which screws do I use to install the Motherboard onto 2024

Which screws do I use to install the Motherboard onto 2024

The type of screw you need to install a motherboard depends on the motherboard’s form factor. For example, a standard ATX motherboard requires screws that are about 1.25 inches long, while a microATX motherboard requires screws that are about 0.8 inches long. The general standard is M3x5 screws. 

The #6-32 UNC screws are often found on 3.5″ hard disk drives and the case’s body to secure the covers. The M3 threaded holes are often found on 5.25″ optical disc drives, 3.5″ floppy drives, and 2.5″ drives. Motherboards and other circuit boards often use a #6-32 UNC standoff.

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Here are some products to consider: 

When installing a motherboard into a computer case, you’ll typically use standoffs and screws to secure it in place. Here are the general steps and types of screws you might need:

  1. Install Standoffs:
    • First, ensure that your computer case has pre-installed standoffs or install them if needed. Standoffs are small raised mounts that keep the motherboard from touching the case directly. They are usually installed in designated locations on the case’s motherboard tray.
  2. Align the Motherboard:
    • Place the motherboard onto the standoffs, aligning the screw holes on the motherboard with the standoffs.
  3. Use Standard Motherboard Screws:
    • Motherboards typically use standard screws with a coarse thread. These screws are often included with the computer case. They are designed to secure the motherboard to the standoffs.
  4. Tighten the Screws:
    • Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to tighten the screws gently. Avoid overtightening, as this can damage the motherboard or strip the standoffs.
  5. Check the I/O Shield:
    • Before securing the motherboard, make sure the I/O shield is properly aligned with the motherboard’s rear I/O ports. The I/O shield is a metal or plastic plate that fits into the opening on the back of the case.

which screws do I use to install the Motherboard onto 2024

It’s essential to use the screws provided by the case manufacturer or those specifically designed for securing motherboards. They are typically labeled or included in a separate bag with the case accessories. If you have lost the screws or need replacements, you can often find them at hardware stores or online.

Remember that different cases may have variations in their screw types, so it’s a good idea to consult the user manual for your specific case for detailed instructions on installing the motherboard. Additionally, be mindful of static electricity by grounding yourself before handling components, and work on a non-conductive surface to prevent damage to sensitive electronics.

Standard motherboard screws are #6–32 x 3/16″ (sometimes 1/4″). M3 screws are also used, although less often than #6–32 screws.

Every Motherboard (MOBO) will come with a set of screws and posts (the little hexagonal screws that hold the MOBO off the side of the case for airflow.) When you buy a case, it will come with it’s own screws but doesn’t provide them for other installed components.

which screws do I use to install the Motherboard onto 2024

You did perform a power-up test on the motherboard before embarking on installing, didn’t you? The usual type of screw will be an M3 of about 5mm in length. This has a cast Philips head with an eccentric washer incorporated into its structure. The thread will be visually fine rather than coarse.

You should remove one of the standoffs again and, in accordance with Sergey Kalashnik’s answer, you should hand test that the screw actually screws all the way in without any resistance. Most standoffs use a much coarser thread for attaching to the case but use the M3 thread to receive the screw.

This same test performed with two standoffs should prove that one won’t fit into the back of the other without exerting unnecessary force. If they don’t fit, then you’ll probably need to use a coarser thread like the screws used to fit the PSU into place.

Often times, if the screw fits, and it fits tightly, it’ll work. I’ve used at least four different types of screws on my motherboard, it they all worked. If you tighten the screws correctly, nothing can go wrong.

Often times, the screws that work look like this:

Photograph credit: Tom’s Hardware

It could also be painted black for aesthetic function.

If you find any screw with flat heads instead of Philips heads, those will come off easier (from personal experience), but unless you’re actively tinkering with the computer a lot, you won’t notice it. They will stay put for years to come.

Of course, your motherboard often comes with a pack of screws

You can use any of these screws, and I recommend doing so to prevent any issues. Make sure you are not using the tiny screws (5 mm or less in length). Those may not go all the way through.

Does the motherboard or the PC case come with screws to add to the motherboard?

I have never encountered a motherboard that came with mounting hardware. It’s always been supplied with the case. It appears that some people have bought motherboards that come with hardware.

Motherboards come with the I/O plate for the back of the computer and usually include some I/O cables. (At a minimum you’ll get a SATA cable or two. If your motherboard has headers for old school serial or parallel ports (rather than having those ports on the backplate) you might get the cables that plug into those.

In the olden daisies, you got PATA and floppy cables, but a new motherboard won’t even have the ports for those.) If the motherboard has an M.2 slot it will have the hardware associated with that.

You also get some combination of manual and/or CD; the CD, if present, includes drivers and usually a copy of the manual. Don’t panic if you don’t have an optical drive; nowadays you can also download all that stuff.

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What are the symptoms of a faulty motherboard?

I don’t want to assume your technical level here, so I’ll throw out various options.

TL:DR: If it’s a PC you built, then it’s something you have hooked up wrong or you fried an important component by not grounding yourself. If it had been working and now it’s not, most likely it’s the Power Supply. Freind If it is a pre-built brand name computer (Dell, HP, etc..), then it’s most likely the Power Supply.

  1. If you have confirmed that all of the critical power cables are correctly plugged into their various motherboard ports (20/24 pin Main Power, 4/4×4 pin processor power, 6 pin video card power), and that the RAM you are using was correctly installed and not faulty, and that the power supply and processor are not faulty, and it is plugged into an outlet that works, and you get NOTHING when you boot up, then you can be fairly certain that your motherboard is dead.
  2. Fun huh? I’ve built hundreds of PC’s and seen just about every way things can go wrong. The worst thing is, once something is done wrong, it is often permanently fatal. For instance, forgot to hook up the CPU fan correctly and fry your CPU? Before double and triple fail-safes, this happened all the time. Once it’s dead, it’s dead. And it is your fault. People would get pissed that their CPU was “faulty” and demand a refund or replacement.
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Which screws do I use to install the Motherboard onto 2024

Do you ever touch one of the chips on a stick of ram? Ever touch the pins on the bottom? Congratulations, you just most likely killed your ram stick, which consequently will also prevent the computer from booting up. I’ve seen a ton of people send RAM sticks back as defective.

Memory companies know they can’t prove that the person shorted their ram with static electricity or installed it incorrectly, so they just issue the replacement and move on. It sets a bad example as most people know just enough to “be dangerous”.

There is an awful lot of bad ram keeping computers from booting that I guarantee was user error. Either you shorted it or installed it in the wrong slots (every motherboard is different). Check your manual. If installed in pairs the rules change for that at well. Nonetheless, once the ram is shorted, it will never un-short itself no matter how many times you unseat it and reinsert it into different slots.

First-time builders usually don’t even know that there is an additional 4 pin cable from the power supply to the corner of the motherboard off behind the CPU, and just figure something is wrong with one of the components. Many on-site jobs or hand-holding involved a quick click of that cable and ta-da… Your motherboard isn’t actually dead… Check that.

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Which screws do I use to install the Motherboard onto 2024

The little switch on the back of most power supplies says 110/220 (or a similar variant). Make sure it’s set for your country. Double-check the connectors to the various switches on the case (Speaker/ Power/ Reset/ USB/ etc…). If one of them is off by one pin then it could cause a ton of trouble.

Unplug all EXTERNAL peripherals such as to monitor, keyboard, and mouse, Then unplug the hard drives, CD Drives, and any fancy add-ons you have stuffed in your PC. If all is hooked up right the processor fan will start spinning and joy will happen. If it is partially messed up then you’ll likely get some beeping happening. As stated in other responses, those beeps are important, the length, and a number of beeps. The manual will help you determine what they mean.

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How do you get a stuck screw out of a motherboard without damaging the circuits?

If you mean a screw that is stuck through the motherboard and jammed into one of the standoffs, the procedure I follow is this – NOTE: Follow antistatic procedures thoroughly. You do not want to zap your board. Lay the case down so that the motherboard is parallel to the surface on which you’re working.

  1. Remove all connectors from the board.
  2. Remove all expansion cards from the board.
  3. (Optional but a good idea) remove the CPU and RAM from the board – if you do zap the board at least you’ve not zapped all three.
  4. Remove the screws securing the motherboard to the case. Be aware that there might be other “jammed” screws.
  5. Lift the motherboard out. Try to handle it as little as possible. You should be able to identify the problem screw/s.
  6. Using something like a pair of hex nut drivers (see pic – they do make them small enough), with one on one side slotted over the standoff, and one on the other, slotted over the screw (If the screw does not fit a hex nut driver use a standard screwdriver), unscrew the two from each other by twisting each tool in opposite directions.

I’ve had to do this before once or twice. The trick is to make sure you’re not using screws with the wrong type of thread. Once the standoff and screw have been seperated, it’s probably best to replace the screw and the standoff.

Do I have to screw in all motherboard holes?

Which screws should be installed is usually described specifically in the motherboard manual at the beginning in the installation section.

I generally the install screws in all the standoff holes for two reasons, because each screw at each standoff provides:

  • a solid ground point to the chassis (enclosure or case) is ensured by securing the metal bordered screw hole to the conductive metal of the chassis. The motherboard designers locate certain components of the circuit strategically, such as those that rely on a solid ground or common ground point located closeby on the circuitboard so that it can be as close as possible to certain to ground in a circuit or subcircuit.
  • a solid leveling of a portion of the motherboard is allowed for by attaching a screw, for example so that a section of the board does not overhang. If a snap fit connector is on the edge of the motherboard where there is nothing under it to provide physical support, simply inserting the connector with enough or excessive force could cause flexion of the board and thus possibility of conductive traces strained enough to open, even partially; solder joints could crack on components or connectors

The motherboard manual will generally tell you to install all of the screws.

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Is it possible to install a Bluetooth device directly onto a motherboard?

A2A: But, why? It is Bluetooth, so it is meant to communicate via Bluetooth, wirelessly. If you want to glue a wireless device to your motherboard, you can do that.

Now, maybe you are talking about a Bluetooth transceiver. As the answer from HRH George J Rickle IV indicated, if you have a USB transceiver, you may be able to build that into the case. Often times, there is a combo Wi-Fi/Bluetooth networking card that could also be built-in.

Maybe you are asking whether motherboard manufacturers could include a Bluetooth transceiver into a motherboard. (Of course, this is not something you would do after-market, because motherboards are not designed to be modified, themselves).

Here is an example of one that has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built-in.

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Do PC cases come with motherboard screws?

The answer really depends on the particular PC computer case. Computer cases need to conform to a specific standard, e.g., AT, ATX, etc., that conform to the motherboard design. And there are also different types of computer cases.

Generally, most reputable computer case makers will provide both the standoffs and mounting screws for the motherboard. Having the right screw is important since there are different screw thread pitches for different makes of standoffs, the latter with their own dimensions for the particular case.


Motherboards and other circuit boards often use a #6-32 UNC standoff. #4-40 UNC thumbscrews are often found on the ends of DVI, VGA, serial and parallel connectors.

How to remove

do this, using a pair of pliers (needle-nose pliers are the easiest) and hold the standoff in place. Then with a screwdriver, unscrew the motherboard screw. The screw should be separated from the standoff. Most cases give you access to the underside of the motherboard by removing the opposite side of the case

Do motherboards come with screws?

No. Motherboards do not usually come with Mounting screwsMotherboard mounting screws come with your case as every case has different mounting screw needs and thread designs. … 2 screws, these screws should come pre-screwed into your motherboard.

How many screws does a motherboard need?

Your case comes with the necessary screw to install ATX motherboards, assuming it’s an ATX case. So if you have an ATX case, you should have 9 motherboard screws.

What size are ATX motherboard screws?

According to the ATX 2.1, standard: The standoff provided has to be a minimum of 6.5mm and the external cross-section has to fit within a 10mm x 10mm area around the standoff hole. The mounting screws must (obviously) match the standoff screw wells (usually 6/32 or M3 thread size).

Is 4 motherboard screws enough?

As long as they hold the board to the standoffs(do not overtighten) they are working fine. the standoff has threading to take a screw up to a certain length as long as it does not bottom out in the standoff things are perfectly fine.

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Do all motherboards use the same screws?

Most motherboard packages include a set of mounting screws that are used to secure the board to the computer case. The number and type of screws vary depending on the size and model of your motherboard, but they should all be included in the package when you purchase it.

Is 2 screws enough for motherboard?

The typically 9 screws holding the motherboard are not overly critical if 1 or 2 is missing. But it is best if of all of them are present and properly tight. Tightened with a screwdriver to the surface of the board, and then about another 1/4 turn. Not so tight that you would crack the motherboard (which would be bad).

What screws to use to install motherboard?

Re: Motherboard screws

Brass or steel screws are the usual type. The type is determined by the standoffs you are using. There are two main screw types, “6-32” (most common) and “M3” (less common). Practically every electronic/computer parts store will sell bags of 50 or 100 of these for small change prices.

Do you screw the motherboard into the case?

It’s also important to make sure your PC case is compatible and big enough to accommodate the motherboard of your choice. After locating the standoffs, place your motherboard inside the case and align the standoffs properly. Screw the motherboard down.

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