, you can see much stronger and slightly longer eyelashes, and their method of use is very simple .” It is a great option if you look for high quality and achieve much longer and fuller eyelashes.

5. KIKILASH Infinity Eyelash Serum

It is a serum to lengthen the eyelashes that have very good ratings because with the Kikilash Infinity, and you can have obvious results quickly.

Friends, It has a formula based on natural ingredients and is cruelty-free to strengthen the roots of your eyelashes. It will increase the production of keratin for strong and constant growth of the hairs of your eyes.

Best Eyelash Serum

It has very effective ingredients, and they are rich in vitamins to give your eyelash a radiant appearance. It is dermatologically tested and does not use any prostaglandin, preservatives, parabens, or substances that may be toxic.

Friends, It is a great option to have longer and voluminous eyelashes without any inconvenience, and that way, you can have a much more impressive look.

This model has many positive opinions, stating that ” the results are noticeable very quickly since in less than four weeks you will be able to have much longer eyelashes “. They also ensure that ” it is very easy to apply and does not smell practically anything, and allows you to have more eyelashes than ever “. It is a great option, and it will give you long lashes in no time without irritating your eyes.

6. Svenja Walberg Lashcocaine Eyelash Serum

Thanks to this  Svenja Walberg Lashcocaine eyelash lengthening serum, you can greatly benefit your eyes, strengthening the eyelashes from the root. It allows a visible thickening effect and promotes keratin production so that the eyelashes grow healthy and beautiful.

Friends, It is made with very high-quality raw materials and fully tested for effectiveness. It has great durability because you will have treatment for up to 6 months since each application will last 24 hours.

lash cocaine
best Eyelash Serum

It does not contain any parabens, perfumes, as well as mineral oils, and It is dermatologically tested and has an optimized viscosity that will prevent product displacement. It is a model of the highest quality that is made in Germany, and with which you will observe the change in a period of 4 to 12 weeks. For a more effective application, it is best to do it 2 mm above the lash line and do it two times a day so that your lashes can grow much more.

This model has very good opinions from those who have bought it, ensuring that “it is a wonderful serum, which lasts a long time because you will have treatment for up to 16 weeks without a problem “. In addition, they affirm that ” the result is remarkable, getting much longer eyelashes in just two months “. However, some users complain of allergic reactions, especially if you have very sensitive eyes.


It is a highly valued lash lengthening serum, especially since it offers a formula with natural ingredients to achieve its goal. In this way, you will have longer eyelashes thanks to the stimulation of the roots of the hair follicles that will increase the production of keratin. Thanks to this, you can have stronger, longer eyelashes, and their loss will completely avoid in a fast way.

best eyelash serum

It is completely dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, which guarantees that it will not irritate them. You can start to see results in just seven days from the start of its application, and it will greatly stimulate the regeneration of the eyelashes. It does not have any dangerous chemicals, hormones, mineral oils, among others. The treatment lasts up to 3 months.

There are many positive reviews about this model, ensuring that “it is ideal to stop using false eyelashes because afterwards, you will only need a good mascara, and that’s it “. On the other hand, they highlight that ” you can notice results very quickly, and it is perfect for all skin types, is very easy to use “. It is a great solution for sensitive skin because it does not have any irritants, guaranteeing that you can apply it regardless of your skin type.

My Choice Revamin Lash

Revamin Lash is a modern eyelash serum dedicated to people who want to improve the condition of their eyelashes. The product was created based on safe, tested and natural ingredients. The formula lengthens and thickens lashes, stimulates their growth and prevents them from falling out. Revamin Lash deeply nourishes lashes and eyelid skin, creating optimum conditions for eyelash growth.

choosing a good eyelash serum
best eyelash serum

Regular use of Revamin Lash serum allows the effect of long and thick eyelashes to be achieved. The product is safe for the eyes and does not irritate the eyelid skin, which makes it a popular choice. The first effects are visible after just 3 weeks of use.

Revamin Lash is a modern eyelash serum dedicated to people who want to improve the condition of their eyelashes. The product was created based on safe, tested and natural ingredients. The formula lengthens and thickens lashes, stimulates their growth and prevents them from falling out.

Tips and advice for choosing a good eyelash serum

Before buying an eyelash serum, you should make sure to look at some aspects to avoid inconveniences. Among the main ones that you should take into account are the following basic aspects:


You must ensure that the serum you choose fully meets your needs because you can find lengthening, fortifying or increasing volume. In any case, you should look for one that fulfils the function you are looking for and that way, and you can get the eyelashes your dream.

However, they will all nourish, repair and grow your lashes. If you can’t decide on a specific type, you can use a general one. These provide all the advantages without emphasizing any particular need.


As it is a product that you will apply daily near the eyes, you must make sure that its composition is as natural as possible. This way, you will avoid any irritation or that you are going to have problems with your eyes.

You must ensure that the model you choose is completely free of prostaglandin, especially since this compound will produce unwanted side effects. It is because it is a compound that is used only for medical purposes.


As the ingredients in these serums are generally of natural origin, most do not contain preservatives. For this reason, it is very important to pay attention to the expiration date indicated by the manufacturer.

You must be clear that the expiration date should not be more than thirty months, and once you open it for the first time, it will have a limited shelf life. Remember that using cosmetics in poor condition can be harmful to your health.


It will be important that the applicator of the same is as easy to use as possible, guaranteeing that you can apply it. The better you apply the product, the easier it will be for it to penetrate the follicle, and you will achieve your goal in a much more efficient way.

What is an eyelash serum, and what are its uses?

It is a cosmetic product specially designed to grow women’s eyelashes and keep them flexible and shiny. We are talking about a cosmetic that will strengthen the follicle and prevent the eyelashes from falling out.

Thanks to its natural ingredients, you can nourish the eyelashes, protecting them from external aggressions, thus favouring their length and hair fibre. Your lashes will become stronger, in addition to activating their growth.

However, you must bear in mind that you must invest in quality products to see results. Otherwise, you may not have eyelash growth, but you could also have problems such as irritation of your eyes.

How is an eyelash serum different from mascara?

It would be best to remember that an eyelash serum is very different from mascara because its objective is not the same. The masks are specially designed to give volume by making up your eyes and providing an artificial volume to your eyelashes that fade when you put on makeup.

However, the objective of the serum is that the eyelashes can grow naturally, and that can lengthen the eyelashes quickly and efficiently. It is achieved by nourishing the follicle, which will lead to increased keratin production, and the eyelashes will become longer on their own. It is a much more efficient way to have long eyelashes and allow you to stop using false eyelashes.

How to apply eyelash serum?

One of the most important points when using an eyelash serum is your consistency with it. The substances they contain make the eyelashes stay more days in their growth phase before falling out, which is why it is a routine that you will have to follow up daily if you want to make them grow more than normal.

These usually come with a pointed applicator, which will allow you to apply the product right to the root of the upper lashes. It is very similar to using an eyelash liner and allows to stimulate the natural regeneration process.

Some brands recommend that you apply the application only once a day, while others recommend using it twice. Everything will depend largely on the model you choose. However, if you put on makeup every day, you may find that the eyeliner will not set the same after applying the serum.

best eyelash serums
best eyelash serums

Is an eyelash serum good to strengthen them?

Yes, you should bear in mind that eyelash serum is a very good option to achieve that your eyelashes become longer and with greater volume. In any case, the objective will be to grow your eyelashes and populate them to have a much more striking and impressive look.

Its common components are usually natural extracts, amino acids, biotin, antioxidants, vitamins and peptides. Thanks to the use of these ingredients, you can have fully protected, nourished, hydrated eyelashes with great growth.

But, to achieve your goal, it is always necessary to select a high-quality model, and I will not fix it so much that it is cheap. The ingredients must be of good quality to avoid allergic reactions in your eyes, thus achieving a more dazzling look.

What are the best eyelash serum brands?

When buying an eyelash serum, it is best to opt for a highly recognized brand. Among the most recognized brands on the market, you can find ORPHICA, Nanolash or Kikilash.

These are some brands that stand out for offering the highest quality eyelash serum at a good price. In addition, they all use natural ingredients and are fully tested not to generate any allergic reaction or any irritation in your eyes. Therefore, any of these brands will be a fairly successful option to buy these products and make sure they are of quality.

Where to buy eyelash serum?

There are many options to buy an eyelash serum because they are becoming more and more popular. What’s more, in many pharmacies, you can find different types of options, but you won’t always be able to find the best brands. For this reason, it is best to choose to buy directly from Amazon.

It will allow you to choose between the best brands and buy only the options that will be ideal according to what you are looking for this. In addition, thanks to its fast shipments, you will be able to receive your products directly at the door of your home, without having to worry about anything at all, and you will be able to take advantage of all the advantages that online shopping has to offer.

These offers have been selected by our team. Rosewe Store, as an Amazon Affiliate, earns income from affiliated purchases that meet the applicable requirements.

The 7 best eyelash serum

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