Useful tips for a student: What to consider when preparing for the exams?

Useful tips for a student: What to consider when preparing for the exams?

Useful tips for a student: What to consider when preparing for the exams?

So, the first stage is passed – you have successfully passed the entrance Exams, entered the College, and turned from a schoolboy into a student. And the second stage is already visible on the horizon, the first exams. What should be considered when preparing for the first College exams?

Do not rely on a textbook – this is a compressed basic knowledge, and you will additionally have to understand a lot of scientific concepts. Please note that some textbooks may be outdated. Why they are given to students is unclear. But, in any case, the textbook is an auxiliary tool. Lectures and seminars are much more important at the university. It was much easier to pass the exams, presentations, and write my research paper when I have attended all the lectures.

The list of recommended literature for seminars is very extensive, do not expect to study it in a couple of hours before the exam. And keep in mind that the only book for the entire library is probably not only needed by you. And imagine, it may not be on the Internet.

Stupidly copying lectures, you are doing a pointless job. It is even more dangerous to use someone else’s cheat sheets. Especially if they contain someone else’s abbreviations. That’s what your classmate wanted to say with the abbreviation “Mp – K.”? did Marco Polo go to China? Or “small business – classification”?

Useful tips for a student: What to consider when preparing for the exams?

Prepare “cheat sheets” yourself – so you will at least get acquainted with the subject. If you order cheat sheets, read them before the exam! Do not try to “finely dissect” the pages of the textbook – you will have to understand the question during the exam.

Find out in advance the rules of admission to the delivery of individual subjects and the entire exam. Finding out what your abstract topic is the day before the test is not the best idea.

In the winter exam period, tests and exams usually fall on days when everyone is still in a very festive mood. Alas, the student needs to stay sober, at least until the teacher’s signature in the record book. This teacher may come to take the exam with a hangover, but it is highly discouraged for a student to do so. So step on the throat of a New Year’s song. At least the night before the exam. If you reek of fumes, it will be difficult to convince the teacher that red eyes are the result of night vigils over a textbook.

When going to the exam, dress in a business style. Seeing you off from the exam, of course, will be smart, but it’s better to make a favorable first impression. 

Due to the production of adrenaline in the last days before the exam, the efficiency of mastering the material increases dramatically, but the material is meaningful in advance. If your head is empty, adrenaline is wasted.

And most importantly. Don’t expect anything good from the teacher you met for the first time on the exam!

5 tips for those who use cheat sheets

Perhaps you have heard the student riddle: “What is under the skirt of a student?”. When choosing an answer, erotic fantasies are inappropriate. Under the skirt of the student, of course, there are cribs. And young men need to look for cheat sheets in shoes, ties, watches, cuffs… How is it better to use cheat sheets so that the teacher does not notice?

We offer another selection of tips from the Student, created not only based on the experience of many students but also on the revelations of teachers:

  • Calm down! The main thing is not to twitch when using cheat sheets. It is not so difficult for the teacher to guess when the student is cheating. The fact is that a person who does not need to write off does not care where the teacher is located – there or here. And the cheater tracks the movements of the teacher in the audience.

Useful tips for a student: What to consider when preparing for the exams?

  • Did the teacher come out to smoke or call? Be careful. Maybe it’s a trap! When the teacher leaves, a general revival begins. And when he enters, the results of the revival are feverishly hidden. Those who hide something can be safely kicked out.
  • Do not compete in tricks with a teacher who likes to “shoot” students. There is a legend in one university: students copied questions from cards that their professor handed out to everyone personally at the exam, printed them, and replaced the cards at the retake. Only the teacher’s cards were typed… on a typewriter! The poor devils were burned with a bang.
  • Hide the cheat sheets so that they are easy to get and so that they do not fall out of your clothes. A common situation: a girl is sitting, everything seems to be fine, and suddenly a stack of written sheets flies out from under her skirt! 

  • Be afraid of teachers with dark glasses! Imagine summer exams: blinding sunlight is pouring through the windows, the teacher is sitting in dark glasses. And understand – is he sleeping or is he looking at you directly? Or a neighbor? Or is it you?..

An “A” the cheat sheet

But there are still humane teachers: noticing the cheat sheet, they put … fives! They reason something like this: well, once he made a cheat sheet, it means he knows something. There is a student’s tale about a teacher who decided to make a joke: they say, who gets a cheat sheet from the ceiling to the floor – I put a five at once! Everyone took out their cheat sheets, started measuring, and one student when he climbed onto the desks placed on top of each other so that he reached the ceiling with his hand, the cheat sheet just turned out to be on the floor! I got an A.

After all, it is not difficult to print cheat sheets for the entire course from one file. Many people order cheat sheets from freelancers, and sometimes the whole course is thrown off – literally a ruble from the nose. It is better to hide the printed cheat sheets better. 

Useful tips for a student: What to consider when preparing for the exams?

Useful tips for a student: What to consider when preparing for the exams?

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