10 tips to get rid of stretch marks

tips to get rid of stretch marks

10 tips to get rid of stretch marks

Stretch marks are a skin phenomenon that appears when the skin has been overstretched. The main factors leading to the appearance of stretch marks are:

  • Pregnancy.
  • Sudden weight gain or loss.
  • A growth spurt in adolescence.
  • A sharp increase in muscle mass.
  • The taking of certain medications.

Concretely, the skin is streaked with small streaks, red or purplish when they are recent, and white when older. They are often targeted on the stomach, thighs, arms, breasts, and armpits.

Although harmless and painless, stretch marks are often a cosmetic problem, especially when very noticeable. We no longer dare to wear short sleeves or shorts, and even less in a swimsuit.

So to feel good about ourselves again (that’s the case), Fourchette & Bikini has found ten tips to get rid of those stretch marks that ruin our life.

Hydrate the skin well

It is well known: to restore elasticity to our skin and nourish it in-depth, nothing like a moisturizer. It is why women who hydrate their skin daily often have fewer stretch marks than others, even if stretch marks are, above all, a question of genetics.

So as soon as we see a stretch mark appear on an area of ​​our body, we hydrate intensely to get rid of it. On the other hand, if the stretch marks are recent, it will improve only the appearance.

Find your cream

All women have different skin types. And creams to get rid of stretch marks, there are plenty of them. Some will be those with shea butter that will work miracles, others with cocoa butter, and others with creams rich in vitamin E.

So we do not despair: there is a cream that will work on us, even if it just attenuates the color of stretch marks a little, it’s already not bad to start!

A homemade anti-stretch mark cream

If you don’t trust commercially available moisturizers, you can easily make yourself an effective anti-stretch mark cream at home. In addition, it is cheaper!

The recipe is simple: we mix the exact amounts of olive oil, aloe vera oil, and wheat germ oil in a bottle, and you’re done. We apply it daily, and we wait to see if it works for us or not. And yes, unfortunately, the miracle cream has not yet been invented in terms of stretch marks.

Creams based on tretinoin

If we have noticed the appearance of ugly stretch marks on our body for some time, we can buy in the trade (or be prescribed by the doctor) creams based on tretinoin. Also known as retinoic acid, the latter increases the body’s collagen production, which makes our skin more elastic and less fragile.

However, retinoic acid works much better on recent stretch marks and will have a more negligible effect on older stretch marks.

Warning: if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you immediately forget retinoic acid, at the risk of endangering the baby’s health; indeed, its effects on the fetus are still unknown!

Consume vitamin C

Indeed, some dermatologists have indicated that daily consumption of 500 mg of vitamin C in capsules had the effect of reducing stretch marks.

No study has yet been done to confirm or deny these claims, but vitamin C can’t hurt us anyway, so why not! And it can be consumed naturally in fruits and vegetables too.

Pulsed light

If our stretch marks are rotting our lives and we want to take it to the next level, we can go to a dermatologist who will direct us to a laser technique: pulsed light.

The principle is simple: boost collagen and elastin production in the areas concerned by stimulating them with light and heat. A treatment that applies more to recent stretch marks, when they are still red and not white.

Lion’s Mane before bed

LED technology

Still in the series “treatment of stretch marks by light and heat,” the LED technique is relatively recent and has had very positive results. In addition, it is one of the rare techniques that allow you to get rid of both current and old stretch marks, which can partially disappear.

Let it be said: stretch marks, the older they are, the harder they will be to remove!


Micro-dermabrasion, also known as controlled micro-peeling, is a technique that has nothing to do with traditional peeling. It is a mechanical technique; it involves projecting microcrystals of aluminum on the areas affected by stretch marks, which will cause micro lesions (not very painful) of the skin.

The interest? Once the skin has undergone these micro-lessons, it will want to regenerate itself, and we will have a “new” smoother skin that will be created, with clearly reduced stretch marks.

Glycolic acid exfoliation

Unlike the previous technique, this is a chemical exfoliation and not a mechanical one. But the principle remains similar: the dermatologist washes the affected area and applies the chemical solution based on glycolic acid as a peel.

Result: the epidermis is burnt and will regenerate. This technique has the merit of also working on older stretch marks. 

The Excimer laser

Another laser technique, but the operation of which differ slightly, with the Excimer laser, is above all the melanin production in targeted stretch marks.

Once the area is treated and the melanin is boosted, the color of the stretch marks is balanced, and the distinction between the color of the skin and that of the stretch mark is reduced. Aesthetically, stretch marks are therefore much easier to assume, especially in a swimsuit!

Technical sheet and details of Skinception:

“Skinception” offers a range of products of remarkable quality without parabens specially designed for the needs of your skin.

Indeed, this product range stands out from other cosmetic products available on the Internet because of its design and effectiveness!

The “Skinception” collection was created with the primary aim of responding to a particular demand for combating skin problems and providing a natural anti-aging effect.

The range consists of 9 products:

1. Kollagen Intensiv – Skin renewal based on Collagen

This treatment helps you stimulate the production of collagen in your skin. This anti-wrinkle formula helps keep skin youthful.

2. Eyelasticity Anti-aging therapy for the eye area

This Anti-Aging Eye Treatment can help reduce telltale lines around your eyes and refresh the delicate eye area.

3. Dermefface FX7 – Treatment for scar reduction

This scar reduction treatment is a natural process that works by regenerating dead skin cells in 28 days.

4. – Stretch Marks Intensive – Treatment of stretch marks

This so-called intensive Skinception ™ treatment is used to reduce stretch marks. It is made from several natural ingredients.

5. Illuminatural 6i – Skin lightening treatment

This treatment is sprayed on the skin to lighten it and reduce holes, freckles, and skin imperfections.

6. Rosacea Serum – Rosacea Relief Serum

This treatment relieves rosacea or rosacea and also helps to fight against premature aging of the skin.

7. Argan Oil – Cold Pressed Cosmetics

Argan oil is excellent for your skin, hair, and nails. It can help fight acne, eczema, and dry skin.

8. Microdermal Exfoliant – Facial Exfoliant

This natural exfoliating system helps get rid of dead cells resulting from the natural regeneration of facial skin.

9. AHA Conditioner – Cellular Renewal

AHA Cell Renewal Conditioner removes makeup, removes residue, and protects against skin aging and toxins.

“Skinception” is a range of high-quality facial, body, and skin treatments that treat problems such as wrinkles, stretch marks, spots, acne, rosacea, and much more.

The Cons of Skinception:

I did not find a significant downside to ‘Skinception.’

Reviews and Opinions about Skinception:

Skinception is a British company with more than ten years of experience. It enjoys an excellent reputation on the web.

The “Skinception” product range is qualified as a top-of-the-range product.

Conclusion for Skinception:

The “Skinception” collection offers us high-end quality beauty and cosmetic products at a reasonable price.

Anti-aging products: Anti-Aging Skinception ™ treatment

This range has been developed to fight against skin aging, prevent the appearance of signs of aging, and have young and radiant skin. It, in particular, is thanks to the stimulation of the production of collagen in your skin. The raw materials used have been known and recognized for thousands of years: shea butter, aloe vera, and argan oil.

Skin regeneration

The brand’s products offering a natural generation of skin help improve healing, reduce stretch marks and blemishes. Skinception offers cream and oil that aid in skin regeneration to minimize scars and heal the skin. You can add this range to your daily dermatological products. They may even be recommended to you by your dermatologists, and you can order them directly on the Skinception official website.

Special care for the treatment of specific problems

Skinception being an expert brand offers solutions for specific problems. Indeed the brand proposes to fight against rosacea, complexion problems, acne pimples, and sun and aging spots.

Natural expertise: a guarantee of the quality of the care offered by Skinception

The brand has taken the gamble of offering products that are both natural and of high quality to best care for your skin.

tips to get rid of stretch marks
tips to get rid of stretch marks

Natural products by a brand with a sense of ethics

Skinception is ethical to offer ethically designed natural products. The products contain argan oil (extracted by hand) as well as fruit extracts and orange flavors. Argan oil is also produced ethically by Berber women in Morocco. The brand does not want to use harmful chemicals on the skin and therefore uses patented, natural and plant-based products.

High-quality products

All treatments are designed in the United States. The brand respects all good manufacturing practices and guarantees high-quality raw materials. Skinception’s products are tested in an FDA-approved laboratory.

The brand’s products are an excellent alternative to plastic surgery manipulations such as Botox or laser for a much lower budget. The range offered is, therefore, both practical and natural.

As an official website, Skinception offers the following guarantees:

  • Safety: you are sure to buy the official products
  • Knowledge: the site knows the products perfectly and, for this purpose, provides you with all the care information.
  • Quality: the range is of very high quality with absolute efficiency.
  • Tradition and innovation: the products are a mixture of tradition and innovation to combine ancient methods of herbal medicine but resolutely modern manufacturing processes.
  • Buy easily and securely: the site is designed to be easy to use and with encryption systems guaranteeing your data protection.
  • After-sales service: customer service is always available before and after the purchase.

Procedure for ordering in a few clicks on the official website of the Skinception pharmacy

The Skinception site is efficient and straightforward and can do the order in a few clicks:

  • Choose the product according to the desired category: you can choose the products according to the pathology treated or the desired result.
  • Put the chosen product (s) in the basket.
  • Fill in your contact details, your delivery address, specify your payment details and receive your order confirmation by e-mail.

10 tips to get rid of stretch marks

10 tips to get rid of stretch marks

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