Tendered to the Post Office means the shipping partner has dropped off several bags of packages but that doesn’t mean they are immediately available to be picked up, especially in a small office manned by only one clerk. … UPS and FedEx packages are not first class mail hence the extra day for delivery.

This would be a notification from one of the Postal Service’s last-mile partners; ie United Parcel Service, FedEx, or Amazon. It simply means it has been dropped off at the Post Office that will take that final mile to be delivered. Amazon packages are dropped off early in the morning to be delivered the day they are received by the delivery unit (local Post Office).

UPS and FedEx parcels are dropped off at the Post Office later in the day, after the carriers have already begun their delivery routes, for delivery the next day by your mail carrier. If you don’t want to wait until the next day some smaller offices are able to let you come to the office and pick it up yourself.


In simple terms, it means that your package has been dropped off at the nearest post office. DHL, FedEx, or UPS have passed off the box to the subcontractor to send it to you.


It won’t be available to be picked up until you see “Arrival at Unit” when you track it. Tendered to the Post Office means the shipping partner has dropped off several bags of packages but that doesn’t mean they are immediately available to be picked up, especially in a small office manned by only one clerk.

That clerk is responsible for getting the mail to the carriers and getting those carriers out the door as well as a host of other vital administrative tasks in addition to waiting on customers who come in for stamp purchases and to ship out packages.

The UPS and FedEx packages will go through our intake process (accepting/scanning the package and routing it to the correct carrier route) when the clerk has finished all these other tasks. Sometimes, particularly during the holidays, the clerk may not be able to do the intake until after the office has closed for the day.

Either way, that package will go out with your carrier the next delivery day to be delivered. UPS and FedEx packages are not first-class mail hence the extra day for delivery.

My package has been “tendered for delivery” for 3 weeks. What does this mean? When should I expect my package?

I’m sorry, that’s the worst!! The best thing to do is find out what post office it’s at and call them directly. Yes, you’ll be in hold for at least 45–60min, but you actually can ask a professional. I did that today ironically, my package was late so I called. Of course the second I get through to someone, my frickin package was delivered!!! Haha.

You should get informed delivery if you don’t already have it. You can sign up on the USPS website. Things are also messed up with covid-19. Deliveries are taking longer. Good luck

What does “tendered to postal service” mean?

The problem with US postal service first class mail is that, while it has the full federal protections upon threat of prosecution for tampering or hindering delivery and for unauthorized opening by a third party, there is absolutely no proof one mailed the item in the first place, much less that it was delivered or received.

If you want evidence of any of those bits of information, you need to be ready to pay many times extra for the privilege.

Certified mail, return receipt requested carries nearly seven hundred percent premium cost. Registered mail is priced at a full ten times the cost of ordinary postage.

Old organizational procedural habits die slowly.

Years ago we lived in a house that was part of a home owner’s association that was formed in the late 1940’s. Upon formation of the association, in order to save the postage costs of certified or registered mail to the 502 homes in the association owners association, but still be able to record, in the minutes, attestation that the membership was given adequate notice of the annual meeting to elect the next board, the current board secretary “presented a receipt from the postal service for 502 pieces of mail”. The board accepted that this was evidence of the mailing of the annual meeting notification, saving thousands of dollars in postage, plus handling of the return receipts.

“Tendered to the post office” means paid at the post office.

The verbiage is probably being used to support the assertion that some correspondence was mailed.

The postal service also offers a service for moving money across distances. A money order may be issued to someone who has tendered US currency at the postal service, covering the intended amount plus applicable fees. The recipient of the order can collect the funds at the local postal service outlet at which they show up with the money order for payment.

What does “Tendered to Final Delivery Agent” mean in USPS or Amazon Shipping?

As a window clerk for the Postal Service we had UPS and FedEx employees come in every day and hand us packages (and have us sign) from them. We in turn delivered said packages the following day to the address on the individual packages for which we had signed. So when it states “Tendered to Final Delivery Agent”, I am speculating that they scan their packages one last time befor handing them over to the Postal Service.

What does “delivered to agent” showing the ZIP code of the main post office, ending the ability to track, mean for when my package will actually be delivered to my house?

It means that for some reason the USPS has contracted another delivery service to do the delivery, their tracking will be updated when the agent delivers it just like normal, and the package should be delivered in the specified time that the shipper paid for . However as to when it will reach your house the USPS never gives you a time of delivery, just a date so if your delivery specified that it will be delivered in 3 days, well you should get it 3 days from the date of shipment.

Is the US Postal Service a horrible place to work?

I am a retired Rural Mail Carrier with 43 years years of Civil Service to my credit. I enjoyed my tenure working for the Postal Service. There were times and people that made the career path somewhat less enjoyable but on the whole, I look back with fondness on my career as a Postal employee. I wouldn’t have stayed as long as I did if it wasn’t.

The Postal Service isn’t for everyone. If you can’t, won’t, continually or purposefully report to work late, hungover, impaired in some fashion or won’t follow the rules or learn the rules, then the Postal Service most likely won’t be a good fit for you. You must be able to read and comprehend with a modicum of intelligence the English language. You must be able to do simple math, add, subtract, multiply and divide and count US currency. By modicum I mean a High school diploma or GED and have a Gpa of 2.8 or higher. Some college or a degree wouldn’t hurt if you want to pursue a management position or Union position but that is my opinion, not Postal policy.

There is a Tremendous amount of responsibility and accountability that is inculcated in a Postal position. Employees are tasked with the acceptance, safety, movement and timely delivery of our Nation’s mail. Personal, Business, Monetary and Legal documents and correspondence are entrusted to you everyday. If you are a carrier as I was, you will know, with a high degree of certainty, when your customers are having a birthday, death, marriage, divorce, adoption, bankruptcy, financial difficulties and other tragedies and happy tidings that can and do occur in life. You are the bearer of those good and bad communications and must try to be responsible and accountable for that knowledge.


The U.S. Postal Service handles the largest amount of mail in the world, with about 700,000 employees and the largest fleet of vehicles outside of the military. When you have that much human and mechanical inner action there are bound to be errors. Don’t become an employee if you don’t want or care if you increase the number of errors that occur daily within the Service.

The Service wants perfection but can’t expect it. They will be vigilant on your accuracy, timeliness, accountability and availability to work if you are hired. Once hired there is a 90 day probationary period that ensues where the PO may at its discretion remove you for any or no reason. You may do the same. In the Rural craft the probation period is 90 days worked or one Year whichever comes first.

The pay and benefits are better than most starting jobs. The starting pay is about $20.00 per hour for subs. Regulars make somewhere in the $26–35 per hour range. Overtime rates are 150% of the base rate. I’ve been out for four years so don’t hold me to these numbers. Could be more, could be less.


I just heard that subs in the Rural craft are getting Full Medical insurance coverage if they are working enough hours to cover their portion of the cost. They were only getting partial coverage when I was working. I don’t have any knowledge of City carriers or their subs Medical coverages but they are usually similar to other crafts within the Service.

You must pass the Civil Service test for Postal employees with a 70% score or higher. You will then be REQUIRED to pass a drug screening, police record check ( No Felonys at all, No misdemeanors or DUIs for 3–5 years), auto accident record check. If you get through that unscathed then you will go through Oreintation that lasts two days and a driving exam. The next step for the Rural carrier is a “Shadow” day.

You come into the office you are hired into and watch and ride with the Regular carrier whose route you are being assigned to. This is so you can see if this is truly what you want to do and what you thought the job entailed. If you choose to stay you will be given 2–3 days training with the Regular usually and then be sent out on your first day solo. The Regular will usually come in and aid you in getting out the first few times you carry but they are not Required to do this and don’t get paid for doing it either.

What does “Tendered To Service Provider” mean? | Simpl …

When I started, my Regular never came in or aided me in any way other then the two days of training that I got. He did bitch about the mistakes though. That’s why I made a Casing key for my route case and had a copy of my route’s line of travel and a map of the route for my subs once I became a Regular.

The Casing key is a sheet or sheets of paper with All the streets in alphabetical order and the address ranges for those streets and where in which case and row the address was located. This I did on my own so as to make it easier for subs coming into my case to find the addresses quicker and more accurately. This was my own invention and my subs all thought it was a tremendous help. It also made them more amenable to carrying my route.

Once you become familiar with the route you are assigned to the PO can require you to learn a minimum of two more routes. Some subs struggle to get the route and Casing down so aren’t as interested in other routes at first. However it pays to learn as many routes as possible so your work hours can increase and your take home pay does likewise.

DHL tracking says the package was tendered to USPS but USPS …

There are some rules that determine who and when others may sub on particular routes but in general the more you know the more you earn. It helps if you’re likable and a fast learner. When our office was short on subs the ones we had were making almost as much as the Regulars did and sometimes more when overtime was plentiful. When we had enough subs for each route the subs complained that they were not making enough. Feast or Famine was the subs lament.

Depending on your offices growth rate, age of the Regulars, number of routes with assigned subs and your seniority among the subs, will probably determine how soon you make Regular. That could be as little as 18 months as in my case to over 18 years in some small town offices with one or two routes and 40 year old carriers.

You can, once you have served for 1 year, in the office you started in transfer to another office if you think it’s to your advantage to make Regular faster. There is a greater number of women becoming Rural subs because it’s only part-time and the pay and benefits are far better than almost any other job that’s part-time.

Tendered To Delivery Service Provider

I hope this answers your question a little. Remember the Postal Service is just that, we Serve the nations people by delivering their mail. We are servants but not slaves. If you don’t want to serve look for another profession, this one is not for the faint of heart or mind or body.

You do repetitive tasks every day in good weather and bad. best You lift and carry heavy objects every day. You are responsible for the safety of yourself and the Mail as well as being accountable for all delivery and pick up the mail on your route.

find You are watched knowingly and unknowingly while at work in the office and on the route. You are accountable for all monies and checks, parcels, and mail that you have signed out for, and at the end of each day, to the penny and envelope and package, you will be held accountable for their delivery or return.

USPS delivered a package to an agent for final delivery during COVID-19. The package requires a signature. I obtained proof of delivery, which was signed “COVID-19.” Does this mean it was delivered to a person or left at a mailroom?

I am retired from the USPS, but I understand carriers are signing items “COVID-19” to minimize contact. Are you in an apartment? In my experience, “delivered to agent” usually means that it’s been delivered to my leasing office in my apartment complex. If there’s some confusion about where it was delivered, your post office manager can look to see where the carrier was standing when the package was scanned.

What does tendered to delivery service provider mean DHL?

What does tendered to delivery service provider mean DHL? “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider” means that for domestic shipments, your box has been handed off from DHL to USPS. You may or may not see any further tracking updates during this time until the box is then scanned in at your local post office.

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Is DHL delivered by USPS?

Since 2003, the Postal Service has provided last-mile delivery for DHL in over 20,000 ZIP Codes nationwide through its Parcel Select service. This expansion makes USPS the exclusive provider of delivery service to DHL for 3,600 of the nation’s 46,000 ZIP Codes through the use of Priority Mail and Parcel Select service.


What does the sender tender the shipment mean?

The sender tendered the shipment to UPS after the latest pickup time for the requested service. … It means when your order was placed and was prepared for shipping, the last pick up for delivery had already been made. Therefore, the item will be shipped the next business day.

What does shipment tender to mean by FedEx?

Tendered Notification: Notify the email recipient when a shipment has been taken into FedEx possession. Exception Notification: Notify the email recipient when a clearance delay or a delivery exception occurs, which could result in a change to the estimated delivery date.

How long does FedEx keep proof of delivery?

18 monthsSignature proof of delivery is available for up to 18 months for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipments and 2 years for FedEx Freight shipments.

Does FedEx home delivery require a signature?

As a service standard, FedEx requires a signature on all deliveries. However, in some circumstances, you can allow FedEx to leave your package without a signature. … Please Note that a shipment is only left without a signature at FedEx’s sole discretion.

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