The Top Romantic Wedding Dress Styles for 2024

The Top Romantic Wedding Dress Styles for 2024

Romantic wedding dresses can come in any silhouette and feature any neckline, but are usually in the more classic, vintage, boho, princess, and lace styles. They can range from a glamorous, red-carpet vibe to a cool, casual look. Some current trends in romantic wedding dresses include ethereal tulle skirts, slits, three-dimensional floral appliqués, and daringly low backs. 

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The choice of a wedding dress is a deeply personal decision that depends on individual preferences and the overall theme of the wedding. However, certain styles have remained popular over time due to their romantic and timeless appeal. Here are some top romantic wedding dress styles:

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  1. A-Line Dresses:
    • A classic and universally flattering style that cinches at the waist and flows down in an A-shape.
    • Provides a romantic and elegant silhouette, often with a flowing skirt.
  2. Ball Gown Dresses:
    • A fairy-tale choice with a fitted bodice and a voluminous, full skirt.
    • Ideal for brides who want a dramatic and princess-like look.
  3. Mermaid Dresses:
    • Fitted through the bodice, hips, and thighs, then flares out at the bottom.
    • Emphasizes curves and provides a glamorous, sophisticated look.
  4. Sheath Dresses:
    • Simple, sleek, and follows the natural line of the body.
    • A minimalist and chic choice for a modern romantic feel.
  5. Lace Dresses:
    • Timeless and incredibly romantic, lace dresses add a touch of vintage charm.
    • Whether as an overlay or the main fabric, lace creates an ethereal and delicate look.
  6. Off-the-Shoulder Dresses:
    • Features a neckline that rests below the shoulders, revealing the collarbone and shoulders.
    • Offers a romantic and slightly bohemian vibe.
  7. V-Neck Dresses:
    • A versatile neckline that elongates the neck and enhances the overall bridal look.
    • Can be combined with various dress styles for different levels of formality.
  8. Tulle and Chiffon Dresses:
    • Lightweight and flowing fabrics that create a soft and romantic effect.
    • Ideal for beach weddings or any setting where a dreamy, whimsical look is desired.
  9. Vintage-Inspired Dresses:
    • Draws inspiration from different eras, such as the 1920s, 1950s, or 1970s.
    • Vintage lace patterns, sleeves, and silhouettes contribute to a romantic and nostalgic feel.
  10. Bohemian Dresses:
    • Flowy, often with lace or crochet details, creating a relaxed and free-spirited vibe.
    • Perfect for outdoor or destination weddings with a natural and romantic setting.

Ultimately, the most romantic wedding dress style is the one that makes the bride feel beautiful and reflects her personal style and preferences. It’s essential to try on different styles to find the one that suits both the bride’s vision and the overall theme of the wedding.

Searching for romantic wedding dresses is easier than one would think. Of course there are certain styles that lend more to a romantic setting than others. These are the top styles a bride should consider if she’s planning a wedding that will be filled with romance for her and her bow as well as all the guests.

Lace Around a Pretty Face

What could be more stunning than romantic wedding dresses that feature lace? From the very delicate Chantilly lace to a boulder style of Alencon, one can find it on all the runways worldwide when it comes to current wedding styles. There’s no doubt that lace is inherently romantic and has been throughout much of history.

The Top Romantic Wedding Dress Styles for 2024

Expect to see some modern touches with the classic lace styles. Amazing graphic patterns, soft layers and shimmering applies are featured in the newest styles. Lace dresses come in:

High-low hemlines

Illusion necklines

Fit and flare

Lace Mermaid

Corset Ball Gown

V-neck Sheath

A-line and Layers

Ruffles and Tulle

Just like lace, ruffles and tulle or delicate materials that are layered and flowing lend themselves to the realm of the most romantic wedding dresses ever. Skip the tight, modern look of satin and go with anything airy and soft.

While ruffles made with satin stand firm, those made from organic and soft tulle will give the bride an angelic look with ease. Mix them with lace and then they become even more stunning.

Many 2016 gowns feature a mixture of materials, for example an organa gown with a lace bodice and a satin bow. The easiest way to tell apart romantic wedding dresses from others is the soft, draped look.

They can be cap sleeve, sleeveless, or feature shear or lace sleeves and as stated above they can be any length or style, with the most popular being ball gown style. Empire

waistlines are also very popular.

The Top Romantic Wedding Dress Styles for 2024


Still popular as ever, feathered romantic wedding gowns are a top choice amongst today’s brides. Feathers are soft and help the bride look dreamy as she walks down the aisle or drifts across the dance floor. Think angelic when choosing one of these gowns, that’s a look that will easily be achieved.

Just like romantic wedding gowns, feathers come in all colors but soft colors are best. Stick with traditional white, off white, peach, pink, champagne and other light colors to create a romantic wedding atmosphere.

The best part of having a few feathers on the wedding dress is that they work so well with wedding décor. The couple is sure to enjoy the overall look of their celebration when there are soft, airy feathers incorporated.


Another tip for choosing romantic wedding dresses, and having an overall romantic theme is to keep it simple. Romance is a simple thing, honest and true to itself it doesn’t try to call much attention. So skip the shimmering and glittery elements and go with both a dress and décor that is straightforward, clean and simple.

Guests will be in awe of the beauty that surrounds them. They’ll immediately equate the simple designs to an honest love that’s being celebrated. Don’t overdo it on the bridal accessories. A lace veil, pearl jewelry and soft makeup is perfect to portray a romantic look.

The Top Romantic Wedding Dress Styles for 2024

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One Shoulder Necklines

Short Dressing

Sparkle. Bring on the bling

Tiered Skirts. If you’re on the hunt for a dress with some added flair but don’t want the hassle of a full skirt or long train, look no further than a gown with a tiered skirt.

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What is a romantic bridal style?

It often features soft fabrics like lace and chiffon, intricate detailing such as embroidery and beading, and may include elements like illusion necklines, subtle colors, vintage-inspired touches, and flowing skirts. The overall style aims to create a dreamy and feminine aesthetic for brides on their special day.

A romantic bridal style often involves choosing elements that evoke a sense of timeless elegance, femininity, and softness. This style is characterized by delicate details, graceful silhouettes, and a dreamy overall aesthetic. While personal preferences may vary, here are some key elements that contribute to a romantic bridal style:

  1. Soft Fabrics:
    • Fabrics like lace, tulle, chiffon, and organza are commonly associated with romantic wedding dresses. These materials drape beautifully and create a soft, ethereal look.
  2. Lace Detailing:
    • Lace is a classic choice for a romantic bridal style. Whether used for the entire dress or as delicate embellishments, lace adds a touch of vintage charm and sophistication.
  3. Floral Appliqués:
    • Floral details, whether in the form of appliqués, embroidery, or 3D floral motifs, contribute to a romantic and feminine look.
  4. Subtle Necklines:
    • Necklines like sweetheart, off-the-shoulder, or V-neck are often chosen for their flattering and romantic appeal. These styles highlight the collarbone and add a touch of delicacy.
  5. Flowy Silhouettes:
    • Dresses with A-line, ball gown, or sheath silhouettes can create a romantic vibe. Flowy and graceful movement is often associated with this style.
  6. Soft Color Palette:
    • While white and ivory are traditional choices, soft and muted color palettes like blush, champagne, or light blue can enhance the romantic feel of the dress.
  7. Long Sleeves:
    • Long sleeves, whether made of lace or sheer fabric, can contribute to a romantic and elegant look. This style is both timeless and modest.
  8. Subtle Sparkle:
    • Delicate embellishments like sequins or beading can add a subtle touch of sparkle without being overly flashy, enhancing the romantic allure.
  9. Cascading Trains:
    • Dresses with flowing, cascading trains can create a dramatic and romantic effect as the bride walks down the aisle.
  10. Timeless Elegance:
    • Choosing classic and timeless elements, avoiding overly trendy details, contributes to an enduring romantic style.

Ultimately, a romantic bridal style is about creating a look that makes the bride feel beautiful, enchanting, and in harmony with the overall ambiance of the wedding. Individual preferences play a significant role in defining what is considered romantic, so brides should choose elements that resonate with their personal vision and style.

A-line and ball gown silhouettes are widely popular wedding dress styles due to their universally flattering nature as well as their equally traditional and grand appearance. The silhouette cinches at the natural waistline before flaring outwards.

The popularity of wedding dress styles can vary based on current trends, cultural influences, and individual preferences. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, A-line dresses and ball gowns were widely popular for their timeless and universally flattering designs. These styles tend to suit a variety of body shapes and offer a classic, romantic silhouette.

A-line dresses are characterized by a fitted bodice that gradually flares from the waist down, forming an “A” shape. This style is known for its versatility and ability to complement different wedding themes, from traditional to modern.

Ball gown dresses, on the other hand, feature a fitted bodice and a full, voluminous skirt. This style is often chosen by brides who desire a fairy-tale, princess-like look for their wedding day.

It’s important to note that individual preferences and trends may shift over time. To determine the current most popular style of wedding dress, it’s advisable to check recent bridal fashion collections, bridal magazines, and popular wedding websites for the latest trends and insights. Fashion trends can evolve, and brides often choose dresses based on their personal style and the overall theme of their wedding.

Pastel Bridal Lehengas are the new rage

Traditionally, brides opt for red bridal lehengas or pink bridal lehengas. Recently, we have witnessed a surge in pastel bridal lehengas which have even been adorned by celebrities in their weddings like Kiara Advani, Athiya Shetty, Alia Bhatt, and more

wedding dress trends can vary based on current fashion influences, cultural preferences, and individual designers’ collections. Fashion trends change, so it’s advisable to check the latest bridal collections and wedding fashion updates for the most current information. However, as of my last update, here are some trends that were gaining popularity:

  1. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Dresses:
    • There has been an increasing interest in environmentally conscious and sustainable wedding dresses, with designers incorporating eco-friendly fabrics and production methods.
  2. Micro Weddings and Elopements Dresses:
    • As intimate weddings and elopements have become more popular, brides are opting for dresses that are more practical, versatile, and suitable for smaller settings.
  3. Statement Sleeves:
    • Dramatic sleeves, including bishop sleeves, balloon sleeves, and puff sleeves, were trending. These sleeves add a touch of romance and can be found on various dress styles.
  4. Bridal Jumpsuits and Two-Piece Sets:
    • Modern brides are embracing non-traditional options like jumpsuits or two-piece ensembles for a chic and contemporary look.
  5. Bold and Unique Embellishments:
    • Dresses with intricate beadwork, 3D floral appliqués, feathers, and unconventional embellishments have been making a statement.
  6. Minimalist Dresses:
    • Simple, sleek, and minimalist designs have remained popular, reflecting a timeless and elegant aesthetic.
  7. High Slits and Cutouts:
    • Dresses with high leg slits or strategic cutouts offer a modern and daring twist to traditional bridal wear.
  8. Colored Wedding Dresses:
    • Brides have been exploring dresses in shades of blush, champagne, and even bolder colors for a unique and personalized touch.
  9. Convertible Dresses:
    • Dresses with detachable elements, such as overskirts, capes, or sleeves, allow brides to switch up their look from the ceremony to the reception.

To stay current with the latest wedding dress trends, consider checking bridal fashion shows, designer collections, and reputable bridal magazines or websites for updates after my last knowledge update in January 2024. Trends can vary by region and individual taste, so it’s essential to find a dress that resonates with the bride’s personal style and vision for her wedding day.

Which wedding dress Colour is best?

What are the Most Popular Wedding Dress Colors? The most popular wedding dress colors are shades of off-white and ivory, which are more universally flattering. However, we’ve also noticed that many brides opt for a gown with a lining in a shade of blush or nude to allow the details on their dresses to pop!
The traditional and most widely chosen color for wedding dresses is white. White is often associated with purity, innocence, and new beginnings, making it a popular choice for brides. However, there are various shades and tones of white, and brides can choose the one that complements their skin tone and personal style. Some common variations include pure white, ivory, off-white, and champagne.

Other popular wedding dress colors include:

  1. Ivory:
    • A slightly warmer and softer tone than pure white.
    • Flatters a variety of skin tones and can have a romantic, vintage feel.
  2. Champagne:
    • A warm, light beige or pale gold color.
    • Adds a touch of sophistication and works well for both modern and classic styles.
  3. Blush:
    • A soft, pink hue that has gained popularity for its romantic and feminine appeal.
    • Particularly suitable for brides who want a subtle and unique touch.
  4. Light Blue:
    • Offers a non-traditional and whimsical option for brides who want to add a pop of color.
    • Light blue can symbolize serenity, calmness, and fidelity.
  5. Gold or Silver Accents:
    • While not the main color, some dresses incorporate gold or silver embroidery, beading, or detailing.
    • Adds a touch of glamour and can complement a variety of wedding themes.

Ultimately, the best wedding dress color is a matter of personal preference. Brides should choose a color that suits their style, complements their skin tone, and aligns with the overall theme of the wedding. It’s essential to try on different colors and styles to find the perfect dress that makes the bride feel confident, beautiful, and aligned with her vision for the wedding day.

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