What does Backseat Gaming mean in 2021

What does Backseat Gaming mean in 2021

Backseat gaming is when someone who’s watching someone else play a game (‘you’ for the sake of this argument) and keeps telling you what to do, where to go, and generally shouting directions whether or not you need the input.

Backseat gaming is when someone is watching you play a game telling you what to do. Sometimes it can be helpful (for when you’re new and don’t know how to play it), but most of the time it can be pretty annoying.

“Alright , so you see that cave right over there?” “Thats a secret exit.” “Quick, jump!”

“Bryan, do you think i care?” “Please let me focus on the game.”

How do you handle a backseat gamer? Backseat Gaming

As a backseat gamer myself, I absolutely cringe watching others play. Being completely aware of this, I have to distract myself by doing something else. I will read or browse my phone, or leave the room completely because of how agitated it makes me.

I’ve learned to alleviate this by positive reinforcement and as the other person said, taking turns and teaching the other person to play. A few people have backseat garnered me, and I literally lose all motor function and eye-hand coordination because of how anxious it makes me! So I understand both sides.

What does “LULW” mean in the video gaming community?

That’s some dumb meme based on reaction of one twitch streamer. Sometimes, watching Twitch streamers can feel like watching reality TV in another language. So, when you skip even one meme, – it’s like you skip the whole episode (or even more) of a tv show… And now, well, you understand nothing.

LUL, LULW, And OMEGALUL, – all three emotes based on the image of one person – TotalBiscuit, also known as beloved video game Youtuber John Bain. LUL is simply a picture of TotalBiscuit laughing and was first added to his own personal Twitch channel. LULW is a slightly cropped and rotated version of LUL, making TotalBiscuit’s face parallel to the frame rather than cocked. OMEGALUL, as most Twitch memes do, began in Forsen’s chat in a battle between viewers to make the most absurd version of LUL.

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What is a repacked game? Backseat Gaming

A repack is simply what it says it is. A repack can be of any computer program or software, which includes video games.

Basically, you take all the setup, configuration & data files which make up the core of the software and ‘pack’ them up into a single custom installer program. This is often very highly compressed in the case of video games as they particularly have very large data files and it’s done so to save space. But this also means that it can take the installer much time to ‘unpack’ it which in turn depends on your CPU speed and system memory.

In video game piracy, a repack is a complete repackaging of the game files along with the crack/fix required to run the game DRM free. Usually, repackers will take the legit data files of the game/software, apply a crack by some other scene group, and repackage the whole thing into one complete package.

So when you run the repacked game program, it will just ‘install’ (extract) the core files to the specified folder and you can run the game right away after install as the DRM had been fixed already. This, by the way, isn’t exactly legal though.

A repacked game is a cracked version of original game with highest compression. It means if original game was 60GB. Then it is cracked and made available for offline gaming and it size is highly reduced for downloading around for 20GB. Downloading a cracked game is considered illegal. Some sites which do repacks are:

  • RG Mechanics
  • Fitgirl Repacks
  • Ocean of games
  • Skidrow and Codec
  • CPY
  • the games
  • Newgamesbox
  • Downloading games from the above sites is illegal(just saying).

Are you a backseat gamer, like telling a friend how they should play a game?

Sometimes I can’t help it and other times I’m providing tactical intel that will help us win the game, this example would be in a game of Hunt Showdown for example if I’m talking with my partner on discord, “Redshirt with a spark by the fence at 220.” If I’m watching someone I’ll try my best to keep quiet.

What does Backseat Gaming mean in 2021
What does Backseat Gaming mean in 2021

What does “smurfing” mean in video gaming?

Smurfing is using the knowledge and skills you’ve earned over the course of one account’s lifetime, then starting a new account to have a clean matchmaking slate (no wins, losses, no rank). What happens next is the smurf account holder starts winning games against low-ranked or unranked players (who are likely just learning the game). It’s the game equivalent of using a time machine to go beat up your elementary school bully, sure at one time it would’ve been a fair fight, but now you’re just some adult making an ass of themselves beating up a child.

A number of people feel the matchmaking rankings are unfair in games like Overwatch and Counter-Strike. Most of these people feel entitled to a higher ranking than they’ve actually earned and they’ve somehow been cheated out of it. I used to play with people like this, and they’re almost universally wrong. People have tried “smurfing” Overwatch and got back to their previous ranking within a few hours and had a tendency to stay there unless they actually got better and learned their actual play tiers.

Backseat Gaming

  • when a weird kid is watching you play a game and critiques your every move.
  • Ex.
  • boy 1: plays call of duty
  • best boy 2: you freaking suck. how did you not see the guy to the left? oh my gosh you are so bad
  • boy 1: sick, thanks for the tips
  • yo get the crap out of my room, I am trying to game, stop backseat gaming and leave me alone.

When I stopped playing with people like this who didn’t understand teamwork, communication, or how their skills actually stacked up against their teammates and opponents, I started playing with friendly strangers and my ranking improved significantly. My old friends’ did not.

Smurfing can be used for less nefarious but not necessarily less incidentally toxic purposes, like playing with friends of lower ranking than yourself.

In my opinion, players should save themselves time and money and simply stick to one account. If you want a higher game ranking, go out and earn it through practice, getting a team together you can work with, learn some new strategies and skills.

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