Fast and accurate typing has become a mandatory skill these days. One needs to have efficient typing skills to open up the way for many opportunities and also to seek a consistent career path. Wpm typing test seems to be the best way to improve your typing skills. Here we will provide you a complete guide on touch typing, its benefits, and tips to master it.

What is Touch Typing?

You must be wondering what Touch typing is?

Touching typing is nothing but a method of typing without looking at the keyboard. It is a technique usually used for type-intensive jobs by professional typists to enhance their typing skills. In the beginning, you may find it a hectic task to type without looking at the keyboard but, once you master this technique, you will notice an uplift in your typing skills.

What are the Benefits of Touch Typing?

Mastering Touch typing is favourable. The benefits one can gain by mastering touch typing are:

1. Increase Work Efficiency

You need a lot of concentration while Touch typing. Here, you need to focus on the content you’re typing to produce better work in the least time. Touch typing helps you improve your mindfulness which further enhances your work efficiency.

2. Speed

The most beneficial factor of Touch-typing is that it boosts your typing speed. New typists usually are not familiar with the keyboard layout and tend to look down at the keyboard while typing. This ultimately degrades their typing speed. 

Mastering the Touch-typing technique where one types without looking at the keyboard boost your typing skills and make things easier.

3. Accuracy

Learning to type faster is not enough unless you learn to type accurately because fast typing skills come with accuracy. The touch-typing technique lets you type accurately by focusing on the screen rather than the keyboard. It will minimize the occurrence of typos and produce accurate results.

4. Time

Your time is quite precious. The touch-typing technique lets you type faster without looking at the keyboard. A typist usually types 40-50 wpm using any normal keyboard. But, by mastering touch typing, you can type 80-100 wpm. It certainly saves your time as you can type more words per minute by touch typing. 

Time is nearly halved and, errors become non-existent by touch-typing.

5. Computer Keyboarding

If you are into a keyboarding profession where you need to type data into the computer, then touch typing skills will reduce your burden by making it easier for you to type data at a faster speed. 

Health Benefits

1. Fatigue

Prolonged hours of typing exhausts both your physical and mental state of mind. The touch-typing technique reduces strain and provides you with convenient typing sessions. Mentally, you only have to focus on the screen instead of getting familiar with the positioning of keys. 

Physically, you don’t need to bend constantly on the keyboard to look out for the keys positioning.

2. Focus

Learning to touch-type lets you concentrate only on one thing instead of two and relaxes your mind. Usually, while typing, you focus both on-screen and the positioning of keys. But, by Touch typing, you focus only on the screen rather than the keyboard. It will relax your mind as well as tends to increase your productivity.

3. Helpful for Dyslexic children/ Physically-Impaired Students

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that involves difficulty in reading. In this state, kids find it difficult to read, write, memorize and spell different words. In such cases, touch typing came up as a way of teaching Dyslexia kids. 

Touch-typing requires a lot of concentration and hours of practice, but once you master it, your brain remembers the pattern of keys. It stays in your mind forever. Also, features like autocorrect and dictionaries help them suggest appropriate words for their thoughts.

4. Develops Muscle Memory

Through repeated hours of touch-typing practice, one develops muscle memory, also known as procedural memory. Once you master the skill of touch typing, the layout of keys gets stored in your cerebellum, a part of the brain that sends signals to your fingers so that you can recall the positioning of keys within seconds and type your content. Therefore, after developing muscle memory, you will focus more on your content rather than on typing.

Career Benefits

1. Job Prospects

In this digital era of technology, fast and accurate typing has become a must known skill for seeking a stable job. Employers look for employees with efficient typing skills, and also many jobs such as transcriptionists, data entry specialists, journalists require touch typists with 100+ wpm speed.

2. Beneficial for writers

Writers spend their whole-time on-screen typing and editing, which is not a good habit and lead to health issues. Once you learn to Touch-type, you only focus on the screen and will be able to save your time and improve your health. Hence, mastering Touch-typing lets the writers get the work done much faster in a short period.

3. Can be beneficial for school kids

Kids at a younger age can grasp things quickly. Teaching them to practice touch-typing in school at a young age will be profitable to train them for complex typing assignments which will be required in higher classes. 

Also, the young generation these days rely on the computer for their assignment and project work. Learning to touch-type at an early age will add benefit to their preparation process.


To sustain in this rapidly developing world, having fast typing skills is a must. Be it from data entry and transcriptionists job to any IT company job, every profession involves efficient typing skills. 

The employer recruits only fast typists. Also, as technology is evolving with each passing day, it has become mandatory, be it from kids to working employees to learn touch typing to produce the best result in the least time without any inconvenience. 

In the beginning, one may find it difficult to master touch typing but, once you practice it regularly, you will find Touch-typing to be the most convenient way to type faster in a short period.

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