The Secret of Finding a Lucky Third in Your Relationship

The Secret of Finding a Lucky Third in Your Relationship

The Secret of Finding a Lucky Third in Your Relationship

Over time, married life becomes boring and monotonous, and even if you really love each other deeply, the spark will gradually fade. That is why many couples resort to different ways of diluting the monotony of the relationship, coming up with a thousand and one ways to return the former freshness of emotions and feel again like in the early days of marriage.

Some people start doing hobbies, and some prefer extreme sports to experience new emotions together. But in reality, most couples suffer not from a lack of adrenaline or common interests but from the boredom of intimate life. And there is nothing wrong or unusual about that; all couples face it eventually. Different sex toys and light BDSM – are two common remedies that yet suit only a few people. On the other hand, as statistics show, having a threesome is something that has helped many couples not only feel young and adventurous again but also strengthen the bond they have and prevent cheating and breakup.

The practice is not only widespread among married couples or those who have been in a relationship for a long time. There are many couples who just prefer polyamory over regular sex. But what is polyamory exactly, why is it so beneficial, and how not to go wrong in choosing a partner if you decide to invite a third into your relationship?

1. What is polyamory, and why do couples often wait for a “third person?”

Polyamory is a form of relationship that involves having more than one romantic or/and sexual partner at the same time. The word polyamorous is derived from the Greek prefix “poly,” meaning “many,” and “amour,” meaning “love.” But don’t get this wrong; this type of relationship doesn’t always require romantic feelings toward several people.

“Love” has so many meanings and forms, and lust is one of them. It is often confused with polygamy, though, which is the practice of marrying more than one person. Polyamory does not require marriage or religious ceremony for it to exist.

Polyamorous relationships can take on many different forms. Some couples have an “open” relationship, meaning they are allowed to date and have sex with other people outside of the relationship without their partner’s knowledge or consent. Others register on dating sites as a couple looking for a guy to have a one-time threesome with someone attractive. 

However, keep in mind that those who seek threesomes as a couple (not separately) using casual dating platforms usually have more chances of saving and strengthening their relationship. It is due to the fact that when scrolling through local men or women, contacting them, and arranging encounters, all decisions are made together, which is vital if you want to become closer with your partner through polyamory.

The Secret of Finding a Lucky Third in Your Relationship

2. Discuss what you will do if someone gets jealous or offended

Of course, you can’t have a threesome without discussing everything first, so you’ll need to have a proper conversation before starting your search. From the beginning of the search process to the meeting itself, every smallest detail must be discussed. But most importantly, you need to decide how you will act if either of you feels jealous and can’t go on. 

It is essential to understand that, at first, it’s difficult to avoid jealousy in most cases. Although polyamory is quite common these days, this type of relationship is still far from the standards. And having been brought up in a society where the concept of a serious relationship or marriage is all about feelings between two people only, at first, it can be difficult to accept the fact that someone else is touching your partner.

If one feels jealous at any stage, you should stop immediately, even if two of the three people involved feel comfortable. This is to avoid hurt feelings and further conflict. It’s also worth explaining everything to the person you invited into your couple. It may turn out that you just rushed and need to get used to each other more to understand that a threesome does not mean that there are no more feelings in your couple.

Sharing your partner with someone else, knowing that their feelings and heart belong only to you, can bring a huge amount of pleasure, both physical and emotional. But it has to be learned through practice, of course.

3. When contacting potential third parties, be frank

Communicating with a person you’re inviting to your couple is also important; it doesn’t end with a few messages on a dating site and an invitation. If that’s your first time trying polyamory, be honest. Of course, some people might refuse your invitation due to the fact that it’s your first threesome because not everyone wants to deal with possible jealousy and all the consequences it brings along. Still, those who agree are going to be fully prepared for anything that might happen and won’t judge you if something goes wrong.

The Secret of Finding a Lucky Third in Your Relationship

Tell your potential partner a bit about your couple, what your preferences are, and what you want this encounter to be like, and then let the other person decide whether they want to be involved. If you are seeking a threesome partner on a dating site, write some of these details straight in your profile for others to see. Lack of experience in polyamory is also worth mentioning. And don’t be afraid of all users to refuse; you’ll be impressed by how many people find newbies attractive.

4. Set boundaries for your threesome

And last but not least – boundaries. These are important both for your couple and the person who is going to join you.

  • When it comes to sex, discuss everything you and your partners want to do and what is strictly prohibited. For example, if you are against kisses in the process, make sure to tell both partners that you don’t want to see them kissing at any stage.
  • If you are not interested in the future development of the relationship of this trio, it must be discussed beforehand, too. There must be no feelings or personal profit involved, and when everything ends, you don’t contact each other anymore. You had fun, and that’s it.
  • On the other hand, if you are planning this relationship to become regular, something like friends with benefits, make this clear too. Still, stress that you are not interested in building a serious polygamy relationship with them, meaning you are not interested in romance.

Conclusion – Finding a Lucky Third in Your Relationship

Having a threesome is a proven remedy for boredom among thousands of couples, both in dating and marriage. Make sure to discuss everything with your partner, make all decisions together, and listen to each other throughout the whole process, and you’ll certainly succeed.

The Secret of Finding a Lucky Third in Your Relationship

The Secret of Finding a Lucky Third in Your Relationship

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