Neji death – How does Neji Hyuga die in the Naruto series?

Neji death – How does Neji Hyuga die in the Naruto series?

In the Naruto series, Neji Hyuga dies in episode 364, “The Ties That Bind”, and chapter 614, “By You”. Neji sacrifices himself by acting as a human shield to defend Naruto and Hinata from the Ten-Tails’ attack. He is pierced by wooden spikes and dies in Naruto’s arms. Neji’s death during the Fourth Great Ninja War causes pain to the Naruto fandom. However, some say that his death has a deeper meaning.

In the Naruto series, Neji Hyuga dies during the Fourth Great Ninja War arc in the “Naruto: Shippuden” anime and manga. Neji’s death occurs in Chapter 614 of the manga and Episode 364 of the anime. Here’s a summary of how Neji dies:

Neji selflessly shielded them from the attack and ended up impaled by several spikes but saved both Naruto and Hinata’s lives in the process. Neji’s wounds unfortunately proved fatal and the Hyuga hero died in Naruto’s arms.

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Neji death – How does Neji Hyuga die in the Naruto series?

During the war, the Allied Shinobi Forces face formidable opponents in the form of the Ten Tails, which is the combined form of the tailed beasts. Obito Uchiha, who is being manipulated by the sinister figure known as Madara Uchiha, launches an attack on the Allied Forces.

In the midst of the chaos, Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga find themselves in a dire situation. Hinata, in an attempt to protect Naruto, takes a hit from an attack that was initially meant for him. This leads to a moment where Neji, Hinata’s cousin and fellow member of Team Kurenai, steps in to shield them.

Neji death – How does Neji Hyuga die in the Naruto series?

Neji uses his abilities as a Hyuga clan member to deflect the attack and protect Naruto and Hinata. However, during this heroic act, he sustains fatal injuries. Neji expresses his belief in fate and destiny, emphasizing that people can change their destinies and make their own choices. He passes away while Naruto and Hinata mourn his sacrifice.

Neji’s death has a significant impact on the characters in the series, especially those close to him. It serves as a pivotal moment in the Fourth Great Ninja War arc and adds emotional weight to the narrative.

Neji’s death was during the fourth great shinobi war arc. He died by the ten tails firing multiple wood release projectiles (like spears) and the ten tails were in the control of Obito and Madara Uchiha. He sacrificed his life for Hinata and Naruto (don’t know why he didn’t use rotation or air palms, probably just died because of the plot, because they were too fast and too many of them, or because he was low on chakra).

Episode 364, Chapter 614

In an interview, Naruto manga’s author Masashi Kishimoto has stated that Neji had to die so that it could act as an incident to pull Naruto and Hinata closer. It refers to Episode 365 of Naruto Shippuden Anime where after Neji’s untimely death Naruto is heartbroken and Hinata encourages him.

Neji died in Episode 364 of the Naruto Shippuden Anime Series. He sacrificed his life while saving Naruto and Hinata from 10 Tails!

Neji Hyuga: Neji’s death is unarguably one of the most shocking ones we’ve seen in the series to date. The Hyuga prodigy ended up dying in the Fourth Great Ninja War while trying to shield Hinata Hyuga from the Ten-Tails’ attack.

Naruto is weak and unable to shield himself from the Ten Tail attacks during the Fourth Shinobi War. Naturally, Hinata shields him to protect him. To her surprise, Neji protects them both by standing behind Hinata, getting impaled by the branch (sort of like the impaling of Minato and Kushina during the Nine Tail’s attack). He is freed from the destiny of the Hyuga clan.

He died saving his friend and hero. And he died saving the cousin, he in his teen years had tried to kill. He died with a smile on his face, as he knew he, at least for this time, had postponed, prevented the death of his hero, his savior, his friend.

He dies the same way his dad died: Saving the life of one the most important persons in his life, and in turn gets saved himself and released from his curse seal. And that is an incredibly powerful death and one that still makes me all emotional.

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Neji death – How does Neji Hyuga die in the Naruto series?

The Ten-Tails attacks rapid become too numerous and Neji and Hiashi must break away to protect the other Allies from the Ten-Tails too.

In their absence the ten -tail fires sevreal volleys of wood projectiles at Naruto, which Hinata uses her body to defend him from. Neji arrives in time to protect her in turn with his own body,mortally wounding him.

Naruto calls for a medic but Neji accepts the fact that he can’t be saved. He collapses over Naruto’s shoulder and tells him not to put his life at risk in the future, as he is now responsible for many other lives in addition to his own, one of which is Hinata’s. As Neji watches Hinata cry for him, to which Neji responds that it is because Naruto once called him genius.Neji dies.

Neji dying on Naruto’s shoulder.

After the war is won, Neji’s body is taken back to Konoha and he is buried alongside the many other casualties.

NigI grave

Who killed Neji?

Ten-tails killed Neji. Why? Because Hinata decided to try to take the blow instead of pushing Naruto 3 feet to the left or right to save him.

So Hinata killed him. Why? Because Neji decided to do the same thing as Hinata and take the damage stead of moving both out of the way. You going to tell me TWO Hyugas could not push one person out of the way.

So Neji killed himself. Why? To tell Naruto that Hinata had always loved him. Naruto seemed to miss Hinata’s first love confession and still somehow missed it this time because Naruto still acts like he never knew Hinata liked him even I am the movie The Last.

So Kishimoto killed Neji. Why?

To further a ship that was going nowhere and that needed to happen. Even after Hinata confessed the ship still does not go anywhere.

“But Tawnie! Someone needed to die!

First off not in that episode. You already had the death of other characters. Maybe not as big as Neji but they were still important. They were more vital to the war than Neji in a way.

Who am I talking about? The command center or intel hub or whatever you want to call it got exploded by a tail beast Bomb. Shikaku, Inoichi, and other people who were vital at communication and strategies died.

Also Would like to point out Neji deserved a better death than that. This amazing shinobi got taken down by a branch. Not in some epic one on one battle but a branch because Hinata made a dumb mistake and because he made a dumb mistake as well. I hope this sheds some light on things.

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Why do people blame Neji’s death on Hinata?

Hinata takes the blame for Neji’s death due to an interview by Masashi Kishimoto — the author of Naruto — where he blatantly points out that he killed off Neji so as to open up an opportunity for a touching scene to be held between Naruto and Hinata.

So Neji died just so that it could seem more practical that Naruto and Hinata ended up together because until that point he had done very little to develop a connection between the two characters beyond Naruto defending her honor years previous — in the Chunin Exams — and then Hinata randomly declaring that she loved him in the heat of the Pein battle (Even though until that point she hadn’t had any real interacting with Naruto before or since the Chunin Exams).

This proved majorly irrelevant due to ‘The Last’ showing us that Naruto still ignored Hinata for the most part after the war and the catalyst for them falling in love was something completely unrelated to Neji, but if you ask the author he will say that Neji did in fact die for Hinata.

With a good portion of the fanbase either not liking Naruto X Hinata, not liking Hinata’s character, or just enjoying Neji more than Hinata, this is considered a valid reason to scorn Hinata. Therefore they blame the death of an arguably more interesting character — Neji — on Hinata.

Excerpt from the Interview Transcript:

“On Neji’s death – Kobayashi comments that there were many casualties during the war, but he was surprised about Neji, and asks Kishimoto why he was chosen. Kishimoto explains that because he decided to make Hinata into the lead heroine a while back, he used Neji’s death as a way to bring her and Naruto together.

He goes on to explain that although there is the scene where she stands up to Pain, he wanted to create an opening for Naruto to consciously realize that she is by his side and thank her for that, so he used Neji’s death to do this. Kishimoto says that in this way Neji sort of took on the role of cupid for the two of them.”

Why did Neji have to die?

NEJI death is unnecessary. why? let me tell you then.

From the beginning Neji was shown as a person who believes that the fate of a person is sealed and one can never change it, it was because of the curse mark and his father’s death he came to that conclusion. But during the Chunin exams naruto proved him wrong and made him understand that one change his own fate.

Well from birth Neji is a genius, he was a slave to the main branch, yet he still surpassed every Hyuga member coming from a side branch only. Naruto anime clearly mentioned that curse mark is placed so that they can protect the main family against their own will even if it means sacrificing their own lives.

Now since Neji has discovered the truth of his father’s death through his uncle who said that his father chose the death of his own will, Neji finally leaves his grudge against the main branch who he thought that his father was killed by force. But I have to ask if his uncle is so considerate of Neji or side branch why didn’t he removed the seal. ok, let’s say there is no way of removing it once it is placed.

moving on, Neji dies protecting Hinata which many have mentioned that it was a weak attack to die but Kishimoto clearly mentioned he killed Neji to bring naruto and Hinata closer.

seriously Neji death was so pathetic, in many ways. why?

He died protecting Hinata, the main branch member. even if he died at his own will like once his father did, it was still pathetic.

It was like showing no matter how much you believe you can create your own fate, in the hands of curse mark you are still going to sacrifice your life for the main family, you may call it as freedom of your own will or not, it is the same, your end is the death by sacrificing for the main family.

Yes, many people argue that Neji sacrificed his life at his own will and is now free like a bird, but I have to say what the hell. Dying at a young age and haven’t even done anything for the side branch, you just kill off a character to promote a love story which could also be promoted in many other ways but still showing the end of Neji with a bird flying in the sky holds no meaning.

Neji death – How does Neji Hyuga die in the Naruto series?

It maybe sentimental visually with dialogues, but if you think about it, in the end he never changed his fate, he had to die for a main branch member and now you may say it as he died as a brother and a friend, those are just words for you to satisfy his death so the fans won’t feel bad but in reality he is dead, he is gone, same thing happened as he once told to naruto in chunin exams.

what would be good if neji isn’t dead, you may say it had impacted naruto’s motivation in war at least it had a meaning for naruto.

During war even itachi and tsunade and raikage has counselled naruto, that he will have the support of his fellow shinobi and doesn’t have fight alone or feel guility of people lives sacrificing for him. Even then obito said few words to naruto loses and he loses his confidence and neji had to die to bring it back. I mean how many people have to motivate you naruto?

why Neji death is unnecessary?

If Neji was kept alive, they could have shown his character how he as a side branch member stopped putting the curse seal. (in Boruto they never show anything about the Hyuga clan at all).

How he had his own family and escaped the fate by believing what naruto once said in chunin exams. Could be shown as a legend who changed the ways of hyuga clan, you could have achieved it all if he wasn’t killed.

side affects of death?

now after his brother, Neji sacrificed I have to ask what did Hinata contribute to the Hyuga clan in place of Neji. they showed anything in Boruto till now. All Hinata is shown to be a good wife only, I mean to have her as a character just to be a good wife that Neji was killed, it was totally meaningless.

in conclusion, Neji death was just so Hinata can marry naruto, no matter how many times we conclude his death like a bird escaping from a cage or free choice of his own, no matter how much you put sweet reasons behind this, the fact is same and his death is the same fate he once expected.

How did Neji died in Naruto?

Shikaku shares his strategy to defeat the Ten-Tails with the Allied Forces. Shikaku and Inoichi say their final goodbyes to Shikamaru and Ino. To defend Naruto and Hinata against Ten-Tails’ attack, Neji sacrifices himself acting as a human shield and gets pierced by wooden spikes. He succumbs to his injuries.

Does Neji come back to life?

Technically, he already came back, if only for a while. Neji (and Jiraiya for that matter ; Itachi as well but as a cameo ) reappeared in the Boruto anime during the Time Travel Arc. Shortly after Boruto witnessed him training Hinata, Neji talked to him and gave him a prep talk about Naruto.

Did Neji die protecting Hinata?

Neji died protecting Hinata, a member of the main household, which depicts him fulfilling his destiny. However, there’s even more meaning to his death. Rather than any sort of obligation, it was out of his own free will that Neji protected Hinata even at the cost of his life.

Did Hinata cry when Neji died?

Hinata clearly cared, she is seen crying at the funeral afterward, and mentions Neji several times in the novels, including in the novel of her marriage. She even named Boruto and Himawari in honor of Neji. She just held the pain just like Shikamaru and Ino.

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