9 Organic Cotton Underwear Made in USA 2024

9 Organic Cotton Underwear Made in USA 2024

While specific products and availability may change, here are some brands that were known for offering organic cotton underwear made in the USA as of my last update in January 2022. Please verify the current availability and options on the respective brand websites or retailers:

  1. PACT Organic:
    • PACT offers a variety of organic cotton underwear for men and women. They are known for using organic cotton and sustainable practices.
  2. WAMA Underwear:
    • WAMA specializes in hemp underwear, but they also offer organic cotton underwear. Their products are made with a blend of organic cotton and hemp.
  3. Groceries Apparel:
    • Groceries Apparel focuses on sustainable and organic clothing. They offer a range of basics, including organic cotton underwear.
  4. Brook There:
    • Brook There is a brand that produces organic cotton lingerie, including panties, in the USA.
  5. Hanky Panky:
    • While Hanky Panky is known for its lace lingerie, they also have an organic cotton collection. Check for their Made in USA options.
  6. Pansy Co.:
    • Pansy Co. is a brand known for its organic cotton underwear. Their products are made in California, USA.
  7. Thunderpants USA:
    • Thunderpants offers organic cotton underwear for men, women, and children. They use certified organic cotton and produce their garments in the USA.
  8. Blue Canoe:
    • Blue Canoe is a brand that focuses on organic cotton and offers a variety of underwear styles. They manufacture their products in the USA.
  9. Organic Basics:
    • Organic Basics is a brand committed to sustainable and organic practices. While they are based in Europe, they offer organic cotton underwear and ship to the USA.

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When searching for organic cotton underwear, it’s always a good idea to check the product descriptions and labels for information about materials and manufacturing locations. Additionally, consider reaching out to the brands directly for the latest information on their products. Keep in mind that product availability and collections may have changed since my last update in January 2022.

Organic cotton is more durable than conventional cotton because of its gentler, slower harvesting processes. It can also provide breathability and keep you cool and dry. 

Here are some organic cotton underwear options:

When it comes to something so intimate and close to our skin, we prefer our underwear to be made ideally from breathable natural fibers that are free of toxic chemicals.

Wearing high-quality, comfortable, and mindfully made undies allows us to walk through our days with a little bit of extra confidence as we work towards making this planet a healthier place to call home.

Without further ado, here are eco-conscious underwear brands using eco natural fibers and recycled materials that can help you feel care-free and confident, inside and out!

This is a reference only. Conscious Fashion Collective is not responsible for the brands we feature based on the publicly provided information. For specific information on products and pricing, please refer to each brand’s website and reach out to its brand reps to ensure its products fit the criteria you’re looking for.

Ethical underwear brands for women 2024

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The Ultimate Guide to Ethical and Sustainable Underwear for Men and Women 2024

Are you underpants green, not through wear or lack of washing, but because they are made from organic cotton and are manufactured to fair trade principles?

Being environmentally friendly, having a low carbon footprint and caring for the environment need no longer be confined to how we shop for consumables, what cars we use or how we choose to travel.

You can now wave your underwear as a flag of being eco friendly and green and there has recently been an increase in the amount of men’s underwear creeping on to the high street and eCommerce shops that are friendly to our environment and observe fair trade ethics.

Why use organic cotton? Well, conventional cotton production uses large amounts of pesticides and insecticides which have a large impact on the environment and the workers in the cotton fields. So organic pants make you feel good on the inside and current trendy retro styling makes you look great on the outside!


Many leading design brands of men’s underwear seem to be jumping on the ‘bandwagon’ and are launching a range of organic cotton underwear, which seems testimony to the demand for them and the increasingly eco-conscious shopper of men’s underwear.

What is interesting is the extent to which men’s underwear is being bought to demonstrate a moral and ethical responsibility to our environment and the world, particularly when not everyone will be aware of whether we are wearing eco friendly underwear.

T-shirts emblazoned with eco-friendly slogans make a clear statement about who we are and what we stand for. However, underwear is slightly different, unless you are ‘superman’ and wear yours on the outside of your trousers. Perhaps those who do buy eco-friendly underwear hold stronger values and beliefs about the need to be ‘green’ and don’t feel the need to shout about it.

Either way and whatever your views on this might be, it is reassuring to see both manufacturers and shoppers adopting a social responsibility to or environment and others.

Going Organic With Men’s Organic Cotton Underwear 2024

Underwear is the first thing we put on in the morning and the last thing we take off and it can truly make our day. The great news is there’s a growing number of sustainable underwear brands – making it one of the easiest elements of your wardrobe to switch.

To help you on your way, we’ve put together this ultimate guide to sustainable underwear for both men and women. These ethical underwear brands are all rated ‘Good’ or ‘Great’ and are creating eco-friendly basics, including bras, lingerie, boxers, and briefs, that will make you feel comfortable and confident, without compromising on your values.

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Organic Basics

Organic Basics offers high quality sustainable fashion basics for men and women in organic materials. The Denmark-based brand puts sustainable thinking at the centre of everything—it only chooses fabrics that care for our environment, and only ever partners with factories that care about their impact. Organic Basics clothes are available in sizes XS-XL.


WAMA is pioneering the hemp clothing industry with premium hemp underwear. It uses a high proportion of eco-friendly materials including organic cotton and hemp, and is a PETA-approved vegan company!

Pico designs beautifully soft organic and fair-trade cotton underwear for both men and women. The British brand is fully vegan and all its products are Fairtrade International – Small Producers Organisations certified.

NICO Organic Cotton Underwear 2024

Established in 2012 by Lis Harvey, NICO celebrates minimalism and understated luxury. The brand brings high quality basics and underwear to the Australian fashion landscape, featuring clean lines, luxe fabrics, and the styles and colours needed for everyday. NICO’s factories are signatories to The Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Accord and are compliant with BSCI and certified with WRAP.

PACT Organic Cotton Underwear 2024

PACT’s organic underwear makes sure you are comfortable in your own skin with its soft and timeless design. It uses Fairtrade organic cotton and aims to remove hazardous chemicals from its production.


Made from organically grown bamboo, Boody’s eco underwear supports the trend for all things green and ethical. The brand is Oeko-Tex certified and uses a fully closed-loop system to ensure its bamboo-derived fabrics are environmentally friendly. Find the range in sizes XS-XL.

HARA Organic Cotton Underwear 2024

Hara means green in Hindi, so the label aims to design for you and our earth – consciously creating pieces that are soft and beautiful with sustainable and ethical practices at the core. friends Hara uses bamboo as its primary material and minimises the use of packaging and has eliminated hazardous chemicals from its supply chain.


Underprotection is a Danish brand combining ethics and aesthetics, creating underwear, loungewear, and swimwear from sustainable materials like recycled polyester and organic cotton. All of its packaging, paper, and polybags are either recycled or biodegradable, and it only works with certified factories as it believes “fair working conditions and fair wages are human rights”. Underprotection exists to celebrate women of all kinds, and its goal is to make them feel as beautiful and comfortable as possible. You can find the full range in XS-XL.

Woron Organic Cotton Underwear 2024

Scandinavia-based Woron creates long-lasting vegan underwear. The brand uses eco-friendly materials, like Modal and is Oeko-Tex certified, meaning the death of their products is free from toxic chemicals.

Saint Basics Organic Cotton Underwear 2024

Saint Basics creates the next generation of vegan eco-basics for people inspired by change. The brand is fully Oeko-Tex certified and has adopted the GOTS Code of Conduct to protect its workers’ labor rights.

Sustainable underwear brands for men

Honest Basics

Honest Basics is a GOTS-certified basics brand based in Germany. They’re on a mission to make sustainable fashion accessible to everyone, by keeping their prices low, making quality basics that everyone has in their wardrobe, and constantly improving the sustainability of their products and their supply chain.

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Mighty Good Basics Organic Cotton Underwear 2024

Mighty Good Basics aims to provide quality, affordable, organic, and fair trade underwear, for both men and women. The brand uses GOTs certified cotton, like these knickers which were made by Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills in Kolkata, India, using cotton grown by farmers from the cooperative Chetna Organic, headquartered in Hyderabad India. The brand also uses renewable energy throughout its supply chain.

A-dam Organic Cotton Underwear 2024

A-dam is a fresh brand with character. It uses a high-proportion of eco-friendly materials, like GOTS certified cotton, and limits the number of chemicals, water, and wastewater used in production.


Munich-based VATTER creates sustainable and long-lasting underwear, using 100% vegan and environmentally-friendly materials, including GOTS certified cotton, without sacrificing design and aesthetics.

BASKET Organic Cotton Underwear 2024 Clothing Advantages

ASKET has been creating timeless wardrobe essentials since 2015 with revolutionary sizing and fair pricing. The brand disregards seasonal collections, cuts out all the middlemen, and only sells directly to you—putting its entire focus on building a single permanent collection.

Pure organic cotton clothing stands for clothing that is made from pure cotton that has not been treated or dyed with chemicals. Cotton is a natural plant used as fiber, but other parts can be used for the production of paper products, plastic and even food products such as oil that can be made from cottonseed. As clothing material, organic cotton has a number of advantages, especially for people with sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis. Organic cotton clothing therefore has a number of advantages over cotton clothes that are chemically treated to make them prettier.

Breathability Organic Cotton Underwear 2024

The natural cotton fabric offers better air circulation and this improves body moisture and controls the moisture too. It acts like a towel, leaving the wearer more comfortable since there is no moisture buildup between the clothing and the skin. The clothes can be amazing during the hot season and can take up a good amount of water before it feels any damp.

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Insulation Organic Cotton Underwear 2024

Besides being breathable and great for the hot season, organic cotton clothing also offers insulation during the cold seasons. They keep the wet and cold out, leaving the wearer warmer. This is because the fabric has the ability to trap air between the fibers offering thermal insulation and comfort. It is therefore not a wonder that cotton clothes are used for layering in colder temperatures.

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Durability Organic Cotton Underwear 2024

This is another great advantage of the fabric. It has a high tensile strength that makes it durable and strong. The pure cotton does not tear or rip easily and can withstand washings even in hot water. It also tends to be more sustainable compared with other synthetic fabrics. Your clothes can serve you for years without losing the good looks and feel or even shape as it is the case with most other fabrics.


This is probably one of the major advantages of choosing organic cotton clothing, especially if you have skin allergies and sensitivities. The fabric does not irritate the skin in any way and it is for this reason that it is used to make medical products like gauze and bandages and most baby products like diapers and clothing. It is probably because they are not chemically treated hence reactions are reduced.


– Cotton material can be used for any kind of clothing including pants, underwear, shirts, blouses, and even jackets. The clothing made from the purest cotton is easy to blend with others. They are also easy to clean and dry fast, hence they are great for wash-and-wear clothes. The natural strength of the cotton fibers is probably what makes the fabric suitable for all types of clothes.


Clothing made from pure organic cotton is easy in stretching and soft thus making the fabric very comfortable to wear. It is for this reason that the fabric makes excellently comfortable undershirts and underwear. The softness coupled with the breathable nature of the fabric gives you a level of comfort that would be hard to achieve with any other fabric.

Is microfiber underwear better than cotton?

Regular cotton underwear is light and breathable—good for casual, day-to-day wear. Microfiber underwear wicks away moisture

Is cotton underwear better?

Cotton is the best choice when it comes to everyday wear, according to Dr. Dweck. It’s the most absorbent material and the best for promoting breathability. … The best underwear to wear while working out tends to be any kind made of moisture-wicking materials, as those will feel most comfortable, says Dr

What is the healthiest underwear?

Cotton and other natural fibers are good

Natural fibers, like cotton, are one of the best underwear fabrics to choose because it’s gentle to the skin, breathable, and comfortable.

Is organic underwear better?

Organic Underwear is Better for the Environment

And, just like organically farmed food, organically farmed fiber crops are better for the environment. According to the Organic Trade Association, certified organic fiber must be grown without the use of toxic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and genetic modification.

One of our most popular panties since 1997. 100% organic Prima cotton full cut brief. Skin-friendly & breathable panties with full coverage front & back. The full brief panties have a covered elastic waistband. S – XXL. Natural, Black. Grown in USA, made in USA.

100% Organic Cotton Full Bikini Briefs (Grown & Made In USA)

For those who prefer full coverage front & back & covered elastic waistband, our 100% Organic Prima Cotton Full Briefs fit the bill. Made in USA from a super soft & light 100% organic Prima cotton ribbed knit jersey that is as pure as can be. There is no elastic or latex in the fabric of these organic Prima cotton full panty briefs. No formaldehyde, no dioxin – and microplastic-free for fully bio-degradable undies.

These organic panties boast 100% breathable organic cotton with zero synthetic fiber content, keeping your skin dry, healthy, and free from toxic chemicals that can cause allergies or even worse. Covered elastic waistband.

Style: Organic cotton full bikini briefs

Fiber: Fine 100% organic USa cotton ribbed knit

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
S: 4-6 / Waist 26-28 / Hip 36-38
M: 8-10 / Waist 29-31 / Hip 39-40
L: 12-14 / Waist 32-34 / Hip 41-42
XL: 16-18 / Waist 35-37 / Hip 43-45

Color: Natural (unbleached, dye-free), Black (low-impact, biodegradable fiber-reactive eco-dye)

Where is it made? Made in USA from 100% US-grown organic cotton


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Breathable
  • Chemical-free. No formaldehyde, no dioxin.
  • Covered elastic waist
  • Sweatshop-free. Eco-friendly.
  • All of our products are free from forever chemicals like PFAS

Machine wash with like colors (in a mesh garment bag) on gentle/delicate cycle using a mild biodegradable detergent. Avoid bleach. Lay flat to dry. If you must, tumble dry on low/gentle cycle, remove before dry. Our earth-friendly dyes should not be exposed to chlorine.

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