Top Gambling TV Shows

Top Gambling TV Shows

Top Gambling TV Shows

If you enjoy playing poker with friends or accessing online gaming platforms, you will like these gambling series as well. Some of them even contain information and tips on how to bet, so they can be considered educational. You have the chance to analyze a world ruled by drama, comedy and you will learn about dangerous aspects such as gambling addiction.

Today, gambling and online casinos, such as casino planet, can be considered a real market for the industry and can generate huge profits. Much of the success of casinos and the world of betting is represented by a true culture of gambling present in TV series. Here are the Top Gambling TV Shows that have led to a better understanding of the world of gambling.

  1. Smart Live Casino (2007)

This is one of the most popular TV series inspired by the fascinating gambling industry. This is a real live casino that was born from the desire of a very intelligent producer. The series is based in a real casino in the United Kingdom.

To keep their audience glued to the TVs, the idea of ​​the series was to present a new game in each episode. For example, in one episode players enjoy blackjack or poker. It can easily be considered a reality show and has been quite successful for quite some time.

  1. Breaking Vegas (2004)

Breaking Vegas is a very interesting television series that was first seen on The History Channel in the United States in the spring of 2004. The series covers the great efforts that people have made to make money, sometimes illegally, in casinos. The series was inspired by the two-hour documentary on the History Channel entitled Breaking Vegas: The True Story of the MIT Blackjack Team, written and directed by Bruce David Klein and produced by Atlas Media Corp.

 A lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology teaches a group of students how to use math to count the cards and increase their money by winning at Las Vegas casinos. As a result, students receive a recipe to earn millions of dollars.

  1. King of Vegas (2006)

King of Vegas, a series based on gambling, which premiered in January 2006 in the United States. In King of Vegas, only the best blackjack and Texas Hold’em players could take home the $ 1 million prize pool. The show usually brings together 12 players, who are divided into six professionals and six amateurs.

After each episode, one player is eliminated until the end of the season, when the top three players compete against each other. However, this series was not filmed in an elegant casino. It takes place in an improvised studio that has been set up in a Las Vegas parking lot.

  1. The Casino (2004)

Have you ever considered buying a casino in Las Vegas? Well, Mark Burnett’s 2004 TV series The Casino can show you what it takes to own one. The series follows two millionaires who run Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino.

To make the series, Golden Nugget closed parts of its casino. This allowed the team to make the gambling scenes more efficient.

  1. Big Deal (1984)

Big Deal is a classic British casino show centered around Ray Brooks who is a professional poker player. It first aired on the BBC in 1984 and ran for three seasons before being canceled. The series primarily shows the negative effects of gambling on Brooks, his girlfriend, and their daughter.

Unlike many other casino series, Big Deal stays away from the extravagance of casinos. Instead, the series focuses on its main characters to provide an honest overview of their lives. It shows what I’m going through to meet in London casinos.

It was one of the first series related to the world of gambling, as we are talking about a few decades ago. The creator of this TV series, Geoffe McQueen, may sound familiar to you because he created works such as “The Bill”, “Stay Lucky” and “Give us a break”.

  1. Poker After Dark (2007)

If you are a big fan of poker, you probably know Daniel Negreanu as well. We all know that Negreanu is undoubtedly one of the best poker players in the world. And thanks to “Poker After Dark” you can watch the legend by performing some of his moves on TV. As you watch the episodes of this series you will change your perception of poker and most importantly your style and strategy of the game.

The show first aired in 2007, but was canceled in 2011. It was restarted later in 2017 and mostly employs professionals. It also allows you to listen to players talk and teach them strategies. The formats are changed regularly for challenging players to win different tournaments.


When it comes to jo gambling, we can not fail to emphasize what is known as the culture of gambling. Nowadays, TV series and gambling can boast great success. This is because they have the power to teach us a new style of play and to show us the world of betting as we have never seen it before.

It is impossible not to emphasize how fascinating gambling can be, especially when it is broadcast on television or on a platform with a completely new look, such as that of TV series. After all, countless productions have been inspired by betting, casino and poker.

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Top Gambling TV Shows

Top Gambling TV Shows

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