Is Team Trees a Scam and Who is Responsible for the Project 2024

Is Team Trees a Scam and Who is Responsible for the Project 2024

It is a legit joint effort with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant 20 million trees in honor of his 20 million subs.

They are legit and have officially partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation, the world’s largest tree-planting nonprofit organization. A quick google search of “team trees” and their goals gives me all the information I need. Publicity stunts like these are easy enough if you have plenty of time, nothing better to do, and a hefty amount of expendable labor.

Planting trees is no hard task. All you need to do is scatter the seeds and water. If you want visible results for more superficial success, just buy a crap-ton of baby trees, dig a bunch of holes, plant them, cover up, water once, and wait a few weeks until they all die of dehydration, transplant shock, or whatever other natural causes you can think of.

Team Trees” is not a scam, and the project is legitimate. Team Trees is an environmental initiative that was launched by YouTuber MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) and Mark Rober in October 2019. The goal of the project is to plant 20 million trees around the world

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Is Team Trees a Scam and Who is Responsible for the Project 2024

The initiative gained widespread support from various YouTubers, influencers, organizations, and individuals who contributed to the cause by donating to the Arbor Day Foundation, the nonprofit partner chosen for the project. Each dollar donated to Team Trees equates to one tree being planted.

MrBeast, known for his philanthropic efforts on YouTube, used his platform to mobilize the online community to support the reforestation initiative. The project gained attention and contributions from people across the globe, making it a successful and well-received environmental campaign.

If you have concerns or questions about the legitimacy of a charitable project, it’s always a good idea to verify information from reputable sources. In the case of Team Trees, you can find detailed information on the official Team Trees website and the Arbor Day Foundation’s website.

Keep in mind that details might have changed after my last update, so for the most current information, please check the latest sources or official statements related to Team Trees and its progress.

Is Team Trees a Scam and Who is Responsible for the Project 2024

Of course, the impact of this activity will likely be nothing but wasted money and a bunch of decomposing trees making fertile land. But hey, anything for publicity, right?

I’m new to the Team Trees label and purported objectives, so I won’t take issue with what they propose. But I am not new to tree planting and the philosophy of tree planting as a YEARLY exercise in most countries of the world. A cursory reading of the concept may inform the reader that reforestation and afforestation plantings have been going on for over 50 years. Are all those trained professionals crazy? ignorant? or what?

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Is Team Trees a Scam and Who is Responsible for the Project 2024

Some Quora respondents say that all you have to do is spread the seed and water. Maybe so. In my 60 years of tree planting, I haven’t tried that yet and do not know anyone else who did it that way. But I’m up to learning something new.

At the US Forest Service tree nursery in Placerville, California they typically raise 10,000,000 seedings each year for their region; but other regions and their nurseries have other yearly quotas. There are data about the seedling nursery output by state, in more than a few southern states. Numbers are also in the millions per year.

Measuring success is a major but underfunded challenge and I would like to be involved in a world-wide overview of what has worked, what has not, and how we can be most effective moving forward. Ye olde cost/benefit analysis is one of the tools to apply in keeping everyone informed.

Is ‘Team Trees’ plant 20M trees’ an effective strategy against climate change?

just planting some trees is not a clear enough statement… to determine the effectiveness of tree planting. The project is complex and expensive; In order to produce the right (correct for the climate zone) saplings and then to plant them in the right locations, will make a huge difference in the success or failure of the project and thus its “effectiveness” against climate change. Yes, Trees, process co2, reduce erosion, retain soil moisture and their leaf litter enriches the soil.

Simply planting trees may or may not have effective impacts against the human-caused dimensions of climate change. Planting a mixture of tree types selected for their native characteristics and placement of those trees in the proper habitats: bottomland, wetland, highlands, and in the right climate zone; may actually improve the local habitat.

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How much of an effect would planting 20 million trees have on the world?

Way more helpful than the current 7,739,753,414 and climbing human beings, that’s for sure. If we replaced half the humans on the planet with trees, climate change would be far less of a problem, our need for resources would be halved, in fact most of the problems of the 21st century would be reduced significantly. Of course the biggest problem, even if we could halve the population of the planet, would be keeping it that low or better still reducing it even further.

Sadly, unlike most of the other species, we think it is our duty to control, even wipe out, human beings are the one species that needs to be controlled but nobody will ever find a way,m that the rest would agree to. So I guess the real answer is, 20 million extra trees would be a waste of time because it’s the number of humans that is the problem.

Al this talk of countries like the UK wanting to go ZERO carbon emission, people wanting to stop using plastic, stop burning fossil fuels, have electric cars on all the roads, use sustainable energy, stop wasting stuff blah, blah, blah. Al a total y waste of time, the longer we al faff about, trying to cut down of n this and that, the more people there will be, wanting more and more of the resources we are running out of, the more people will need to be fed and watered, the more space they will need to live, the more space we will need for the crops and livestock to feed them, the fewer fish there will be in the sea.

Is Team Trees a Scam and Who is Responsible for the Project 2024

All because nature has lost the fight. It once kept the balance, but we screwed with it, so now we are doomed. So make the most of your life, because, in a few decades, life is not going to be so easy for anyone, no matter how much money or power they have. Give it a hundred years and planet earth, unless someone finds a way to drastically reduce the human population, is going to be a horrible place.

Choking atmosphere, very little fertile land, climate out of control, dues to zero ice, the currents that keep many countries temperate, gone, the seas desalinated, most life in the oceans dead or dying, people fighting over every little thing, just to get from day today. Luckily I won’t be around to have to try and live on this planet, neither I am guessing will you or the majority of anyone using this site or the many people that think they have the answers. As Sir David Attenborough put it when asked, what can we do “Stop wasting things, just stop the waste”.

But the fact is, we listen but we don’t act, we just talk about it, tell others what we should do, and hope someone else comes along and solves the problems. Governments make promises, which they give themselves 50 years to fulfill, knowing most of them will be retired or dead by then.

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Is Team Trees a Scam and Who is Responsible for the Project 2024

We just can’t get the whole planet, every single person, to take action and reduce the waste they produce and stop burning fossil fuels, eat less meat, etc etc. It will never happen. Only way you could ever get the entire population to get together and solve a problem, is if the population was only a few thousand of a couple of million at most, as it was when I was born.. So we are stuffed, al or protesting, plans, government promises, summits… none of it is going to save us or change anything.

Don’t believe me, just wait to say another 10 years and you like the other 7.7 billion and counting humans will see…. That I like only a handful of others, knowing the cause, and also knew nobody would ever solve it.

What could happen if we plant too many trees? Is too many trees even a thing?

As a private tree farmer, And previously a small scale nursery operator, my thoughts run toward —

No such thing as too many/much plantings of a healthy mixture of trees – the trees/forests with biodiverse plantings should be expanded and monocrop (row crop) agriculture and pasturage should be reduced; our modern world is sorely abused by deforestation in the name of “more Agriculture.”

Human agriculture began 12–10,000 years ago was allegedly described by J Diamond as a “wrong turn by humanity that has caused many of the modern worlds problems.”

Agriculture has caused – over population, deforestations, silting of river and bays= Marine and land based habitat destructions and depletion of ground water (aquifers) and contributed to fossil fuels depletion — all these factors are now, coming together in a perfect storm of planet wide depletion cycles and attendant species reductions and, sadly, some extinctions.

For some background and some insights toward the coming consequences of human agriculture and attendant environmental abuses consider reading:

  • “The Chesapeake in Focus” Pelton
  • “The Long Emergency“ J Kunstler

How many trees need to be planted to save the world?

The largest trees, the giant sequoias, weigh about 300 tons on average. Multiply by some .75 to get dry weight. Then multiply by .5 to get carbon. I searched “ carbon sequestration in trees calculator”. Most trees have at least 10x less mass than the giant sequoias. The hybrid poplar can grow about 6 feet per year, up to about 50 feet high and over 2 feet in diameter at the base.

Without doing the math, I figure about 2 tons of carbon is in a mature poplar tree. We need to sequester about a trillion tons of CO2. Divide by 3.66 since carbon has an atomic weight of 12 and oxygen, 16. So, we need to have a third of a trillion tons worth of carbon in trees (in this scenario) or about 150,000,000,000 trees.

If spaced at 1 per 100 sq m or 100/hectare or 10,000/km, we see that we’d need some 15 million sq km? Sounds too easy! The hard part is making sure we have enough solar, wind, and batteries to build and power all the water infrastructure to keep them growing for decades!


Why don’t people plant trees? It is a must. Team Trees Scam

Because the science of sequestering carbon has advanced tremendously this century and planting trees is now used as a marketing event, but not used by those serious about using their efforts to slow down the accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere.

China is likely the best example as there is a recently published paper from NASA with details[1] :

China converted large amounts of cropland (arable land) to forest prior to 2006.

Note how the amount of arable land in China fell over 5% from 2000 to 2006, then leveled out until 2014 (I’m not sure what happened in 2015?):

Also note how forest coverage in China was increasing rapidly from 2000–2005:

Prior to roughly the 2005 timeframe, that is what the agricultural science said was the best way to sequester carbon per acre/hectare of land. So China was doing more than their global share to add forest. About that time is was determined that if you included the soil: cropland with healthy soil actually had more carbon per acre/hectare than a forest with mediocre soil.

I say mediocre soil for forest land because the soil was found to be fed by sap exudes out of plant roots. Forest land typically has mediocre soil because the root system isn’t dense enough. From 2006 to 2012 China quit converting land from cropland to forest, but they still re-forested enough land to keep the overall forest acreage constant.

Since 2012 they have allowed their amount of forest land to decline.

But pay attention to this chart from above: Team Trees Scam

From 2003 to 2015 their arable land slightly fell, but their harvestable land increased by 15%. Harvestable land is arable land that wasn’t left to fallow and that didn’t have the crop destroyed by weather. Ideally harvestable land would be 100% of the arable land but that isn’t realistic. That tells us that they had changed their focus from forest to improving the health of their cropland soil. Cropland soil health is often discussed as the tilth of the land. A major component of tilth is SOM (soil organic matter). SOM is roughly 50% carbon by weight.

Is Team Trees a Scam and Who is Responsible for the Project 2024

US cropland averages about 2% SOM in the top few inches and about 1% SOM in the top 6 feet (or top 2 meters). World-class healthy soil is about 10% SOM in the top few inches or it contains about 5 times as much carbon as typical cropland.

The higher the tilth of the soil (ie. the more carbon it has) the more it can withstand poor weather. In heavy rain, it can absorb the water like a sponge. In times of drought, it can release that water slowly to the plants. When the wind blows it will hold together and not let the top layer of the soil blow away. If the rain is too heavy to absorb, it still won’t erode. The most logical way to explain China seeing a 15% increase in harvestable land from 2003 to 2015 is that they used regenerative agriculture techniques to significantly increase the health/tilth/SOM of their soil.

If you look at this chart, you see it has been a global phenomenon and the early 2000s inflection point is obvious:

The acreage of cropland that can’t be harvested globally is falling at a steady pace. Especially after 2003 or so when the basics of regenerative agriculture started to be known to farmers at large.

So back to the question:

Why are we not planting a lot of trees?

Because one of the major sources of land to re-forest is cropland and re-forested land isn’t as effective at sequestering carbon as using regenerative agriculture techniques on agricultural land.

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Who planted so many trees in Bangalore?

Worried by the disappearing tree cover, the then Chief Minister of Karnataka, Gundu Rao, approached one man who he thought could save the trees. That man was Seturam Gopalrao Neginhal, popularly called SG Neginhal, a dedicated forest officer who was known for his tremendous success in preserving many nature reserves in the country.

S.G. Neginhal came to Bengaluru in 1981 when the new housing layouts and urbanization were becoming a threat to the city, leaving it barren. He took on the task of filling the city with green spaces and trees. He planted over 1.5 million trees, most of them are still thriving. His wisdom and hard work transformed Bengaluru into the Garden City of India.

Did team trees actually plant trees?

They are the biggest tree-planting organization in the world and want to help the planet by planting as many trees, in as many places around the world as they can. For each dollar donated, the Arbor Day Foundation will plant one tree “in a forest of high need around the globe” according to the Team Trees website.

How many trees have been planted by team trees?

22 million trees more than 800,000 people joined #TeamTrees® by raising more than $22 million to plant 22 million trees around the world.

Will Team trees do anything?

#TeamTrees trees will help reestablish a sustainable water supply through protecting and replanting around springs and rivers, restoring habitat for wildlife, stabilizing steep slopes prone to landslides, and securing livelihoods. … A loss of tree cover has also contributed to poor soil health

Was team tree successful?

Progress. On December 19, 2019, Team Trees raised 20 million dollars, reaching their funding goal. As of October 2020, while they had to cancel 10% of their projects due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have managed to plant 4.6 million trees of their 7 million tree goal for 2020.

Will Team trees make a difference?

“As trees grow, they help stop climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air, storing carbon in the trees and soil, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. Trees provide many benefits to us, every day. … In addition to this, trees can attract wildlife and shade land.

Why is planting trees bad?

As plants take up less carbon dioxide, more will be left in the atmosphere, which leads to more warming and more dry years. It’s a vicious cycle that accelerates the rate of climate change. Planting and protecting forests is considered one of the primary strategies for climate change mitigation.


Team Trees, also known as #teamtrees, is a collaborative fundraiser that raised 20 million U.S. dollars before 2020 to plant 20 million trees. The initiative was started by American YouTubers MrBeast and Mark Rober and was mostly supported by YouTubers.

All donations go to the Arbor Day Foundation, a tree-planting organization that pledges to plant one tree for every U.S. dollar donated.

The Arbor Day Foundation began planting in January 2020 and plans to end “no later than December 2022”. It is estimated that 20 million trees would take up 180 km2 (69 sq mi) of land, absorb around 1.6 million tons of carbon and remove 116 thousand tons of chemical air pollution from the atmosphere.

By December 26, 2020, the project had raised $22,702,530 surpassing the fundraiser’s goal to plant 20 million trees. As of May 2021, the project has raised over $22.9 million[8] and planted 7.1 million trees.


The idea started on May 24, 2019, when a fan suggested on Reddit that MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) should plant 20 million trees to celebrate reaching 20 million subscribers on YouTube.

Friends, the idea spread across YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter, mostly in the form of memes. The idea may have been related to the 2019 Amazon rainforest wildfires. American YouTuber, engineer, and inventor Mark Rober partnered directly with Donaldson to launch the fundraiser.

On October 25, 2019, Donaldson uploaded a YouTube video explaining his plan, which claimed the top spot on YouTube’s trending page and caused numerous YouTubers to join the movement.

Many YouTubers created content to capitalize on the growing trend of Team Trees; despite the Arbor Day Foundation reaching out to only a few hundred creators, Team Trees is now featured in over 80,000 videos from over 4200 global creators.

Across Instagram and Twitter over 556,001 posts have garnered more than 4.6 billion views. Creators were able to uniquely inspire their audience to become donors and supporters of Team Trees through their relationships with their fans.

In addition to social media influencers, large corporations made large donations including Verizon, EA, Salesforce (Marc Benioff), Shopify (CEO Tobias Lütke and CTO Jean-Michel Lemieux and Tesla (Elon Musk).

Discovery Channel made a documentary called #TeamTrees about the campaign which aired on December 3, 2019, coupled with a donation of USD $100,203 the next day.

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Who is in charge of TeamTrees?

The initiative was started by American YouTubers MrBeast and Mark Rober, and was mostly supported by YouTubers. All donations go to the Arbor Day Foundation, a tree planting organization that pledges to plant one tree for every U.S. dollar donated.

Did TeamTrees actually help?

More than 800,000 people donated from 200 countries and territories. The campaign set the record for the biggest YouTube fundraiser and has raised $21.6 million to-date. U.S. Forest Service models show the environmental impact of planting 20 million trees is like taking 1.24 million cars off the road for a year.

How much money did TeamTrees make?

#TeamTrees has raised over $24M to-date and every dollar continues to plant a tree. Founded in 1972, the Arbor Day Foundation is the world’s largest tree-planting membership organization.

Is TeamTrees a non profit organization?

Team Trees is a non-profit fundraiser trying to plant 20 million trees by 2020. It was created by the YouTubers MrBeast and Mark Rober, and many other YouTubers have helped too. The donations go to the Arbor Day Foundation, a group that plants one tree for every $1 received.

Is Team Trees a Scam and Who is Responsible for the Project

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