What are USPS Priority Mail Tyvek Envelopes?

What are USPS Priority Mail Tyvek Envelopes?

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USPS Priority Mail Tyvek envelopes are durable, water-resistant envelopes that are designed for shipping items that don’t need the added protection of a corrugated box. They are flexible and strong, and can be bought in bulk and customized. Tyvek is a useful material for mailing because it is water resistant and 10 times stronger than paper. 

Priority Mail® Tyvek EnvelopeThis durable, water resistant Priority Mail® Tyvek®* envelope offers you flexibility when shipping a variety of items. This product ships in packs of 10. *DuPont™, the DuPont Oval Logo and Tyvek® are trademarks or registered trademarks of DuPont or its affiliates.

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Here are some products to consider:

USPS Priority Mail Tyvek Envelopes are special envelopes for the USPS Priority Mail service to ship documents and other items that need to resist weather and other environmental conditions. Tyvek envelopes are discreet, free to order, and the perfect package to send documents, pictures, and other important items. The envelope is designed to withstand the rough nature of shipping while keeping your documents safe and secure. 

Tyvek is designed with keeping your package safe and free of damage in mind. It resists moisture, puncturing, tearing, and more. The material is stronger than most other options for sending documents, photos, papers, etc. 

  1. The envelope must be able to close without modifying the package.
  2. Tyvek Envelopes are not padded.

Tyvek envelopes can be ordered from USPS.com in packs of 10 for free. Check the product page for USPS Tyvek envelopes to learn more about them. 

When shipping Priority Mail Tyvek Envelopes in ShippingEasy, choose the (Custom) “Package” option from the Packaging menu. Learn how to select a carrier, service, and package.

What is Tyvek

Tyvek envelopes are tough, lightweight envelopes made with tear and moisture resistant material, offering security and protection for your most sensitive communications. 

Tyvek® is a synthetic material, more specifically highly-dense polyethylene fibers, created by the DuPont company in 1955. What makes the Tyvek® material so unique is the combination of its ability to be both lightweight and strong. The light coating provides a protective seal to a number of items such as car covers, medical packaging, protective apparel, and, of course, envelopes.

Tyvek Envelope Sizes 

Because Tyvek envelopes are most often used to mail large, heavy documents, they often come in large and extra-large open end and open side envelope sizes, such as 6×9, 9×12 and 10×13.   

Tension specializes in custom envelope sizes for our entire product line. Tyvek envelopes from Tension are no different; they’re available in any size to fit your project needs. 

Benefits of Tyvek Envelopes

So what exactly are the benefits of using a Tyvek® envelope?

  1. Lightweight and strong

They are lighter than standard issue envelopes, yet they offer a strong coating.

2. Water and Moisture-Resistant

The coating acts as a barrier to water or moisture making it the perfect envelope to fight the elements.

3. Puncture-Resistant

The special coating allows Tyvek® envelopes to withstand wear and tear. They are puncture-resistant, which means they are great for interoffice mail practices where you have to reuse the same envelope again and again.

4. Printing and Writing

Even with the synthetic coating, you can still print and write on these envelopes. They will work in most standard inkjet printers.

5. Recyclable

Even with the coating, these envelopes can be recycled. However, you cannot just throw them into your office’s blue recycling bin. You have to dispose of them through their nationwide recycling program managed by Waste Management.

Columbian Envelopes 10 x 13-Inch First Class Mail White Envelopes Made with Dupont Tyvek Material, 100 Count (COLO806)

Envelope designed for ultimate Protection. Protect what’s inside. Superior moisture, burst and tear resistant protection. Features: convenient and secure self-sealing Grip-Seal closure. Simply peel off release strip and press down for a quick, secure seal. First class border ensures priority attention. Lightweight White Tyvek material. Open end closure. Sized: 10″ X 13″. Quantity = 100 envelopes.

Size10″ x 13″
BrandColumbian Envelopes
Closure TypeSelf-Seal

About this item

  • Envelope Designed for ultimate Protection. Protect what’s inside. Superior moisture, burst, and tear-resistant protection.
  • Convenient and secure self-sealing Grip-Seal closure. Simply peel off the release strip and press down for a quick, secure seal.
  • The first-class border ensures priority attention. Lightweight White Tyvek material. Open-end closure.
  • 10″ X 13″
  • 100 envelopes

2. 9×12 Tyvek Envelopes – Strong Lightweight Professional Shipping Mailer Tear Resistant DuPont Tyvek Construction & Easy Security Self Seal Closure –Bright White DuPont – Bulk Pack of 15 – 9 x 12 inch

Trusted Tyvek protection arrives at the office.

For ultimate defense against the grueling postal journey, send smartly with these ultra-resilient Tyvek Envelopes from Checkomatic. Developed by the legendary DuPont brand, this 15-pack of mailers makes an ideal choice for sending important papers and similar lightweight correspondence via UPS, FedEx, USPS, and beyond.

The synthetic material proves exceptionally durable, resisting rips, tears, punctures, as well as rain, snow, and other liquid threats. Read Also: What time does the mail come

Our supplies come in every size from small to large to jumbo and more, so they’re ideal for a variety of mailings. Just stuff your stuff into a pouch, peel back the sticker, press down to seal, affix your labels, and send confidently. No bubble wrap or bulky padded coverings necessary. Don’t waste another minute worrying about Mr. Postman—just add a box of Checkomatic Tyvek Envelopes to your cart today!

Specs & Details

  1. Material: high-density polyethylene fiber
  2. Brand: DuPont Tyvek
  3. Choose size: 6×9, 9×12, 10×13, 10×15 & 12 x 15 1/5
  4. Color: white
  5. Closure: self seal
  6. Orientation: catalog (open end)
  7. Compatibility: flat rate (weight dependent)

Size Available with Price: 

  • 6×9: $10.59
  • 9×12: $12.69
  • 10×13: $14.39
  • 10×15: $14.49
  • 12×15 1/2: $14.99

About this item

  • HEAVY-DUTY ENVELOPES – Classic White Mailers Are Perfect for Sending Documents, Invoices, Checks & Other Office Correspondence; Box of 15 Sheets.
  • INDESTRUCTIBLE DUPONT DESIGN – Lightweight But Strong, Durable Tyvek Material Resists Ripping, Tearing, Punctures, Rain, Moisture & Other Common Postal Threats.
  • CONVENIENT SELF SEAL CLOSURE – Peel Back the Sticker to Quickly & Effortlessly Seal & Send; Open End Catalog Orientation Enables Fast Paper & Packet Stuffing.
  • SUPERIOR SHIPPING PROTECTION – Double Reinforced Construction, Opaque Color & Super Sticky Glue Offers Maximum Security for Confidential Business Mail.
  • BUY CHECKOMATIC & SAVE BIG – Stock Up on Bulk Supplies & Enjoy the Best Prices in the Industry; Envelope Packs Available in 6×9, 9×12, 10×13, 10×15 & 12 x 15 1/5.

Reasons to Use a Tyvek Envelope

Tyvek envelopes are ideal for: retailers or wholesalers who send large, heavy catalogs; insurance companies who send thick policy documents; financial companies who send year-end reports. Builders and construction companies also prefer Tyvek envelopes to protect important documents in environments where they’d otherwise be susceptible to the elements. 

  1. Save on Shipping Cost

Since the coating makes the envelopes so durable, many items can be shipped in smaller Tyvek® envelopes rather than bigger, more expensive boxes.

2. Promotional Materials

The unique appearance that the Tyvek® coating provides gives the envelopes a more distinctive look and feel. They come in a number of colors and sizes that are great for sending out promotional material for your business. You can print your company logo right onto the envelope to give it a unique pop of detail.

Now that you know what a Tyvek® envelope is, get out there and use some for your next mailing promotion, or replace the worn out manila  interoffice mailing envelopes with a more durable alternative.

How much does a PO box cost

How to add Priority Mail Tyvek Envelopes 12″ x 15″ as a shipping option

Question: This envelope is not in the drop-down. When I try to add it as a custom option, Etsy forces me to enter a height measurement, which then calculates the price as a package, not as an envelope. So, it wants me to pay more for shipping as a package even though I’m trying to ship an envelope.


For calculated shipping on package preferences, you select custom to enter the size 15″ x 11″ and a height.

You have to enter a height. No way around it. Everything has a height even if just a fraction of an inch.

The rates calculated for the Priority Tyvek envelope are “package” rates.
There is not an envelope rate for these. It doesn’t matter if you ship a flat card in them, fabric, small items, item in a box, it’s still considered a package.

The Priority Tyvek is considered a package/thick envelope and the postage costs is based on the weight and buyer’s zip code.

I don’t know what you’re selling but whatever you’re going to mail in them has to have a height.

You enter the item dimensions + any padding. Do not enter the Tyvek envelope size for the item dimensions.
The calculator uses your item size to suggest a package size from your list in package preferences.

If you have an item that is 13x9x2 and you can get 2 of them in the Tyvek envelope then you need to put the height on the envelope 4″ so the calculator will “fit” 2 in it. Friends, If you only put a 1″ height, then the calculator won’t suggest it at all. If you put 2″ then the calculator will only “fit” 1 item in it.


One in an occasional series to highlight popular products. “Made of high-density polyethylene fibers, Tyvek® has introduced new dimensions of protection, security, and safety in a wide variety of applications.” 

That’s how the innovators at Dupont describe Tyvek. When used for envelope applications, this heavy-duty lightweight can be huge for mailers. 

DuPont’s Tyvek has been around for many years and has a reputation for durability and functionality in the mailing world. It’s a synthetic material which is also used as a first layer to wrap houses which gives you an idea of the durability part.

Tyvek is more expensive than regular paper envelopes but it has one property that makes it well worth considering for mailings; it’s a lot lighter than paper.  Most large envelopes used for mailings are either 28# or 32# weight.  Tyvek’s most common weight is 14#.  So simple math says it’s half the weight or less of paper envelopes.  Going to the next ounce in postage costs around 21 cents per ounce.  So for 1,000 envelopes, you’re saving around $210 per thousand in postage by avoiding the increase in weight of the mail piece – pretty impressive.

The sleek look and smooth feel of Tyvek is pretty much guaranteed to get your mail opened.  It prints really well – even with full ink coverage.  Your brand will stand out and be noticed and the recipient will understand that this is not just any mailing, but rather something important that deserves his attention.

What is a USPS Priority Mail Tyvek Envelope?

It’s virtually impossible to tear which makes it ideal for mailing anything that has rough or sharp edges; like a spiral bound booklet for instance.  It’s also water resistant which ensures it will hold up and look better when delivered especially if it’s raining!

Tyvek is available in a wide range of sizes; from small, credit card size envelopes up through jumbo sizes as large as 22 x 27 inches. Tyvek envelopes are also available with side expansions up to 5 inches for bulky packages. 

 And, perhaps surprisingly, Tyvek is 100% recyclable. A nationwide recycling program collects used envelopes and recycles them into other useful materials. Tyvek itself is contains an average of 10% post-industrial waste content.

What is a USPS Priority Mail Tyvek Envelope?

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